The Rock ‘n Roll Food Review: The Big Dogs Have Arrived In Hereford!

Firefly Hereford Hawaiian Dog Food Review

Well really, the big dogs are in Hereford’s stylish Firefly Pub, a local watering hole that attracts all ages and artisan beer eccentrics for ritualistic gatherings of craft beer drinking and socialising. The Firefly is a haven for craft beer, ale and cider lovers with offerings regularly on rotation along with a few select brands that never change, like Kozel and Pilsner Urquell.

They also serve spirits and amazing beer cocktails made with the different beers on offer that week and infused spirits prepared on the premises. This can be pretty fun if you like new experiences and aren’t satisfied with the run of the mill pub culture where things never change, including the wallpaper. They have great wallpaper by the way.

Firefly Hereford Hawaiian Dog Food Review

As an American, I have gorged myself with every type of hot dog you can think of. I have been to hot dog heaven and back more times than I could possibly count, especially since the hot dog is a staple in American diets from childhood. To be honest, I have had quite an extensive hiatus from the “dog”, so I was ready to try this dog of all dogs out, especially with such unexpected topping choices to select from.

I decided to go with the Hawaiian hot dog made with crispy bacon, honey mustard, and a jalapeno and pineapple relish. I sat there wondering what awaited me while sipping my lush beer cocktail, I really had no idea what was coming my way.

When the big Kahuna of hot dogs was laid before me by one of the friendly Firefly staff, I couldn’t believe my eyes! There it was, this enormous foot long bratwurst resting on some lovely bacon cradled in a bun that actually was a foot long too (who knew they made such buns), and topped with this amazing jalapeno pineapple relish. There was also what appeared to be some kind of ‘pico de gallo’ of coriander, tomatoes and onions in the mix.

It is one of those moments when you are sitting in a restaurant and you look around and think, “ok people are genuinely going to think I am a beast”. Eh, I just shrugged my shoulders and tucked in. After all, I am an alternative and punk music promoter, and this experience was totally rock ‘n roll.

Suddenly, in my mouth, was an explosion of flavours coming together in ways I had not known. The buttery flavour of the bratwurst, the sweetness of the honey mustard and pineapple, the spice of the jalapeno, the divine taste of bacon and the citrusy aftertaste of the coriander, all marrying together as one beautiful union. All I needed was a hot surfer and some sunshine and I was so there Hawaii!

Tangy, spicy, sweet. I don’t know but every inch of that hot dog was worth every penny. I of course couldn’t finish it and recommend sharing, or being very hungry when you get there. They also offer Classic, Buffalo and Mac ‘n Cheese dogs all moderately priced at £8. I do have a bit of a problem with “street food” costing more than £6 because it is essentially defeating the ethics of what street food stands for, but I have seen much worse which is which I give it the “moderaly priced” status.

Firefly Hereford Hawaiian Dog Food Review

My only complaint was that the bacon needed to actually be crispy, but hey, it’s bacon and it was glorious all the same

Wednesdays at the Firefly £10 for foot long hot dog of your choice and a pint of Urquell beer.

Firefly Hereford Facebook Here

Firefly Hereford Twitter Here

Firefly Hereford, 16 King Street, Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 9BX   01432 358252

Photography by Marcin Zachara



Author: M Cuadra

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