Telling It Like It Is – Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse


Olivia Grimes-Potter

Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse was created by accredited Raw Food Chef Olivia Grimes-Potter who acquired her degree in California from the Living Light Culinary Institute of California – the birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. In no way is a vegan diet a requirement to do this cleanse. It simply is a way to allow your body to easily absorb the concentrated value of the broken down nutrients over a period of three days.

What we don’t realise is that in our stressful and indulgent lifestyles we wreak havoc on our bodies affecting our physical and emotional health. Our blood cells are not properly receiving the required nutrients to keep us focused, our skin healthy and of course, our bodies disease free. Blood cells begin to feed wherever they can and that includes collagen. Yes, terrifying one for us middle-aged folks.

Olivia visiting the Louvre in her native France where she was born to a French mother and English father.

Olivia, who will be turning 60 this year and is the epitome of what it means to live by the mantra of slow food, raw food, supplements, exercise and a passionate, youthful attitude towards life. Physically and mentally she is untainted by the mainstream woes of the ageist wolf pack. She is not a recluse and keeps up with the changing world around her. In fact, you will find her out having cocktails and living it up with the best of us.

You would never for one second guess her age and might even wonder if she has possibly had a nip or tuck in the process. Certainly not! She religiously practices facial exercises, remember those? Yes they do work if you pair them with healthy eating habits and exercise.

And so I was sold by the stunning Olivia and her Signature Cleanse, which I am aware is merely the tip of the iceberg to this lifestyle, but 2 days post cleanse and I am a new woman. The younger you take on these healthy routines, such as periodic cleanses, the greater the outcome in the long run.


DAY 1: Oh deary me, I was so excited this morning. Everything tastes delicious and fresh. Olivia delivered my cleanse last night while emanating a beautiful glow and contagious positive vibes. I was the last stop on her route going around checking on clients and delivering the cleanse. She has now delivered my second batch and arrived full of energy, she’s a pro. Olivia is doing the cleanse with me as I am quite possibly her most challenging client to date. A ferocious coffee drinking, smoking writer stuck at the computer all day and a music promoter by night, she is determined to get me through this. I slept 3/4 of the day. Weird but ok with me as these 3 days are blocked off. I recommend it.

She has now delivered my second batch and arrived full of energy, she’s a pro. Olivia is doing the cleanse with me as I am quite possibly her most challenging client to date. A ferocious coffee drinking, smoking writer stuck at the computer all day and a music promoter by night. She is determined to get me through this. I slept 3/4 of the day. Weird but ok with me since these 3 days are blocked off. I recommend it. My body is so confused but I carry on. I also managed a 40-minute minute cardio workout and stretch routine in the evening as well.

DAY 2: I managed to sleep through the entire night, even after sleeping all day yesterday. I feel so rested and fresh as opposed to the day before when I was absolutely exhausted and anxious. I genuinely must have needed it. Following the same morning routine as yesterday, I drink a mug of warm water, do some deep breathing and yoga exercises and initiate the first step in the cleanse which requires drinking a freshly prepared infusion tea containing cardomom seeds and grated ginger root. I feel a warmth spreading through my body. Something is happening.

I wait 15 minutes then slowly sip on the organic green juice Olivia prepared while reading the inspirational messages she sent me this morning. I definitely am inspired and finish off with the raw food bar which has been slow-baked in her dehydrator. It’s full of organic nuts, seeds and delicious fresh ingredients (see below). I must also mention that after drinking the cleanse juice which is so dense with nutrients, I developed quite a thirst. Drink plenty of water, including lemon water. You do this three times a day. Not necessarily the yoga, I just do it in the morning when I wake up.

I feel really calm and just a general feeling of well-being. It feels like I am part of this super-human community, or at least it is becoming tangible…baby steps. I only napped for 2 hours today and took a walk to my local park, sat in the sun and did some creative visualisation. Might as well go all the way and hope these routines continue afterwards.

DAY 3: I feel pretty hungry this morning. Perhaps it is because I know it is my last day but I am in control which is an amazing feeling. I am ready to complete this task I have taken on. I do my morning routine as usual. It helps a bit but I am kind of off today. I face the challenge of having to go out into the world this morning and I will not falter.

I pack my cleanse in recycled water bottles, take my meal bar and head to town! Walking around town with its lovely smell of street food stalls is wreaking havoc on my willpower! Oh no! I am almost at the finish line, I can’t fail now. I decide to sit and sip my green cleanse by the Hereford bull sculpture watching the world go by, then decide it’s too much and head for a park bench by the Courtyard theatre. The sun is on my face and I have overcome temptation. I still feel a bit shaky but it is bearable.

This feeling of being in control is life changing. The amount of times I have given up on a health binge after breakfast cannot be counted on a rugby teams toes and fingers. I am now aware I am capable, and will not be going back to the powerless victim of my own poor will. Perhaps the greatest thing I have achieved via this cleanse besides losing an inch around my waist and a dramatic reduction in how tired I looked and felt, is the feeling of calm and control through my own sheer will. My crows feet even radically diminished. Winner!




Infusion – The infusion cleanses and stimulates the metabolism and controls sugar levels.

Contains: Cardomon Pods, Spring Water, Grated Ginger Root, Nutmeg, Mixed Spice.

Green Cleanse Juice – This cold pressed juice is the cellular food in the trilogy and the nutritional value. The broken down nutrients absorb into the blood stream quicker and also cleanse your blood cells of toxins. This juice is a 70% percent vegetable/30% fruit blend to help balance and control sugars. 

Ingredients may occasionally vary and Olivia does not reveal all the ingredients in the signature cleanse. She does an allergy and health assessment with each client to determine whether it is safe to carry on. 

Contains: Cavalo Nero Kale, Fresh Ginger Root, Carrots, Apples, Oranges, Lemons, Fresh Tumeric Root, Celery, Homegrown Rosehip Berries.

Raw Food Bar – The fodder and energy of the trilogy.

Contains: Cavolo Nero Kale, Carrots, Apples, Apricots, Dates, Prunes, Sunflower Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Goji Berries, Brazil Nuts, Fresh Raspberries, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Raw Honey

Note: All ingredients are organic.

For information contact Olivia Grimes-Potter on her Facebook HERE

Review by Michelle Cuadra









Author: M Cuadra

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