Clint Morgan Webbe’s Newest Venture – Killa’ Tacos

Clint Morgain Webbe and his KILLA TACOS will be launching September 24th at the Hereford Underground Revolution Punk Charity Festival for the Big Issue Foundation and Musicians Against Homelessness.

The festival aptly named,  A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE-40 Years of Punk, will be headlined by TV Smith who launched himself into the music stratosphere as front man for the legendary punk band, The Adverts. This event is taking place at The Booth Hall on East Street in the lovely city of Hereford (HR1 2LW)

Clint Morgan Webbe's Killa Tacos are on the menu at the Firefly
Clint Morgan Webbe’s Killa Tacos are on the menu at the Firefly

How It All Was Born

You could say that the latest trending establishment in the city of Hereford, The Firefly, has been a hit since it opened its doors this year. Its shining success is partly due to serving up some fantastic smokehouse eats brought to you by Mad Snacks Street Food, Clint Morgan Webbe’s successful foodie venture. Nobody can look at that menu without immediately feeling a build up of hunger in their belly. If you haven’t experienced the food then get over there quick like!

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A Bounteous Food Celebration To Close The Ledbury Poetry Festival

Ledbury Food Celebration  10 th July 2016

There was simply a plethora of food and drink to sample and purchase. With the emphasis on local produce it makes one think Ledbury and its outlying districts could easily be self-sufficient in what arrives at the dinner table.

Poets and musicians took to the stage in a display of cool local talent.

Ledbury Food Group, appreciative of the production processes and the gratifying experience eating is, organise the event annually to tie in with the closing of the Poetry festival.

Quality rather than quantity was the hallmark of this year’s celebration and for all the foodies who attended it was a bounteous day.

Review/Photography by Ed Mustafic, Magnetic Records and Freelance Photographer

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Jamaican Beef Patties Recipe Because Life Just Isn’t Sausage Rolls

All you need: Pastry: 2 cups flour – 1 tablespoon salt – ½ teaspoon turmeric – ⅔ cup vegetable shortening – ½ cup iced water …you might need a little more or less – 1 egg – 1lb ground beef – 1 teaspoon all-spice – black pepper/salt – hot pepper .. I used cayenne pepper […]

via Jamaican beef patties — Inspiration MYCreation

Hereford’s African & Caribbean Heavenly Corner

Having Latin American roots means I am always longing for my mother’s cooking. The diverse community I grew up in exposed my palette to a variety of flavours a burger could never live up to.  Don’t get me wrong we all love a good burger, but as they say, “variety is the spice of life”.  Nothing could be truer.

Carribean and African food at Coco T's HerefordLuckily, Coco T’s on Union Street is introducing Hereford to the exotic foods of her upbringing, as well as mine.  The red kidney beans are of the smaller variety traditionally used by my family, and she usually stocks plantains which were a staple in my childhood along with beans and rice.  Sadly she was out during this last visit…don’t worry my dear I will be back.

She had just opened a fresh shipment of ginormous yams I have never seen before. The ones I have encountered in the past were like newborn yams in comparison.  There is a large variety spices and chilies as well. These are stocked alongside hair extension and other items you would never pair together, which makes you think that perhaps, this is how they do things in her culture, making the experience unique and enjoyable.  Why not?  A one stop shop some would say.

African and Carribean food Hereford, Coco T

If you are a fan of African or Caribbean cooking in Hereford, you no longer have to order online or travel to Birmingham; Coco T has made these items accessible for locals.  She is also helpful and who would happily share a recipe with you if you desired to try something new.