Creative Fitness Instructors Bring You Inspiring Workouts That Are Nothing Like That Brutal Gym Routine You Dread

It’s that time again, the start of a new year when we make a long list of resolutions that after a month feel like restrictions. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, there are ways to make these resolutions become little improvements in your life that are positive and fun that eventually make a huge difference in the bigger picture.

I for one am not motivated at all by the run of the mill gym culture. So mundane, cold and uninspiring. You can pay for all the sessions in advance or as you go along without the risk of bill collectors ruining your credit or stalking your peaceful life.

Lately there has been an influx of exciting new classes developed around more creative themes such as acrobatic work outs, hula-hooping to rock n roll, and even one that involves a shot of sacred cacao and dancing with your eyes closed without restriction. So I have put together a fun little list of classes to get you active, make new friends and promote self-love. Dare I say they are the coolest fitness classes I have come across ever! Keep on top of these studios as they have a very interesting rotation of classes throughout the year. They are so very morish.

The meme below is the outcome of what a cold hard gym with instructors shouting rehearsed motivational blurbs does to me. These instructors are brilliant and friendly.


The Wild Chocolate Club 

We will guide you on a journey into your body and hold a beautiful sacred cacao ceremony to flood your body with active ingredients to help open up your hearts. There are no steps to learn, no right or wrong way to move, eyes closed, you can dance like nobody’s watching because nobody is! We warm up, shake it loose and dance until we drop with a most beautiful crystal bowl sound bath.

Next event held on December 7 and 21st at the Birch Hall, Steiner Academy, Hereford, Much Dewchurch HR2 2DL

£10 a session 19:30-22:30 pm A healthy and positive option for your Saturday night shenanigans. 

To buy tickets go to

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Hereford Burlesque, A Lesson in Self Confidence and Femininity

“I encountered a group of ladies dancing away in heels, all with big smiles and a twinkle in their eye. Apparently this is an epidemic, once you have been to the class a few times your confidence spirals out of control and you cannot stop the euphoria that overtakes you”

Hereford Burlesque Classes

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