Catherine Vaughan – Hereford’s Millenial Poet and Author

Catherine Vaughan Book & Poetry Reading at De Koffie Pot March 3, 2016

Arriving slightly late to the reading by Catherine Vaughan,  I can’t help but feel anxious that I missed out on of some of this lady poets carefully crafted outpouring, and the whimsical and energetic approach in which she passionately read through her material.

I arrived to an aptly poetic atmosphere; the room was beautifully lit with candles illuminating the oak beams on the ceiling, and the tables almost completely packed with humans keenly hanging on to every word. Catherine had reeled them in, I would be next. De Koffie Pot holds many events in this room on the first floor of the converted stables nestled alongside the River Wye. A charming setting difficult to parallel in the city unless you boast any sort of river front property.

Reading from her poetry book ‘The Quarter Life Crisis Poet: A Collection of Poems on Pain, Heartbreak and Defiance by a Twenty-Something, Catherine took  us on a journey deep into the wounded and broken relationships that so many of us can relate to. I couldn’t help but feel like a voyeur, with a greedy desire to soak up the sadness each time she turned a page to read the next poem.

It was a lovely night and was glad to experience the reading in such a warm and well, “poetic” atmosphere.

All in all, her first reading was a success and we wish her plenty more success in the future. Find links to all of Catherine Vaughans books here.