Jamaican Beef Patties Recipe Because Life Just Isn’t Sausage Rolls

All you need: Pastry: 2 cups flour – 1 tablespoon salt – ½ teaspoon turmeric – ⅔ cup vegetable shortening – ½ cup iced water …you might need a little more or less – 1 egg – 1lb ground beef – 1 teaspoon all-spice – black pepper/salt – hot pepper .. I used cayenne pepper […]

via Jamaican beef patties — Inspiration MYCreation


Author: M Cuadra

Over 23 years experience being a self proclaimed Shecentric. Careers in fashion, makeup, as the proprietor of my own retail businesses, and at times, just about making ends meet have given me a discerning eye and open mind when it comes to beauty, fashion and culture. Now residing in Hereford I would like to share the city from a consumer perspective...understanding the demands and economics of the average consumer from a realistic perspective while maintaining a passion for all things current and exciting around the City of Hereford. It has become a new and exciting arena for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

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