The Rule Of Tum Burger Shop Will Rule The Soul In Your Stomach After Reading This!

‘A Rule Of Tum Burger Shop’ has fast become one of the most popular eateries in Hereford, known for using fresh, local produce to create culinary classics. Both quality and quantity are in the mix; a definite tick on most tummies checklists.

Situated on Aubrey Street, an area which is fast becoming a hub of activity (Hereford Beer House and CCR Vape Bar are just around the corner), you walk through the door into a subtly lit room with pine tables, and a brick finish that feels like a minimalist, rustic escape. The open kitchen allows you to watch as your culinary delights are prepared before your eyes.

rule of tum Hereford, the book shop, best beef burger, falafel burger
Rule of Tum Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger and Sticky BBQ Wings

Upon entering, we were greeted by the smiley, quirky staff asking where we wished to be seated. The last few times I have been in, I sat right by the door, maybe to people watch, but mainly to gaze admiringly at the ‘Specials Board’ (Kimchi Burgers, Cauliflower Bites, Smoked Chicken and Potato Croquettes to name but a few). Or maybe it was to dribble at the indulgent drinks board, as they make a delectable cocktail with Tyrells vodka, and have craft beers, ales and local cider delights for the clientele to sample.

This time, however, my ‘eating buddy’ and I decided to sit in the conservatory, with a sheen of the daylight seeping through and greenery all around the windowsills, covered in fairy lights adding to the ambience. There was a hum going through the place, as there were families, teenagers, arty types, and a couple of older folk enjoying a feed on a Saturday afternoon. And who could blame them with such divine cuisine on offer.

the kernel table beer, gamma ray ale hereford, rule of tum, burgers
The Kernel Table Beer and Beavertown Gamma Ray Ale

First, out came the beers. My buddy went for The Kernels, aptly named ‘Table Beer’, which is a smooth, golden ale from  London Brewery, served in a simple brown bottle and label combination that was far too easy to drink.

I went for the Beavertown ‘Gamma Ray’, which is an American Pale Ale with a distinctive hoppy taste. The majority of Beavertown’s ales are stocked in A Rule Of Tum, as well as The Beer In Hand, and are somewhat of a novelty, seeing as they are always served in a 330ml can with bright, animated, cartoon-style branding .

For the feast, falafel it had to be. In the Falafel Burger, which is a regular on the menu, three huge falafel pieces are dowsed in celeriac and cucumber coleslaw, tucked between a layer of tangy pickled red cabbage, with a touch of tahini paste, a squirt of ketchup and salad, served in a brioche bun. All make for a mouth watering fiesta. It was luscious.

I actually stopped myself half way through the burger to check if anyone was watching me devour the burger like a  cave women. Thankfully not. Neither was my ‘eating buddy’, as he was eating his Farmer Tom’s Beef Burger (Hereford Beef, cheddar, pickles, mustard mayo, salad in a brioche bun) in practically the same manner. And quite frankly, it’s far too good not to. When asked what he thought of it, he said, “Everything you expect from a burger. And more”. So there you have it.

Go to Rule of Tum Burger Shop Menu

I couldn’t leave my falafel burger on its lonesome in my stomach, so I went for some Rosemary Salted Chips as an accompaniment, which were so flavoursome, I was actually licking the rosemary salt off them. You can also see the potato skins left on some of them, which I love – it gives them rustic appeal.

My ‘eating buddy’ went for the Sticky BBQ Wings. The sauce is hot and sweet and plentiful, whilst the chicken slides off the bone and melts in the mouth. Satisfied stomachs all round.

The Rule of Tum Facebook Page

A Rule of Tum are expanding; they’ve opened the bookshop next door. Books are plentiful (all in the name), as well as Christmas cheer on Friday and Saturdays, when they’re running an evening called ‘Bedtime Stories’. They’ll be serving all of their alcohol treats with a dose of musical festivities.

On the Sunday, you can book yourself a Sunday Roast Dinner. Not sure if you peeps remember, but they were serving these a couple of years ago when they were a pop up restaurant at The Beer In Hand, and they went down a storm, as you’d have to book way in advance for a table.

I’m sure I witnessed once, elbow flinging amongst the locals to get a leftover roast potato. I was lucky enough to devour one of these back then, and they’re highly recommended, with a food stomp imprinted on my memory.

To book one of these appetizing feasts, go on to their website at:

The Book Shop Facebook Page

This appetizing and most whimsical food review was written by Claire Perkins, Frontwoman for A Hundred Suns, Solo Artist Perk and Food and Music Writer for Hereford City Centric. 


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