Jonathon Paul Exhibit at Art360 Hereford; The man on the Hereford WildLife Beat

jonathon paul horizo photography, buzzard herefordshire
‘Majestic’ Jonathon Paul Horizo Photography. “Photographed in Herefordshire 2015, a young wild buzzard allowed me insight into his world during a two-hour encounter”

Arriving in the last 45 minutes of Jonathon Paul’s photography exhibit at Art360 on Bridge Street in Hereford, I was a bit flustered trying to fit in a long day with not enough hours.  Soon all was ok and  I was standing before a tall, elegant man with warm conversation and clear enthusiasm for his craft.

jonathon paul horizo photography, art360 hereford
‘The Gateway to Peace’ Weobley, Herefordshire Nov 2015 – Jonathon Paul Horizo Photography. Exhibit Photograph taken by Peter Elliot Photography

It is the journey behind this statuesque character, and the patience behind the production of each image that drew me into his work.  The story behind the images were special in themselves.  A buzzard who patiently allowed Jonathon to photograph him for two hours speaks volumes about Jonathon’s connection with his subjects.

He also pointed out, he could take anyone interested in photographing the buzzard to the location, it feels as if he is on personal terms with this beautiful creature. It takes knowledge of your subject and its habitat, and of course, patience in abundance to achieve such a connection. There is more to these images then just a beautiful buzzard…they are personal to Jonathon, a reflection of the world in his eyes.

jonathon Paul Horizo photography, pheasant, herefordshire
‘Perfect Plumage’ a patient subject, Herefordshire Sept 2015 – Jonathon Paul, Horizo Photograpy. Exhibit photographed by Peter Elliot Photography

You see, in a  collage of documentary and wildlife photography, it is the poignant wildlife images that stand out the most.  The reason these are so special is the fact that Jonathon doesn’t use any professional editing software, keeping his images almost organic.  There are touch ups made by regular desktop software but that is it.  He wants to keep this skill accessible and believes everyone can be a great photographer.

Hereford Art360 Gallery on Bridge St. offers exhibit and workshop space to rent. They also do wonderful empty shop window displays. Keep an eye out. Photography by Peter Elliot

Jonathon’s background as a police officer in London blew me away…I was drawn in, entranced.  He is ‘real’, a man of the people.   His documentary photography alone could take up another exhibit.  He knows his subjects and shows a side to the police force we rarely hear about.

This was a wonderful exhibit! We are hoping to see more of Jonathon Paul and his work for Horizo Photography around our city and in your collections.  Best of luck Jonathon!

Exhibit Closes the 20th of December so pop in and meet this fabulous character.

Discover more of Jonathon’s work at                                         

Jonathon Paul Twitter 


Review by Michelle Cuadra, Creative Director and Blogger for Hereford City Centric
Exhibit Photography by Peter Elliot


Author: M Cuadra

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