The Rock n Roll Food Review: ‘Mad Snacks Street Food’ Brings Popular Multi-Cultural Dishes To The New Firefly Pub In Hereford

Tacos at the Firefly Hereford

Perk reviews the new Firefly Hereford Mad Snacks menuA Hundred Suns front woman, Claire Perkins, also known for her solo performances as Perk, reviews our latest #Trending Foodie and Craft Beer destination in the city, the Firefly Hereford, brought to us by Matthew Pugh and Ray Velasquez. Matthew established the original Firefly in Worcester and the super chic 5 star rated Hand in Glove Cocktail Bar which are popular landmarks of the thriving Worcester scene.  

They are off to a great start in Hereford by partnering with the Mad Snacks Street Food company which also runs a much anticipated food truck bringing Hereford into the 21st Century and exposing us to Fish Tacos. We are eternally grateful. 


Musicians often live and play by their own rules, and Claire is no exception. She brings us food reviews injected with her trademark humour and honesty that is sure to leave you with hunger pangs.

IMG_0954 (2)


This Saturday just past, I decided to entertain the rebel in me whilst being productive. This rarely happens, as I’m an all or nothing person, yet somehow I managed to tick both boxes. With the scorching sunshine at an impressive 16 degrees, I decided to venture to the newly opened Firefly, with a beaut of a timber slatted beer garden out the back, which soaks up the sunshine in all its glory.

With old beams protruding from the dark timber walls, and with a cosy sized bar for the bartender to shake his bottles and whip his pints underneath the taps at top notch speed, there is certainly a homely feel to The Firefly. There’s also a taxidermy goat head on the wall. Perhaps in its lifetime, it was a bit of a fire dancer and coaxed flies into the fire. Whatever it’s fate…I decided to call it ‘Edward’ that day.

IMG_0955 (1)

cocktails and craft beers at the Firefly Hereford
Photograph by Claire Perkins

Reaching the bar, I had every intention of devouring a feast, but first off, I had to guzzle a guest ale with a short. (I told you the rebel came out. Hey, it was a Saturday, and rarely does one feel as though they are on holiday with such scorchio surroundings). My vice of choice was Old J Tiki Fire Spiced Rum, which the friendly fellow at the bar recommended with an accompaniment of ginger beer. With the sugar and spices and all things nices, it certainly wrapped me up into a warmer head space. My dining buddy went for a favourite of his – Havana Club 7 year aged dark rum, which he rarely stumbles across in the standard bar, which he delighted in with a ginger ale also. Gingers all round.

You do understand that this ‘short’ business was merely for us to browse the unique menu even longer than necessary, just to make sure. As it was titled ‘Mad Snacks’, this just intrigued me even more. The menu is brimming with all sorts of culinary wonders, such as ‘Beer Can Chicken’, ‘Morrocan Stuffed Sweet Potatoes’ and ‘Tijuana Street Fries’. There were so many tasty morsels on offer, that when it was time to make the choice we both went for a double mix of ‘Mad Snacks’, much like the starter of drinks. It seemed that the day was all about the doubles.

Fish Tacos, Frijoles and the Pulled Pork Burger in the Firefly beer garden. Paradise much? Photograph by Claire Perkins

I ordered the Fish Tacos, which came out as three, exquisite pieces of seas bass coated in light, fluffy tempura batter, with a fruity, peach chutney and fresh lime squirted over the top. They were juicy and filling yet light enough to continue with my second course. I stuck with the Latin American theme, and went for ‘Frijoles’. I admit ignorance, as I wasn’t really sure what these were, but anything worldly foodie wise in Hereford gets a bow in my book. It’s basically a bean dip, which was as thick as a puree and packed with the simplicity of onion and garlic and the warmth of cumin. It had four fried tortillas sticking out to maximise dipping potential. Did I use my finger to scoop out any remains? Now that would be telling.

My partner being the meat lover that he is, went for the Pulled Pork Burger, which had an abundance of slaw and pickled shallots for that subtle hint of onion, within a toasted poppy and sesame seed bun. When asked what he thought, he said, “that was the nicest burger I’ve had in a long time”. For his accompaniment, he went for the BBQ chicken wings, as old habits die hard. They were gulped in a flash before I could gage a reaction, but the action spoke for itself, and he was rather pleased with the extra pot of BBQ sauce that bolstered them.

With relaxed atmosphere, a beer selection that would please even the most pretentious of connoisseurs, a bar man that knows way more cocktails from his elbow than most, and a delicious menu to blast, the Firefly left me flying. Do yourself a favour and go and treat yourself. You wont regret it.

Keep an  eye out for Taco Tuesday’s, their awesome Sunday Roasts, & Open Mic nights 

The Firefly Hereford is located on 16 King Street, Hereford, Herefordshire Hr4 9bx                           Find them on Facebook/Twitter

All other photography provided by Nicola Jedrzejczak                   

Author: M Cuadra

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