King of Pies

Voted Hereford’s KIng of Pies a couple years back, Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, truly lives up to their name.  I highly recommend the Steak Pie which is made from Free Range traceable beef.

hereford butchers, bewell street hereford, giant sausage rolls, free range meets, hereford beef
Heavenly sausage rolls, steak pies and Cornish pasties made by Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, Hereford.

They should also be known as the Pork Roll Kings.  There is always a cue of wide-eyed locals at lunch time waiting for their giant pork roll to be constructed.  You can almost hear the hunger pangs in my stomach when I walk past the shop.

Hereford Pork Rolls, giant pork rolls, hereford butchers, hereford city centre
The Hereford Butchers sandwich shop serving up Hereford’s finest pork rolls.

The price is right for the quality and quantity they serve up to their customers.  Hereford Butchers have two shops next to each other on Bewell Street. The butcher shop and the sandwich shop.  Recommended as brilliant, comforting winter food on the go, not that I didn’t have a fair few in the summertime.