A Mum’s Mother’s Day Gift Wish List + Poem

Printer + Tailor, Mother's Day, Hereford, England

Above: Ladybird books have been a part of many a childhood.  ‘The Mum’ is a parody on motherhood that still embraces the nostalgic artwork Ladybird books are well loved for.  For about £10 you can buy your mum one of these humorous little books and a lovely little spring-inspired floral display to put on her reading table or kitchen window.  Printer + Tailor’s beautiful, quirky gift shop on Widemarsh Street covers all budgets.  As a mum, I happen to know we are always looking after your finances, although we secretly love it if you splurge a little xxxx

Mum Kept Smiling

From the moment she looked into your eyes, love and pride filled her heart – you were the love of her life from the start.

When the bills came through the door, and she thought she could feed you no more, she sacrificed her plate to give you your fill, all the while smiling still.

On days she had no strength to rise out of bed, as life sometimes brings us dread, she tied your shoelaces with a smile and patted you on the head.

Mother has always loved us all, she snapped a million pictures and dreamt of us in her tummy, so please this Mother’s Day, spare a thought for your special honey.

All gifts available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in the Hereford city centre

heyland & whittle, printer+ tailor, hereford england hereforcitycentric.com
Heyland & Whittle make beautiful, quality scented soaps, candles, lotions and bath melts. These charming little gift sets are the perfect gift for your mum to unwrap during Sunday lunch on Mother’s Day. The soap collection features a selection of different olive oil soaps made with essential oils that have such a creamy lather. Mum’s love these…no really! The bath melts are almost edible.


orla kiely, printer + tailor, hereford england, herefordcitycentric.com
Ever heard your mum say “Stay out of my kitchen!”? Well there is a reason, and if you want to impress her, Designer Orla Kiely’s retro cookware collection in playful colours and patterns could be just the ticket.


knackered mother's wine club, printer + tailor, hereford, england
Need I say more. Every mum MUST have one. Speaking as a mum, I know!

Author: M Cuadra

Over 23 years experience being a self proclaimed Shecentric. Careers in fashion, makeup, as the proprietor of my own retail businesses, and at times, just about making ends meet have given me a discerning eye and open mind when it comes to beauty, fashion and culture. Now residing in Hereford I would like to share the city from a consumer perspective...understanding the demands and economics of the average consumer from a realistic perspective while maintaining a passion for all things current and exciting around the City of Hereford. It has become a new and exciting arena for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

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