Fodder Opens Promising New Bodycare & Wellbeing Venture in Hereford’s Charming Independent Quarter

The arrival of the new Body Fodder in Hereford city centre’s Church St. Independent Quarter demonstrates a rise in the demand for environmentally-friendly beauty pro-ducts, and also growth in the apothecary approach to the wellbeing market.

This is certainly not a new idea, but with social media pumping out information warning us about parabens and over the counter products that are laden with unnecessary preservatives that do more harm than good, and a growing number of earth and vegan-friendly businesses developing an innumerable variety of organic wellbeing ranges that have been tried, tested and proven to work, the industry has found its footing in a big way.

Body Fodder is the extension of the city’s local independent organic food grocer, Fodders, who have accrued quite a loyal following. Their competitive prices and knowledgeable, warm customer service standards extend to the new business venture located just across the road.

“I instantly imagine a family harvesting their own herbs and pressing oils from them in a beautiful little kitchen located in a barn or cottage somewhere. These companies after all are the quintessential essence of the cottage industry”

Wild Sage and Co. popular rose clay and honey face mask available at Body Fodder Hereford

It makes complete sense that Fodder has chosen to expand into this industry since they already have the clientele that will definitely support any of their endeavours, and there is only so much room in the location they originated in. Adding to that, it is a charming and desirable part of Hereford to expand in.

When I arrived at Body Fodder I was immediately drawn to it, and the aromas as you walk by are enticing! I was rather excited being a beauty reviewer and supporter of independent businesses in the city. With the arrival of each new independent, a mark of character is added to Hereford city centre’s more out of the way destinations.

Certainly places like Body Fodder would never afford to establish themselves in the Old Cattle Market, which contrary to its name, houses the shiny new, larger corporate shopping destinations duplicated a thousand times over around the country who are more concerned with number forecasts than an intimate relationship with their customers. Just think of the times you were greeted with averted eyes by an employee bothered by you reaching out for assistance, or the chaos on the rails and shelves with no one willing to help you maneuver around it all.

Lavera Lipsticks come in a beautiful range of colours. Pick them up at Body Fodder.
Lavera Lipsticks come in a beautiful range of colours. Pick them up at Body Fodder.

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Telling It Like It Is – Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse


Olivia Grimes-Potter

Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse was created by accredited Raw Food Chef Olivia Grimes-Potter who acquired her degree in California from the Living Light Culinary Institute of California – the birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. In no way is a vegan diet a requirement to do this cleanse. It simply is a way to allow your body to easily absorb the concentrated value of the broken down nutrients over a period of three days.

What we don’t realise is that in our stressful and indulgent lifestyles we wreak havoc on our bodies affecting our physical and emotional health. Our blood cells are not properly receiving the required nutrients to keep us focused, our skin healthy and of course, our bodies disease free. Blood cells begin to feed wherever they can and that includes collagen. Yes, terrifying one for us middle-aged folks. Continue reading “Telling It Like It Is – Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse”

Hereford City Centric International Women’s Day Champion – Local Hairstylist Rose Mazuru Mazulu

International Women’s Day commemorates the struggle for women’s Rights around the world. With the hashtag #beboldforchange as their slogan, I could not help but instantly think of my hairstylist Rose Mazuru Mazulu who represents a strong independent female in all respects.

She has built a business on her own from the ground up with just her daughter and sister by her side after a failed marriage found her alone in the UK and struggling to make ends meet. Her business was soon flourishing and now Rose’Salon is a place to come and linger with a cup of tea. Do be sure to book a good chunk of our day with her as bubbly, funny personality will make you want to stay by her side for hours. You feel like you are the only one in the room when you are being served by her.

Rose's hair Salon Hereford
Rose recently visited her beautiful native Zimbabwe

Do be sure to book a good chunk of your day with her because her bubbly, fun personality will make you want to stay by her side for hours. You feel like you are the only one in the room when you are being served by her. Usually you aren’t though, and she is always in demand, but she always makes time for you.

Born in Zimbabwe, she was trained by a very eccentric South African hair stylist, who I am sure she bonded with knowing her own eccentric self, but he taught her some excellent skills and now she is a natural and amazing stylist.

She also specialises in Hair Extensions for all hair types. I find it difficult to stray from Rose as she is the only one who is ever able to execute the styles I pull out of the hat…and I leave her salon with a huuuuuge smile on my face.

Thank you Rose. I celebrate and honour you today because you deserve it.

Rose’s Hair Salon is located on

42 West Street
Hereford, Herefordshire
Telephone 01432 276656
Find her on Facebook Here


La Belle Époque Beauty & Fashion Guide for the Modern Day Femme Fatale

“Many of these women were impeccable and liaised with the greatest couturiers of the time, often dressed in exquisite frocks and setting trends in make up and hair”

It is often difficult to visualise women from the late 1800’s up until the First World War obtaining a presence of rebellious beauty. History books painted them into mainstream portraits of submissive and fragile creatures positioned alongside powerful male imagery, and if they were to rebel they would end up in the line of fire like Netherlands born Mata Harithe famous courtesan spy.


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Forever, the English Rose! Spring’s Pretty in Pink Make up Palette



“The matt finish has a slight theatrical baroque quality, similar to the Marie Antoinette period, or even that of a porcelain doll of the time. Still this is a very wearable, trendy look easily pulled off by those in touch with their inner fashion icon”


Matt English Rose Doll make up ss2016

This is a unique, bright look that makes an impact. A classic matt finish balances out the cheeks, done in a more vivid pink palette, which is a definite element of the doll face make up trend popular for SS16. Continue reading “Forever, the English Rose! Spring’s Pretty in Pink Make up Palette”

This SS 2016 Go For Gold, Bronze or Copper – They Are All Winners…Best Make Up Tips Ever Included

Every couple years, or even every year, make up trends recycle themselves with a fresh new take on the previous look it originated from. This concept is no stranger to the make-up or fashion industry.

This particular collection of looks, brought to us by Carlos Palma, flash us back to those sun-kissed holidays when we sat around drinking fruity cocktails by the sea, anticipating the evening, when we could show off our golden tans (or sunburns), and imagining ourselves looking like Kate Moss in the St Tropez suntan lotion campaign.


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The Fierce & Feminine Avante-Garde Palette that is ‘The Face’ of 2016


American celebrity make up artist & hairstylist Carlos Palma, who is based in London, brings us a strong avante-garde look that is all the rage for 2016.  Black glossy lips and beautifully polished skin with highlights in all the right places balance out this edgy look. Keep the eyes toned down, but still striking by using a light coloured eye shadow , practice beautifully groomed eyebrows and frame the eyes with perfectly coated and separated eye lashes.

The look is vampy and confident.  Carlos’s top go-to brand is Armani Cosmetics. He swears by their foundations – of course you can play around with cosmetic brands that fit into your budget as long as you balance out uneven skin tones, and create a smooth illuminated palette (primed skin).

You can play around with darker tones, perhaps ones that have a violet tint to them.  Lip liner can make or break this look as well.  This is a glossy lip which softens the severity of the lip colour.  Be fierce ladies. This is my favourite look in years.

Dark lips 2016 by Carlos Palma

Make up by Carlos Palma

Find him on Instagram