TV Smith Headlines Hereford’s First Punk Festival ‘A Crisis of Conscience’ Sept 24th To Raise Funds for Homeless Charities


Musicians Against Homelessness gigs will take place nationally over a three-week period between the 18th of September and the 9th of October.


Alan McGee Founder of Musicians Against Homelessness
Alan McGee Image:



OASIS guru Alan McGee is teaming up with Hereford’s popular Post-Punk band the Linerunners and local music promoters’ The Underground Revolution to bring you a memorable all day Punk Festival. The music mogul started Musicians Against Homelessness earlier this year to raise funds for the homeless charity Crisis.

Musicians Against Homelessness is supported by Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder, Irvine Walsh, Cast, the Buzzcocks, Black Grape, The Jesus & Mary Chain and hundreds more bands.

Hereford Music Promoters  The Underground Revolution devote their time to supporting bands and charities with a focus on social awareness, as well as local bands who otherwise would not have an outlet for their music.

They could not turn down the opportunity that was given to them by local band the Linerunners who were looking for a venue to stage this festival. The UR were already doing the festival to raise money for the Big Issue Foundation and felt that both charities would sit side by side beautifully, so they jumped on the idea.



What is ‘A Crisis of Conscience 40 Years of Punk Festival’?

‘A Crisis of Conscience’ is celebrating 40 years of punk attitude, music and most importantly the charitable spirit that is part of the punk ethos. It will also be raising funds to help support one of the nation’s biggest homeless charities, The Big Issue Foundation. It is an honour to work with both charities to bring forth awareness around an epidemic that can affect anyone at anytime.

The festival will include Musicians, Poets, Dj’s, Artists & Street Food, and will be split into a day and evening line-up. Tickets for the evening show are available on the door. Festival goers will be asked to give a donation of their choice during the day, to ensure the event is open and accessible to all.

The day line up is made up of 4 acts, 4 poets, Live art for Silent Auction, Fire Eaters and Killa Tacos will be on the premises selling their delicious brand of fresh and authentic tacos. Because nothing is nicer than tacos and beer!

Then in the evening their will be 5 bands for £5. All profits will be split equally and given to the charities’.



On Trial UK
On Trial UK Photographed by Gerald Underwood
TV Smith
TV Smith will be Headlining A Crisis of Conscience



Punk Legend TV Smith of The Adverts will be headlining in the evening with support from bands such as, On Trial UK, whose frontman Johnny Wah Wah refuses to fit into any mould as a performer. The music is high octane and the band asks that you listen for hidden messages in their music stating “soon it will be the only way to communicate ideas as governments gradually erode free speech”.

Other evening acts include, The Youth Within who played Rebellion this year, Terminal Rage who played Cloggerfest this month and who truly represent the spirit of punk attitude, and the Linerunners who are co-hosting the event and will be opening the evening show.

DJMoononastick will be spinning reggae, ska, soul and anything that will get your feet a jumping inbetween bands. When the bands are done you can have a dance with them until 1am to DJMoononasticks tunes.


Layout 1





Headliners for the day line up are Rosebud, who will bring their own translation of punk and spoken word to the festival through their electronic vibrations and eerie vocals.

Other day acts include acoustic punk bands such as Freeborn Rising who are co-hosting the day event as members of the Underground Revolution and whose music sparks the inner anarchist in everyone with their unique brand of politically charged folk punk reminiscent of the Levellers.

Vaginapocalypse, a local 4-piece act who have been going for years and whose unique style of Border acoustic folk punk is something the crowds always look forward to. Members of the band also play in Sproatly Smith, Alula Down and Teddy’s Leg who will be opening for the Subhumans on 2 November, 2016.

Opening the show, since The Delinquents aren’t able to make it is Perk, who opened for Tom Hingley earlier this year in Wales. She will be performing her original songs and kicking off the festival with good acoustic vibes.



Once hailed as “the beast from Brighton” and a regular around the Aberdeen poetry circles, poet Rapunzel Wizard has built a reputation with his humorous and political poetry. He will be compering the event and enlightening us alongside up and coming poets FreebornThor, Maddie Mew and Claire Badsey, who have something to say about the state of our society.



We have some very special artists creating works of art live for a silent auction raising funds for the two charities Musicians Against Homlessness and The Big Issue Foundation. The highest bidder will be announced in the evening and all proceeds will go to the charities. This is a chance to own an original punk artwork painted by local artists with established reputations.

Black Dragon Inc. Tattoo and Piercing Studio, 123 Eign Street, Hereford HR4 0AJ

Local Artists from Black Dragon Inc. will be creating live art for the silent auction
Local Artists from Black Dragon Inc. will be creating live original art for the silent auction.


Draco Lee of Black Dragon Inc. in Hereford has generously volunteered to participate in the live art silent auction.  Black Dragon Inc. is located at 123 Eign Street in Hereford, and is a high-spec custom tattoo shop. Draco’s reputation has led him to be a judge on tattoo panels and allowed him the opportunity to work around the world during his 16 Year career as a tattooist.


Artist Simon Rogers. A toast to Simon for the fantastic Steampunk mural he designed and hand-painted for Skinzophrenic
Artist Simon Rogers.

Simon Rogers is a popular face in Hereford, and you can find his artwork on display in The Booth Hall, Skinzophrenic (where he recently painted a steam punk mural for the new premises), and a David Bowie Skull behind the Shack Revolution.  We expect he will contribute an unusual piece of art to the live auction.


The Linerunners co-hosting A Crisis of Conscience
The Linerunners co-hosting A Crisis of Conscience

Alan McGee said: “I am delighted that young bands of this calibre want to be part of this campaign.

“The support in Hereford has been tremendous and inspiring and it’s fantastic to see so many come forward to take part.

“Although our primary concern is to combat the scourge of homelessness it is vital that the MAH gigs also give up-and-coming bands and artists an opportunity to play to larger audiences.”

Ed Tait, Director of Fundraising for Crisis, said: “The support of Musicians Against Homelessness comes at an important time. Homelessness is devastating, leaving people vulnerable and isolated. With rough sleeping rising steeply across England, unfortunately our services are all the more important.”


Gigs will take place over a three-week period between 18 September and 9th October.

They are all endorsed by Alan McGee and will be open to all bands and venues who’d like to get involved in their local area.

McGee, who formed Creation Records and manages bands including Black Grape and The Jesus & Mary Chain, said: “We are trying to build a new wave of opportunities for young bands.”

The Linerunners and the Underground Revolution said: “We are delighted to have TV Smith headline our event and hope it makes people think twice before they pass a Big Issue Vendor or a homeless person on the street, and that more musicians take on these types of charitable causes”.

McGee, who slept rough himself before discovering Oasis, went on:

“Due to the eternal gentrification of big cities we are losing music venues all over the country. Without these venues what chance will new bands, especially working class bands, ever have of gaining the oxygen of experience and learning to refine their craft?”

We are fortunate in Hereford to have support from venues like The Booth Hall, The Victory and The Left Bank who are big pushers of the local music scene. We hope to see you all there supporting such a relevant and noble cause.

Many Thanks to Slap Mag for supporting our event in their publication, the Booth Hall for providing the venue and fire eaters, Element Audio for providing the tremendous sound, Headsticks, Toby Armitage, Gimp Fist and Hereford Heckler for providing additional Memorabilia to auction. Also, many thanks to Herefordshire Live for being so supportive and to John Rose for his great artwork.

Feature Image: Punk Mona Lisa taken from


Musicians Against Homelessness and The big Issue Foundation A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE 40 YEARS OF PUNK FESTIVAL Hereford

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