A Cleaning Tip For The Converse Tribe

Converse cleaning tips

I think we all have a few pairs of Converse that have been put in a dark corner of the shoe rack covered in dirt and muck. I personally wear my down to disgraceful conditions. The truth is, there was a time when I would purchase brand new converse and try to make them look a bit worn in before taking them out onto the LA streets.

It was the mentality of not letting people know you just picked up a pair. The thing is, I really did have them for years, approximately ten years a pair. Remember Kurt Cobain’s famous worn in converse? That’s what I am talking about people.

There was always a point when converse maintenance was essential, a time when even I couldn’t even look at them anymore, so into the washing machine they would go.  I wish I had known this tip before I shoved mine in the wash only to pull them out with a new milestone mark: several new tears along with the sole coming unglued and a horrible headache from the pounding sounds of them hitting the sides of the washing machine with each spin. Adding towels in stops the noise, but also prevents damaging them.

Also,  just try soaking them in a bucket of soapy water and scrubbing them with a toothbrush. The goal is not to soak them too long because the glue will dissolve. In fact, this may be more successful than the washing machine, although I understand the least labour intensive method of throwing them in the washing machine is the most appealing.

TIP: Simply place your converse in a pillow case and tie before putting in the wash! To avoid the dreaded banging sounds in the washing machine spin cycle, include several rags and old towels to soften the blows.  

Now take your cool self and your freshly washed Converse out on the town! Your welcome.

converse cleaning tips chuck taylor

….and for goodness sake avoid those puddles

Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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