Sounds From The Sofa: Mass Intrusions, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, Fidel Castro, Curry Houses & More With Young Feminist Punks – The Delinquents

The term “Feminist Punks” might possibly seem like a contradiction to those unaware of what PUNK actually is all about. The average lost soul often generalises punk as debauchery without a cause…please say it isn’t so! With this movement in its 40th year, it is finally receiving the respect it deserves.

The Delinquents interview by Underground Revolution Hereford, Booth Hall

The term “Feminist Punks” might possibly seem like a contradiction to those unaware of what PUNK actually is all about. The average lost soul often generalises punk as debauchery without a cause. Please say it isn’t so! With this movement in its 40th year, it is finally receiving the respect it deserves.

Granted at the time of Punk’s origins, the world was in quite a state, and the only way to make a point and break up an establishment that had us saying “yes sir and no sir” and living life under their candy coated values, was to stand up for yourself and fight back. Not so simple.

If you think about it, you really had to be an intelligent, brave individual to stand up to authority, and even more so to stand up for women in a society that is very condescending to them for shits and giggles and to stroke the male ego. Things have progressed somewhat in that respect, but society is in chaos again and The Delinquents are just not having it.

Squatting in true Delinquent style

They consider themselves Feminist Punks.  As a female I immediately went into swoon mode. My heros!!! Not that spreading a political message is the only thing The Delinquents are about – they are having a jolly time as well, but the message is always there.

They have a new EP out called Mass Intrusion and it is kind of angry, kind of metal and very punk. It is intellectual anger though, and something I have been putting out into the stratosphere for bands to do. Not just Punk bands, to all young bands writing their own lyrics.  Might as well occasionally make a bit of history and put a positive message out there. Let me just clarify that there is nothing wrong with love songs, they are the most difficult to write and require plenty of emotional intelligence.

It was also bassist, Tom Beddard’s Birthday. Being interviewed with your punk band on a stage under the bright lights in Hereford’s best music venue The Booth Hall is not a bad place to be on your 23rd birthday.  So let’s do this.

Let’s just say this video is cool as….Punk!#@

We look at it as a soundtrack to austerity britain, a sort of sign of the times.  If you consider music from the 70’s and 80’s, it was a reflection of what was going on and the Mass Intrusion EP is just that



James Ling – Guitar & Vocals

Tom Beddard – Bassist & Backing Vocals

Owain Price – Guitar & Vocals

Matt Ling – Drummer

Hereford City Centric/Underground Revolution: Gentlemen, are you local Hereford chaps?

TD: We certainly are, the only one who doesn’t originate from here is Tom Beddard but he has been here 14 years.

HCC/UR: Ah yes, he is an ‘ereford boy now indeed.  How did The Delinquents happen and how long have you been going?

James: We started in 2010, so 6 years. In the early days of the The Delinquents it was Matt, Owain and Tom, I used to play with them occasionally but I went off to university in Manchester and now that I am back and settled, I am playing guitar and doing vocals.Tom also left for a bit and is back now.

HCC/UR: What is your style of music? Do you consider it political?

Owain: When we began we didn’t really have a musical focus. We were experimenting with different styles of alternative rock but always wanted to do punk.  Our music was bound to head in that direction as we developed over time. Many of our lyrics do have a strong political message to them but we don’t label ourselves as a band with a political agenda.  It is just who we are. We have strong opinions and like to sing about them.

HCC/UR: Music with a message in true punk style. What bands are the inspiration behind The Delinquents?

TD: We all have different musical styles that inspire us, but you could say it would be Old Skool Punk, 90’s Pop Punk bands like Offspring, Bad Religion, Blink 182, NOFX, etc, and metal bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Slayer, which comes through in the bands sound. There is a bit of a metal edge to our sound.

HCC/UR: That is quite a mix there and what I love about bands creating their own material, the influences have to come from somewhere. You just never know what the chemistry between band members will amount to.

Soooo, what is your go to soundtrack when you are trying to impress a girl?

Owain: I joined a punk band because I can’t really get girls to talk to me (oh I had to giggle). Since I am kind of the weirder one I would go for Alkaline Trio ‘This could be love’.

Matt: Oasis it is for me!

Tom: Blink 182, nothing too extreme (um lol)

James: It’s a very subjective question, it depends who you are trying to schmooze. If she is into metal, a bit of Iron Maiden, if not a bit of Barry White.  (he is kidding about the Barry White)

HCC/UR: Funny but there is always an Oasis lover in every band no matter what style. Absolutely nothing wrong with that, maybe it is an important ingredient.  Just throw on the Pearl Jam Ten album.  Girls love it.

Is there a particular main force behind the band?  A “rock” of sorts?

Owain: Not really, we all respect each other’s contributions to the band. I have been in bands before that are a bit more hierarchical – for example,  with song writing and certain elements of the music. We work as an equal unit and we keep our egos in check.

HCC/UR: That is nice and harmonious. So what fuelled you guys to create your new EP Mass Intrusion? (my my this does get interesting)

TD: We look at it as a soundtrack to austerity Britain, a sort of sign of the times.  If you consider music from the 70’s and 80’s, it was a reflection of what was going on and the Mass Intrusion EP is just that.

‘Crossfire’ is an anti-war song that questions disgusting foreign policy and how it affects peoples lives. ‘Mass intrusion’ looks into the Data Communication Bill which is a horrible invasion of our privacy.  It intends to read all our emails, keep track of every website we visit and just basically monitor all communication.

HCC/UR: We need more bands like you, I don’t understand what has happened with this generation.  They only are concerned with one upping each other’s Iphone’s and don’t seem to care about anything.  Nothing like the generations before us who had to fight for their freedom and the the right to sit in the same room with people. I blame John Hugh’s films, although I love them. Self-obsessed kids without a cause who often struggle to put full sentences together.

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

TD: Tough question! Well Trump is a very scary person, he gives very simplistic answers to complicated questions and he is a complete racist. Basically, he represents everything that is wrong with humanity.

David Cameron is as well, with the election fraud allegations and the Panama Papers scandal in the press recently, the guy has no idea about the hypocrisy that is coming out of his mouth. He takes benefits from people but has no problem spending £400K plus on a fucking bottle of champagne! And the cheering and jeering during Prime Minister’s Question Time when they are supposed to be discussing serious issues gives us little faith in the democratic process, we just want to see it work. It’s a club of predominantly white men acting like school children performing a pantomime…it’s so pathetic!

The way the Tories were picking on Jeremy Corbyn’s suit and how they made a big stink about him choosing not to sing the national anthem, rather than focusing on important issues justifies our argument. We are definitely behind Jeremy Corbyn who represents true labour values…but if we must choose the lesser of two evils, it would have to be Hilary Clinton, although we have a problem with the fact she used work for Walmart in the 90’s and dislike her attacks on the unions.  We also have a problem with the Bush and Clinton legacy aspect – the elite looking after the elite.

HCC/UR: Great comments guys, very introspective. What year do you predict Fidel Castro will die?

James: (laughs all around) Well probably this year at some point he is 80 odd something.  I have mixed views about Fidel Castro. I like the ideologies of socialism and consider myself a socialist, but I have a problem with the authoritarian, lack of free speech and free press aspect in Cuba. There are huge problems there, but then child poverty and illiteracy rates are low and they produce great doctors.

HCC/UR: Let’s see if you know this one guys. Who is the leader of the Sandinista’s?

TD: (uh oh I stumped them) Isn’t that a Clash album? Sorry we don’t know this one.

HCC/UR: Yes! It is. You guys should know this! It is ok I forgive you.  His name is Daniel Ortega. Don’t get me started but look it up. 

Who is the biggest delinquent in the band?

TD: (unanimous) Owain!

Owain: I’m sorry…I have been like that since I was in school.  I just don’t think I can change now, it’s ingrained behaviour.

HCC/UR: Bless! Please don’t apologise…too funny. What is your favourite Curry House in Hereford?

TD: We would definitely have to say Champagne Signature.  Even though Owain loves Tom Lynches house…he has never been to a curry house (whaaaatt!!!).  Tom Lynch makes a mean curry though.

HCC/UR: Somebody please take Owain out for a curry. Bands to look out for?

TD: We really like Red Room Therapy and are fans of Terminal Rage.  Owain used to be in Terminal Rage, we have seen them play since several times.

HCC/UR: Rum or Tequila?

TD: We are going to have to go with rum.  It’s nice stuff

HCC/UR? Come on guys toughen up.  Last question, Tom or Jerry?

TD: Tom for sure. We feel sorry for Tom because Jerry is such a bastard to him.  The episode when Jerry put horns on Tom’s feet is hilarious though.


The Delinquents at the Booth Hall in Hereford for the Underground Revoltuion

The guys stuck around for Open Mic Night at the Booth Hall who host the Hereford City Centric ‘Sounds of the Sofa’ interviews. I promised Owain a guitar but to no avail. Well just come on down to The Booth Hall May 28th and check them out! They will be performing with two other young punk bands, Purple Flavoured Death and the appropriately named The Youth Within who are playing Rebellion for the first time this year. You just really shouldn’t miss this show for all the right reasons.

£3 Entry  Doors open at 8pm and the acts will be performing as follows:

Purple Flavoured Death  8:30

The Delinquents                9:30

The Youth Within            10:30


All Photography by Nick Vidal-Hall, House Photographer of The Booth Hall

The Booth Hall, 3 East Street, Hereford Hr1 2LW

Many thanks to Founder of Border This! Records and Promoter for The Underground Revolution, Tobion Johns for recording the interview so I remember every thing they said!

Border This Records












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