Hereford Antiques Centre & Lizzie May Vintage. Not on the High Street, Thank God For That!

Hereford Antique Centre, antique wooden rocking horse

“Instantly I was drawn in by an old porcelain doll tucked away in a glass cabinet, then a beautiful rocking horse; the treasures began to unfold”

Herefeord Antique Centre, Vintage Porcelain Baby doll and collectable coins

Like in most cities around England, Hereford is a sprawling menagerie of businesses that cater to a variety of interests and tastes.  There is the Hight Street and the latest addition, the Old Market Shopping Centre, where foot fall is prevalent, attracting larger conglomerate retailers willing to take your money anyway they can.  There is a lot of psychology behind all that marketing jazz.

Then there is ease of access fuelled by a buzzing atmosphere, which most people are usually happy to go along with making it easier to pull in the general population and keep the tills overflowing. Nothing wrong with that, every city should have a larger nucleus and its subdivisions of independents. It’s all about economics and character.

I love it all really, bright lights and seedy back streets, not that we really have any seedy back streets in Hereford….luckily. I want to taste the forbidden fruit, have my cake and eat it too, all of it!  You get it don’t you? And of course we really aren’t a big city either, but we have the Hereford Cathedral, so we are a city and that is that.

Richard Rodgers Oscar Hammerstein, Piano Sheet music Carousel



This of course is why I created Hereford City Centric, I get a high when I find little hidden treasures tucked away from the mainstream radar. Sometimes I don’t even want to share them because I covet them so much. So on an absolutely manic Spring morning, meaning the weather was suffering from mania, I went out onto the not so seedy back streets of Hereford in search of something beautiful to inspire me for my blog and voila!, the Hereford Antiques Centre and Lizzie May Vintage on Widemarsh Street was my find of the day.

It may seem odd, but I had never been in there before. I won’t candy coat this disturbing truth.  Anyway, I walked into this large old structure consisting of three floors, and was immediately underwhelmed by the bottom level. There was a staleness in the air and the lighting wasn’t very welcoming. I wandered around regardless, and was pleased to come across a couple pieces of beautiful Victorian furniture which needed a bit of attention.

Then I made my way up a level and was greeted by a young lady with a warm, inviting smile. The air smelled sweet and the staleness had disappeared. “Ah this is much better I thought” Instantly I was drawn in by an old porcelain doll tucked away in a glass cabinet, then a beautiful rocking horse; the treasures began to unfold.


After spending a good half hour feeling, touching, reading and soaking up these pre-loved relics , I went up another flight of steps which led me to Lizzie May Vintage.  I must note that the Hereford Antique Centre is just that, a retailer of collectable, antiques and vintage objects from over 27 different dealers, and there is nothing peculiar about these types of retailers being a bit old and dusty.  Collectors understand this and those with a good eye can often come out with remarkable pieces not even Laura Ashley could parallel.

“Upon entering Lizzie May, I felt I had entered the “pearly gates” of vintage heaven. I was almost dizzy from twirling around to look at the next rail of clothing”


So upon entering Lizzie May, I felt I had entered the “pearly gates” of vintage heaven. I was almost dizzy from twirling around to look at the next rail of clothing. There was bridal, menswear, accessories and shoes…I was literally having little conversations to myself. Sadly, I was on my own and had no one to share the excitement with.

Another great point about Lizzie May Vintage is that they have their own label of reworked/upcycled/remade vintage pieces called ‘Who Dares Wear’.  I am quite a fan of this concept, and on most days have at least one vintage or charity shop article of clothing or accessory on. Others may take the vintage look very seriously, dressed from head to toe in vintage a la Betty Page, but I am a woman of simpler tastes, and prefer minimal strong pieces. Whatever your taste, please make a point to visit the Hereford Antique Centre and Lizzie May Vintage, many treasures await you.

Hereford Antiques Centre & Lizzie May Vintage can be found on 

128 Widemarsh Street, Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 9HN

Hereford Antiques Centre Tel: 01432 266242

Lizzie May Vintage Tel: 07887 795020

Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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