Are You Ready for the Grand Opening of the Hereford Blues movement?

Hereford Blue Club, Troy Redfern
Hereford Blues Club
Left: Troy Redfern Right: John Steven Hales

When John Steven Hale established Porkbelly Promotions, he wasn’t aware of how his musical endeavours would pick up momentum around the city, or that the boy who first discovered Blues music at the Record Club lunch in school would one day launch his own Blues club.

February 13th marks the opening night of The Hereford Blues Club, which will be a fortnightly affair at the newly reopened Booth Hall in the city centre.

The Booth Hall as a venue is exploring new frontiers in entertainment and creating a buzz in the city with the opening of The Hereford Blues Club which will only cost a fiver entry.

Another important player in The Hereford Blues Club, Clear Cut Promotions Lady boss, Clare Foster, is John’s support network, and a Blues and Rock enthusiast herself.

When the Hereford Blues Club was Born

One lovely afternoon, while sitting in the Cafe All Saints, over  the discussion of the March 05 Hereford Rocks event taking place at the Left Bank (that they too have conjured up),  The Hereford Blues Club was born, a natural progression off of the back of Hereford Rocks…and what they hope becomes a Blues movement for the city of Hereford

Opening acts for the launch night will include Troy Redfern, a Hergest Ridge, Herefordshire local who plays slide guitar with the skills of a seasoned Roots Blues musician living out of a suitcase all his life.  He will also be joined by our very own Hereford baby faced Blues boys, Sweet Talk.

“Troy’s musical maturity can be likened to someone born on the Bayou, spoon fed grits, catfish and Bourbon, but amazingly he is a local Herefordshire local boy.”


You can thank the Johnny B Goode scene in Back to the Future for Troy’s introduction into the Blues, and Eddie James “Son” House Jr. for inspiring him to pick up the slide.  Troy’s musical maturity can be likened to someone born on the bayou, spoon fed grits, catfish and Bourbon, but amazingly he is a local Herefordshire local boy.

Troy is on his way up with a Blues Boulevard 3-album record deal that includes his last work  Backdoor Hoodoo, (remember to support your local musicians and give it a listen, be great during those summer BBQ’s), and one soon to launch this year in July.  We will keep you posted.  He is off with that suitcase to Belgium soon for a European tour, catch him while you can!

Londoner John Steven Hales recalls his introduction to Hereford in the 70’when he took a college teacher training course, “There was a big music scene happening in Hereford then, it was a great city and when I returned after many years  away, which included living in London and Brighton,  I was not impressed with the lack of music venues and gigs supporting live musicians”

Hereford City Centric and The Booth Hall
Arran and Willow Vidal-Hall discussing the future of The Booth Hall with Hereford City Centric

The city has been quiet many years now since the recession and the  entertainment austerity climate which loomed over it like a thick heavy fog.  No longer on the decline, Hereford is becoming a vibrant music and foodie destination.  Let’s hope 2016 promises many good things for Hereford and The Hereford Blues Clubs is one of those very special gifts.

Photographs by Jonathon Paul Photography with Horizo Images.  We are very happy to have him on board as a creative contributor.

Review by Michelle Cuadra, Creative Director, HCC


Author: M Cuadra

Over 23 years experience being a self proclaimed Shecentric. Careers in fashion, makeup, as the proprietor of my own retail businesses, and at times, just about making ends meet have given me a discerning eye and open mind when it comes to beauty, fashion and culture. Now residing in Hereford I would like to share the city from a consumer perspective...understanding the demands and economics of the average consumer from a realistic perspective while maintaining a passion for all things current and exciting around the City of Hereford. It has become a new and exciting arena for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

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