The Health Food Shop and Coffee Bean Paradise That is The Polish Community’s Hidden Treasure In Hereford

Sometimes when running errands in town I am so rushed I can walk past a shop several times and never notice it was there.  In fact, at times I will walk past a shop for years on end and not notice. This year though I have tried to notice, especially as I run a blog that not only features music and culture but independent businesses.

Shift health food store aubrey street hereford

I often am attracted to window displays and one’s with a lot of effort put into them. A shopping experience should never be mind boggling, it should flow and be easy on the eyes. Hence why places like TK Maxx scare me. So this particular day walking along Aubrey Street up from King Street towards High Town Hereford I was drawn in by a window that wasn’t very well lit or exposed, but I did notice a line of clear canisters that looked like they had coffee beans in them, of course, in I ran as I am a coffee connoisseur or maybe just a coffee guzzler and was greeted by a sort of random health food store. There was a giant desk upon entry and that not very warm fluorescent lighting, but as I approached the shelves I realised I had discovered a jewel!!


It is a family run Polish health food store that specialises in various brands of Russian and Eastern European potions, tonics, essential oils, beauty products and all things of similar value you would find in such a shop – but then they also sell a BEAUTIFUL selection of coffee beans and loose leaf teas. I couldn’t believe it was there!

The Polish community has been keeping this gem to themselves. They worked hard, saved up and still don’t have a proper sign, but it is called Shift Store and the address is 26-28 Aubrey Street and is located half a block down from A Rule of Tum and practically across the street from Skinzophrenic Tattoos and Piercings.

Shift health food store aubrey street hereford

They sell Strawberry’s and Cream coffee beans amongst a variety of very interesting flavours I don’t usually see in Hereford. The teas are exotic and sound delicious. They are marked with expiry dates to guarantee they haven’t been sitting there an eternity and are reasonably priced.  So this Christmas pop in and pick up some exotic teas and coffee beans for the Secret Santa at work or just to spoil yourself whenever you please. Try some lovely health products, but most important of all support your local independent retailers.

Kefir, The Best Probiotic on the Market, Polish Markets to be Exact

milko kefir hereford

Since being introduced to this product by my fantastic hairdresser Rose of Rose’s Hair Salon in Hereford, my African hair Guru, I have found a new addiction.

It may be an acquired taste for some, but if you love plain yoghurt then you are all good.  It is like a liquid yoghurt that you can you pour over muesli, fruit or just drink plain like I do most days.

The most potent Probiotic, it contains 30 different microorganisms, supports bone health, helps with asthma and allergies and on the long list of many beneficial qualities is tolerated by most people who are lactose intolerant.

There are many studies who link mental health to stomach health and for such a price, it is a win win situation.

I often wander from shop to shop exploring prices and products since we have an abundance of Polish shops in our city who seem to be having their own price battles.

Yesterdays bottle cost me .69p at Kubuc (big green sign) across from Tesco. I hope I have the shop name correct as I am struggling with these names.  Time to educate oneself of course.  The usual price is .99p which is a fair price indeed.

You can also make your own Kefir with plenty of recipes online.

Review by Michelle Cuadra, Creative Director, Culture, Food and Fashion Blogger/Writer