Over 23 years experience being a self proclaimed Shecentric. Careers in fashion, makeup, as the proprietor of my own retail businesses, and at times, just about making ends meet have given me a discerning eye and open mind when it comes to beauty, fashion and culture.   My blogging style may at times be unconventional but it will keep you on your toes. Now residing in Hereford I would like to share the city from a consumer perspective; understanding the demands and economics of the average consumer from a realistic perspective while maintaining a passion for all things current and exciting around the City of Hereford. It has become a new and exciting arena for entrepreneurs with big dreams.

Hereford Cathedral River Wye
The beautiful Hereford Cathedral on the banks of the River Wye

Hereford City Centre has big plans to become the City of Culture in the near future.  The process has begun and Hereford City Centric wishes to share its unique perspective on Hereford’s ongoing metamorphosis .  Hereford City is experiencing a boom in Culture with many entrepreneurs contributing to the retail culture in Hereford by opening shops never seen before in our city.  There is also the advantage of the River Wye flowing through the city and adding to the natural beauty of this already majestic county.  Anyone who has been on a train through Herefordshire or visited the county will completely agree.

hereford city, craft beer, hereford cider, outdoor seating, pub piano, open mic
The Shack Revolution home of Hereford’s artisan pizzas, craft beers and local ciders.

Our local farming communities offer some of the most beautiful produce in the country, which has inspired many young food entrepreneurs to establish restaurants in the Hereford City Centre and surrounding areas that focus on local produce.  Many of whom started as Pop Up restaurants and expanded to an actual premises through the support of the enthusiastic locals.  You are guaranteed a fresh meal from farm to fork.  Our cattle is world famous and our landscape is dotted with fine pear and apple orchards which produce the best cider in England.  What is there not to love?

Kimchi Burger Best Burgers in England, Hereford beef
KImchi Burger at the Rule of Tum Burger Shop

Herefordshire is one of the least populated counties in England and boasts a rich tapestry of  history.  One only has to visit the Hereford Cathedral to witness this, which is the home to the Mappa Mundi and can be viewed in the Cathedral.  Tourism is our second biggest industry and we are also home to many quiet eccentrics who have relocated to Herefordshire county seeking tranquility from their chaotic big city lifestyles.

Herefordshire Art Week showcases some of the best talent in the country and the Courtyard is Herefordshire’s much loved centre for the arts.  Our locals love live music and our many talented musicians fill the city with buskers and live music events throughout the week in all seasons.  Hereford continues to expand and there are venues, restaurants and lovely shops on almost every street that are certainly noteworthy.  Just ask a local and they will be happy to make a suggestion.  

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