Culture Shock Join Hereford Musicians, Poets and Artists in 2nd Annual All Day Punk Festival Fundraiser for MUSICIANS AGAINST HOMELESSNESS in July.

Artists creating art for auction at A Crisis of Conscience Punk Festival fundraiser for Musicians Against Homelessness

Culture Shock Headlining Hereford's A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE 2017 Punk Festival raising funds for Musicians Against Homelessness

We are pleased to come together this year with our local live music venue The Booth Hall and Hereford’s community of musicians, poets, DJ’s and artists for what should be quite a memorable fundraiser. It’s very encouraging to see everyone so positive and enthusiastic about performing.

This year is the 2nd anniversary of both our punk festival ‘A Crisis of Conscience’, and the national fundraiser ‘Musicians Against Homelessness’ started by Alan Mc Gee. Alan Mc Gee is the former manager of The Libertines, Primal Scream, Oasis, Jesus and the Marychain and the Happy Mondays.

Spoken Word Hereford for A Crisis of Conscience Punk Festival 2017
We will be opening our festival with a spoken word showcase featuring a cast of brilliant political poets.

Sean Ryder is backing the Musicians Against Homelessness campaign this year. In an article in Louder Than War he comments about the increasing homeless problem in the UK, “The sad thing is, it’s not the public’s problem, but they’re the ones most likely to actually help the homeless than anyone in government”. 

Sadly, this is something we have to come to terms with, especially after the horrible mishandling of the Grenfell Towers fire that has left so many displaced, and the events leading up to the fire proving how divided the government is from its people, along with the complete lack of trust in our politicians.

Musicians Against Homelessness raised approximately £40,000 last year for the charity Crisis who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. We suspect that the number of events happening this year will be double what they were last year.


Image by Skid Robot. Edited by Michelle Cuadra. Original Image featured in this article about the street artist and his art project with the homeless


When Rich Lovell and I started this festival last year we were inspired by 70’s punk as it was then. We wanted to express our love of punk, but also our discontent with the class and racial injustices that marginalise British people in the most honest way possible – through music, but we also wanted solutions and ways to help those in need of a hand, so ‘A Crisis of Conscience’ came to be.

A Crisis of Conscience All Day Punk Festival Hereford at the Booth Hall with Culture Shock and Brassick
We continue to honour punk as we have been doing since our very first show with Attila the Stockbroker. We bring you this beautiful evening lineup of some of England’s “Strong and Stable” (haha) contributors to the punk scene nationally and internationally. We also have DJ Moononastick who DJ’ed for last year’s evening lineup..the man has some great old skool records to keep us going in between and after the bands.

Last year we also held an event for the local food bank and ‘We Shall Overcome’, those were David Cameron and George Osbourne days, and we were all feeling the need to do our part – we are talking gripping austerity here.

When you lose everything, where else are you going to end up? Homeless, alone, all hope lost and terrified. It’s a downward spiral. I am not ok with sitting back and letting that happen to people. I am grateful that Rich Lovell is really good at getting us on board with these fundraisers.

At the end of 2015 when we started these discussions, in a general sense, the UK’s youth were not as present as they are now in politics. Jeremy Corbyn is the catalyst, and now the youth are really shouting out against the establishment using music, poetry, fashion, social media and art to express their views. The posts I see on social media platforms are coming from protestors that are younger than ever. It’s exciting.

One thing I love is the connection between punk and reggae, arts, spoken word and of course, politics. We want to celebrate that during the festival. I met Jimmy Lyndsay at one of our recent Underground Revolution gigs when we put on his band Fowokan supported by a local Ska Punk band, and Jimmy told me he used to play gigs in the 70’s alongside bands like The Clash. It was an honour to be in his light and to hear it straight from the source. Funny, but back in the day, Steel Pulse would have punk bands open their shows. Imagine That!

We have DJ BDS Silva spinning reggae and dub during the day whose band Last Tree Squad will headline our day lineup with their mix of original hip hop, reggae and bass songs which you don’t want to miss – they’re a favourite around these parts. It’s our commitment to keeping that union going in the millennium.

Artists painting at A Crisis of Conscience for auction towards the fundraiser Musicians Against Homelessness

Top: Tattoo Artist Draco Lee (Body Mods) live art for charity ‘A Crisis of Conscience 2016’ resulted in this painting as well the bottom triptych painting by Simon Rogers which sold to the Booth Hall. We look forward to their contributions for this year’s fundraiser.
Day Lineup A Crisis of Conscience Punk festival 2017
The day lineup is made up of all local talent. These guys are ready to show you what Herefordshire is all about!! It is going to come alive quite early. You can handle it!

Really, all the bands and talent performing will contribute something special to the festival; we think you should come check them out. The award-winning Fusion Polish street food venture, Old Granary Pierogi, will be selling food from 4 pm onward to help soak up the beer. They serve up some pretty hardy and tasty selections that average £4 to £6. Wise choice. Follow our Facebook page to keep on top of festival news and we will see you there.


Baked pierogis..basically the Polish version of Cornish Pasties and will be available at A Crisis of Conscience Punk Festival in Hereford
With various options to soak up the beer at affordable street food prices including Chorizo and other fusion fillings, traditional, baked or pan pierogis fried to Vegan and gluten-free options, Old Granary Pierogi will be looking after festival goers from 4pm into the night.

Many thanks to Skinzophrenic Tattoos and Piercing on Aubrey Street in Hereford for their donation to Musicians Against Homelessness.

skinzophrenic tattoos hereford art exhibtion

Doors open 12-6pm Entry Donations of your choice for day lineup. From 6pm to 1:30 am entry to music is £7

3 East Street, Hereford, Herefordshire Hr1 2lw 

Doors open 12-6pm Entry Donations of your choice for day lineup. From 6pm to 1:30 am entry to music is £7

Photography from Nickie Bates and Nick Vidal-Hall for Booth Hall Photograph

Feature Image. Left: Draco Lee Right: Simon Rogers. Talented Hereford Artists dedicating their time to help create art to be auctioned again this year for our fundraiser after last year’s successful creations. 

We would love to hear what you think and about how homeless charities have helped you






Author: M Cuadra

LA transplant living in England with 23 years experience in the fashion and makeup industry. As a Beauty, Fashion and Culture Blogger who loves punk, indie, grunge and live music in general, it's important to engross oneself and co-exist in these mediums to keep a cutting edge perspecitve that produces inspiring work for generations to come.

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