Photographer Jonathon Paul Captures Hereford’s Millenials at Skate4cancer

This year’s Skate4Cancer Charity event featured two days of live music, Dj’s, Scooter, skate and Bmx competitions along with burgers on the Bar-b, and Jonathon Paul was there in the thick of it. We think our new main image of a local lad doing an aerial is pretty striking and captures the energy of Hereford’s youth who are happy to participate in the fundraising community.

Skate4Cancer Haven Breast Cancer Charity at Hereford Skate Park by Jonathon Paul Continue reading “Photographer Jonathon Paul Captures Hereford’s Millenials at Skate4cancer”

Local Photographer Jonathon Paul observes the masses at the ‘Stop Trident’ Nuclear March.

The majority of countries the world over do not have nuclear weapons – Nicola Sturgeon SNP Party

Jonathon Paul captured the CND ‘Stop Trident’ anti-nuclear march on the streets of London last Saturday in his usual observant manner, quietly and in the background.  I feel a bit of envy I could not be there to join and support the cause along with larger supporters such as Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn.  In the meantime, Jonathon Paul takes us there.


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