Sounds from the Sofa; Teddy’s Leg

Teddy's Leg, The Underground Revolution, The Booth Hall, Hereford, England

As it is The Underground Revolution’s first sofa interview at The Booth Hall, I found it only fitting I should seek out the most interesting, obscure band in the neighborhood to interview…it is how The Underground Revolution rolls.

If you have been living under a rock in Hereford, you might not have heard about how AWESOME all the gigs in the newly re-opened Booth Hall are, and how being from Bristol, the landlords have seen it all when it comes to music, therefore spreading their enthusiasm and not flinching at the sound of a metalcore or noisy alternative band.   They also host a variety of blues and acoustic nights that the less adventurous can enjoy.

Rich Lovell, and myself –  with the assistance of John Rose and Claire Perkins on occasion, will be putting on gigs in this said venue under the banner ‘The Underground Revolution” and getting to know those bands, so you can anticipate the experience just that bit more beforehand.

So let’s begin…..


Teddy's Leg, The Underground Revolution, Hereford England
Jamie (left), Robin (Center) Reuben (front right)


Robin Scott-Wilson – Vocals, Lyrics

Toby Scott-Wilson – Drums, instrumental writer  

Reuben Scott-Wilson- Bass

Jamie Scott-Wilson – Guitar

David Morgan aka Ched (der) – Bass

In a world where people are easily led by the media causing a huge divide among the masses, we have Teddy’s Leg, spreading a positive message, something I have been anticipating in these divided times.

A band with heart, soul, and a social angst that emanates from their lyrics, was bound to speak up for their generation and say to the masses, “Hey! We are not down with this mate”.  Enter, Teddy’s Leg.  Their song “Fat Girls Are Better Then You” came to fruition after unwillingly being exposed to a performer who chose body shaming woman as his subject, fueling this band of cousins to spread the message that “this is not ok”.  I suppose we should thank that tragic soul, because we now have an awesome act taking this taboo subject on, and inspiring us to be better people.

Their punk inspired tunes are reminiscent of the Venice/Long Beach punk skate scene, yet fused with whatever current inspiration is emanating from their vast array of musical tastes as a collective.  Don’t assume this is an unstructured approach – they use music to express what all youth should be expressing…their distaste with society and educating the masses.  These guys are HELLA cool.

As mentioned before, they are cousins.  Teddy’s Leg came about as a form of keeping this musical family tight and jamming – I assume family reunions are a blast among this set.  They have a seamless comradery that surely projects into their music.

They have a following up North (Manchester, Notthingham, Blackpool), and also down South in  Plymouth, except they come from Hereford, Birmingham and Gloucester.  Not a problem, we will make them all feel welcome.

Robin Scott-Wilson is a regular face in the Hereford scene performing in Vaginapocalypse.  They have a local fan base who appreciate their punk-folk style.  As an admirer of bands who have the courage to project their message in a cynical society….I am ready for my fix.

Toby Scott-Wilson also plays in a Hardcore-Blues fusion band called Turquoise Llama, that we certainly intend to expose little ol’ Hereford to in the not so distant future.

Part of their musical calling is spreading an anti-prejudice/anti-xenophobic message with their free-spirited, moshing tunes, teaching us that sadly, we have to shout our message louder then those who wish to silence and brainwash the majority. It’s cool, we like it.

Crazy Hat Roulette; Round and Round it goes…What Question You get, Nobody Knows.  A series where we make the band members blindly pull a random question out of the hat.



Michelle C:  Reuben, Cowboy or Indian?

Reuben:  I think I would like to be both…A cowboy with a feather in his hat.


Michelle C:  Toby, books or video Games?

Toby – I love video games so I am going to just say, Donkey Kong Country 2


Michelle C -Dave, what was your first and last festival?

Dave – Sonishphere for first and last and last actually.  Among the list of unforgettable chaos at this festival, bin jousting tops them all.


Michelle C – Robin, what is your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Robin – Dairy-free Swedish Glace ice cream in Vanilla…it is quite amazing after not touching the stuff for many years.


Michelle C – Jamie, beans on toast or sushi?

Jamie – Beans on toast of course!!!  I fry up garlic, onions and mushrooms, add some cheese and put a fried egg on top, finishing with Branston sauce (nice!)


Teddy’s Leg will be performing at The Booth Hall on March 17.  Show begins at 8pm.  £2 entry at the door.

The Booth Hall, 3 East Street, Hereford Hr1 2LW  on Facebook

Photography by John Rose, Music Reviews, The John Rose Vinyl Review for Hereford City Centric, Pop artist and Front Man for Pablo Alto. 

Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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