The Underground Revolution Time Machine – August 2016

Hate System, at the Booth Hall Hereford, England


Shannon Mae at the Booth Hall Hereford 4-08-16
Shannon Mae (Shannon Walker) at The Booth Hall stealing hearts with her haunting vocals. Photography By Nick Vidall-Hall

Don’t laugh! It really is a time machine where we revisit our past shows and give you a little heads up on what’s up and coming. Anyway, we have been busy spinning ideas, searching for musicians and getting to know the locals. What a life!


Punk N Poetry, Ledbury Poetry Festival @The Royal British Legion 7 July 2016

Pop artist, Pablo Alto frontman and Underground Revolution promoter John Rose put together a fantastic night of Punk and Poetry for the Ledbury Poetry Festival.  Last year the the Poetry Festival onlookers were treated to Atilla the Stockbroker and John Cooper Clarke; this year the baton was handed to The Underground Revolution. We hosted our own celebration featuring some very charismatic poets pushing the boundaries of our minds and building a fan base all the while, then there were the DIY Punk and Post Punk bands who had some of us doing the pogo.


Jonny Fluffypunk

Special guests included Spoz, Jonny FluffyPunk, The Youth Within and Pablo Alto.  The tickets were sold out and attendees were treated to an electric evening. The Ledbury Poetry Festival is a noteworthy event to look forward to each year hosting some wonderful guest poets, workshops, gigs and exhibitions.

40 years ago, the Sex Pistols’ released their debut single, Anarchy in the UK, and this year a series of gigs, talks, films and exhibitions in honour of this movement also kicked off in January of this year, and remains a state of mind for ebullient anarchists in the UK  and around the world today. Many of these events can be found on the website.

We too, like many other promoters and venues around the country, are celebrating 40 years of punk attitude by hosting our own events. Punk n’ Poetry was held at the Royal British Legion in Ledbury and was the first of a series of our own 40 Years of Punk commemorations in Herefordshire.

Tickets are currently on sale for the September 9th, 2016 collaboration between The Underground Revolution and Wild Hare Club who are hosting a ‘Punky Reggae Party’ with fierce headliners, The Ramonas, an all female Ramones cover band. Tickets are now on sale for £10 on our Music Glue website here.

Spoz Photography by Andy O’Hare
Pablo Alto Legion
Pablo Alto – Photography by Andy O’Hare



July saw the launch of The Underground Revolution Open Mics hosted by Folk Punk duo Freeborn Rising who are the latest promoters to join the Underground Revolution.  They have been great and you should look out for them and say hello.  Basically look for two naughty crusty’s.  Matt and Thor bring a different vibe to the table – and different is good in our book.

We hosted our first two open mics at the lovely new Firefly Hereford but due to a saturation of open mics in this location, we are moving our event to a new venue…soon to be announced in an event invite…join the Underground Revolution group to make sure you receive all of our event invites.

We had some beautiful and edgy talent grace our Open Mics



A big thank you to all the bands who have played with us so far: Atilla the Stockbroker, A Hundred Suns, Teddy’s Leg, The Delinquents, Black Boxes, Skinhorse, Purple Flavoured Death, Terminal Rage, Freeborn Rising, Shannon Walker, John Mason, The Youth Within, Hate System, Black Lines, Silverfield, Uncle Jill, Pablo Alto, Rich Lovell, Owain Price, Huckworm and Rapunzel Wizard. You guys rock!  (PS…sorry if I missed any bands)

Huckworm were certainly impressive
The Underground Revoluton, Hate System @ The Booth
A snazzy shot of Hate System

Above: Left, Richard Gardner rocking out at the A Hundred Suns gig. Right, Thor, Singer/Guitarist of Freeborn Rising and Underground Revolution Promoter

Locals supporting The Underground Revolution and The Booth Hall



August 25th we are hosting two Worcestershire bands who have some serious vibes about their music and Pablo Alto whose psychedelic post punk feel is nothing short of awesome. £3 entry and bands will commence at 8:30pm.



To quote Bob Marley, “It’s a Punky Reggae Party, and it’s alright”. The Underground Revolution and The Wildhare Club bring a Punky Reggae Party celebrating 40 Years of Punk Attitude. Bob Marley was such a punk. Join us for this epic event on the 9th of September at The Booth Hall.  £10 entry or £8 with NUS card (must present card with ticket or £2 will be charged at the door or entry will not be allowed). 

BUY TICKETS FOR THIS EVENT HERE. They are going fast so get them soon.

The Ramonas Play a Punk Reggae Party in Hereford


September 24 – A Crisis of Conscience 40 Years of Punk Festival

Continuing our 40 Years of Punk series is our charity fundraiser, “A Crisis of Conscience” The Underground Revolution Punk Fest on September 24th which will will take place at The Booth Hall. It will be an all day music and poetry festival and live artists will be doing live paintings which will be put into a silent auction and go to the highest bidder. All donations will go to The Big Issue Foundation and Musicians Against Homelessness. This is your chance to give the downtrodden of this world some hope by supporting the charities who feed them, provide warmth and help them with their families. Remember there are homeless children out there.  

Donations from 12:30pm to 6pm and £5 entry for the evening bands after 6pm.  More to be announced very soon regarding this festival which will be headlined by TV Smith from The Adverts. Other acts include On Trial UK, The Youth Within, Linerunners (post punk), Terminal Rage and DJ Moon Under A Stick.  A true honour for Hereford to have such big names playing for charity.


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Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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