A Cleaning Tip For The Converse Tribe

Converse cleaning tips

I think we all have a few pairs of Converse that have been put in a dark corner of the shoe rack covered in dirt and muck.  We love them but are a bit ashamed to take them for a walk.  I wish I would have known this before I shoved mine in the wash only to pull them out with a new milestone mark…several new tears along with the sole coming unglued.

TIP: Simply place your converse in a pillow case and tie before putting in the wash! To avoid the dreaded banging sounds in the washing machine spin cycle, include several rags and old towels to soften the blows.  

Now take your cool self and your freshly washed Converse out on the town! Your welcome.

converse cleaning tips chuck taylor

….and for goodness sake avoid those puddles


Author: M Cuadra

Over 23 years experience being a self proclaimed Shecentric. Careers in fashion, makeup, as the proprietor of my own retail businesses, and at times, just about making ends meet have given me a discerning eye and open mind when it comes to beauty, fashion and culture. Now residing in Hereford I would like to share the city from a consumer perspective...understanding the demands and economics of the average consumer from a realistic perspective while maintaining a passion for all things current and exciting around the City of Hereford. It has become a new and exciting arena for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

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