The Sounds of Today’s Crowd…Your Favorite Hippy Uncle and Kurt Cobain would be pleased

The Wytches / Traams, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Last night we drove up to Cardiff to see two great live bands play at Clwb Ifor Bach, a great, little music venue in the centre of Cardiff.

First up were Traams, a 3 piece band who play an addictive mix of UK post-punk and US noise rock. Opener ‘Costner’ set the tone for their awesome set with swirling distorted guitar squalls and a hammering rhythm section and singer Stuart Hopkins barking out the lyrics with the song ending in controlled feedback.

The guitar, bass and drums intertwine powerfully with lots of heavy riffing and kraut rock influences with choppy, repetitive guitar, melodic bass runs and forceful, propulsive drumming. This is very evident on ‘Flowers’ another crowd-pleasing tune from their excellent debut LP ‘Grin’.

This band is totally recommended, if you haven’t heard them yet, check out their new LP ‘Modern Dancing’ and go catch them live.

For fans of : Sonic Youth, Wire, Gang Of Four, Joy Division…


Headliners The Wytches are a 3 piece Garage Psych / Doom Surf band from Brighton.

This band have a unique sound pitched somewhere between Nirvana grunge and garagey surf rock with explosive energy and loud doom rock freak-outs.

The band played songs from their debut LP ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ and new material. Songs like ‘Beehive Queen’, ‘Digsaw’ and the brilliant ‘Robe For Juda’ soon had the crowd going wild in the moshpit down the front as The Wytches cast their spell over an enthusiastic audience building to a crescendo at the end with reverb-drenched guitar and clattering drums.

We could really do with a venue like this in Hereford or Worcester and attract these kinds of bands as it took an hour and a half each way to travel which was the only downside to a great night of music…

For fans of : Nirvana, The Birthday Party..

Article by John Rose, Music Photographer, Artist and Frontman to Pablo Alto

Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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