Find Unique Gifts for Unique Friends in Hereford

Buy unique presents and collectibles in Hereford High Town for your quirky friends and family.

Rewind Vintage and Retro Curiosities, 50 Eign St, Hereford HR4 0AB, UK


The shop is also an art space where local artists, writers, blacksmiths, ceramicists, jewellers and more, retail their unique creations.

A new vintage shop has made its home in High Town. The location formerly known as, Hooty Roots Vintage — a charming little boutique where many of us spent lazy afternoons drinking tea with its quirky proprietor, Hooty —  is now Rewind Vintage and Retro Curiosities. You’ll know it when you pass an old banana yellow TV in the window just before the subway by Tesco.

In the true spirit of the storefront’s legacy, a friendly, welcoming man, full of charm and charisma is filling that space again. What luck. He calls himself, Dan Jay.  Dan is the man, and a connoisseur of all things vintage and retro — there’s a difference I swear. He arrived with a truckload of sass from somewhere in Manchester and is raising quirky eyebrows with his fusiony business plans.

Find Rewind Vintage Retro Curiosities Facebook Page Here 


Rewind Vintage Retro Curiosities, is not only a supa cool spot to buy presents for yourself and the ones you dig,  but will soon house a music studio on the top floor. Dan, is in the process of converting it into a recording studio where he plans to put his unique stamp on your tunes. You’d really have to talk to him about what I mean, because I’m not even sure what I mean, this lingo is above my head. Just pop in and say hello. You’ll have a blast. The guy is fun…no lie.

A chill out cafe on the second level is also in the works — you can shop and chill. Nice. Dan’s shop already has so much going for it, but there’s more. The backroom, home to the beast of an organ I’ve featured in the images (unless he’s lugged it upstairs somehow), offers a diverse selection of vinyl for the proud collector bunch.

And, yes, there’s more, much like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag, it’s an endless emporium of eclectic wonders. The shop is also an art space where local artists, writers, blacksmiths, ceramicists, jewellers and more, retail their unique creations.

Rewind Vintage offers a miscellany of unique gift-giving treasures you’ll want to explore the next time you’re in town. I look forward to watching the evolution of this wonderful local independent business.


I want to quickly remind you, as a local blogger who supports independent entrepreneurs in Hereford, when I have free time away from writing romance novels, that it’s up to us as patrons to keep our local small businesses going. These are real people who live in our community and stimulate our economy in so many ways, not some corporation housed in a glass tower getting tax breaks in London. They pay bills and their contributions keep our small, isolated city interesting.

Promise to shop local, and make your family promise too.

Article and images by Michelle Cuadra



Fodder Opens Promising New Bodycare & Wellbeing Venture in Hereford’s Charming Independent Quarter

The arrival of the new Body Fodder in Hereford city centre’s Church St. Independent Quarter demonstrates a rise in the demand for environmentally-friendly beauty pro-ducts, and also growth in the apothecary approach to the wellbeing market.

This is certainly not a new idea, but with social media pumping out information warning us about parabens and over the counter products that are laden with unnecessary preservatives that do more harm than good, and a growing number of earth and vegan-friendly businesses developing an innumerable variety of organic wellbeing ranges that have been tried, tested and proven to work, the industry has found its footing in a big way.

Body Fodder is the extension of the city’s local independent organic food grocer, Fodders, who have accrued quite a loyal following. Their competitive prices and knowledgeable, warm customer service standards extend to the new business venture located just across the road.

“I instantly imagine a family harvesting their own herbs and pressing oils from them in a beautiful little kitchen located in a barn or cottage somewhere. These companies after all are the quintessential essence of the cottage industry”

Wild Sage and Co. popular rose clay and honey face mask available at Body Fodder Hereford

It makes complete sense that Fodder has chosen to expand into this industry since they already have the clientele that will definitely support any of their endeavours, and there is only so much room in the location they originated in. Adding to that, it is a charming and desirable part of Hereford to expand in.

When I arrived at Body Fodder I was immediately drawn to it, and the aromas as you walk by are enticing! I was rather excited being a beauty reviewer and supporter of independent businesses in the city. With the arrival of each new independent, a mark of character is added to Hereford city centre’s more out of the way destinations.

Certainly places like Body Fodder would never afford to establish themselves in the Old Cattle Market, which contrary to its name, houses the shiny new, larger corporate shopping destinations duplicated a thousand times over around the country who are more concerned with number forecasts than an intimate relationship with their customers. Just think of the times you were greeted with averted eyes by an employee bothered by you reaching out for assistance, or the chaos on the rails and shelves with no one willing to help you maneuver around it all.

Lavera Lipsticks come in a beautiful range of colours. Pick them up at Body Fodder.
Lavera Lipsticks come in a beautiful range of colours. Pick them up at Body Fodder.

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19 Amazing Last Minute Gift Ideas You Can Buy From Hereford’s Independent Shops

There are certain people who never learn and end up doing their Christmas shopping at the very last minute. To tell you the truth, 2016 has been one jerk of a year for many across the world and perhaps the thought of Christmas was not a priority until the pressing date was a upon them. No worries, I have come up with some interesting gift ideas your family or circle of friends will find fun and appreciate – all the while supporting your local independent businesses. Get ready, get set, go shopping!

It’s A Novelty Idea


'On Your Bike' Bicycle Repair Kit £15 Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street

‘On Your Bike’ Bicycle Repair Kit £15 Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street Hereford. For the cyclist in the family. Comes in a sweet retro style tin.


Men's Society Sneaker Cleaning Kit £25 Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in Hereford.

Men’s Society Sneaker Cleaning Kit £25 Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in Hereford. Do you have someone in your life who matches their trainers / sneakers to their hats or outfits? The type that have a meticulous collection? This will keep them happy. Again in a cool retro style tin.                                                                                                   


Ted Baker Rose Gold Fountain's Pen £50. Available at Tailor + Printer on Widemarsh Street Hereford.

Ted Baker Rose Gold Fountain’s Pen £50. Available at Tailor + Printer on Widemarsh Street Hereford. Also available in other colours and traditional black and gold. Make sure your loved ones sign on that dotted line with style.


Tattoo Connoisseurs 


Tattoo Vouchers

Tattoo gift vouchers hereford

Why not support your fellow tattoo connoisseur or someone getting a tattoo for the first time? Show them how much they mean to you this Christmas by supporting their passion and putting a bit of cash towards their next tattoo with a gift from Hereford’s local tattooists. These gift vouchers are available at Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street in the Hereford City Centre and can be purchased in any amount you desire.


Skinzophrenic Tattoos on Aubrey Street and Black Dragon Inc on Eign Street are also offering tattoo vouchers.

Skinzophrenic Tattoos on Aubrey Street and Black Dragon Inc Tattoos on Eign Street are also offering tattoo vouchers. I would practically jump over the moon with joy if I was given one. £50 vouchers left only at Skinzophrenic Tattoos.


Lost World Clothing

Find a selection of local Hereford independent clothing brand Lost World clothing at Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street £10 each.

Find a selection of local Hereford independent brand Lost World Clothing at Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street £10 each. This is a true bargain for such great design collaborations from tattoo artists worldwide. We all have that one friend we need to buy for who kept the budget to £10 so these will make a great impression.

Organic Wine and Chocolate

Fodder is Hereford’s most respected independent health food shop located in the beautiful independent quarter on Church Street. They have built a loyal following through their personalised customer service. Nothing more indulgent than a beautiful box of Organic chocolate truffles and a bottle of organic wine for friends and relatives with special tastes and diets. Delightful!


Booja Booja Gourmet Selection Dairy Free, Organic, Gluten and Soya Free truffles. Mmmm
Booja Booja Gourmet Selection Dairy Free, Organic, Gluten and Soya Free truffles. Mmmm


A wonderful and very brief presentation on their organic wines and sulphur free wines as well. Certainly a great last minute pick up from Fodder on Church Street.


Special Gestures

9 and 10


Cath Kidston Umbrella £35. Powell-Craft rag dolls £16.99. Selection may vary depending on stock but always available at Coco’s Vintage Living on Maylord Street in the Hereford City Centre.


The Berkeley Hotel in London has released 'Prêt-à-Portea High-Fashion Bakes & Cakes'. Printer + Tailor Hereford

The Berkeley Hotel in London has released ‘Prêt-à-Portea High-Fashion Bakes & Cakes’. This book merges the world of couture fashion and baking for some really delightful treats you can show off to your friends with. A must for the savvy baker in the family. Available at Tailor + Printer on Widemarsh Street £12.95.


Beautiful People


Clinique's 'The Iconic Red' collection - Chave and Jackson hereford

Clinique’s ‘The Iconic Red’ collection is based around the classic look made popular by icons and screen sirens. Achieve a beautiful look with a fine black liquid liner designed to create the ultimate flick, high impact mascara and Clinique’s beautiful – and my personal favourite ‘Pop Colour + Lip Primer’ in Passion Pop. Available at Chave & Jackson on St. Owens Street in the Hereford city centre £30.


Chave & Jackson in the Hereford city centre on Broad Street. Michael Kors Wanderlust gift set.

Available at Chave and Jackson in the Hereford city centre on Broad Street. This is a deeply romantic scent with notes of pink peppercorn, almond milk. dianthus, cashmeran wood, sandalwood and heliptrope. Gift set includes 1.7 fluid oz Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.4 oz body lotion and a Michael Kors keychain £63.


It’s a bit of elegance and a lot of rock’n’roll. French designer clothing label Zadig & Voltaire has released his and her fragrances that are bound to please the edgiest people on your Christmas list.

This is Her! Zadig & Voltaire in the white bottle is a floral, woody gourmand scent containing notes of pink pepper, Sambac jasmine, milky chestnut cream, vanilla and sandalwood. Bottles begin at 30 ml retailing at Chave & Jackson on Broad Street in Hereford for £38.

This is Him! Zadig & Voltaire fragrance for men is a woody, oriental scent with notes of grapefruit, black pepper, incense, milky sandalwood and vanilla. The bottles seamlessly connect, perfect for couples. Men’s 30 ml bottle £36. This is a strong contender in the men’s scent category for me.

Cocktails All Around!


Pair of True Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal Whisky Tumblers £31.50. Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street Hereford.

Pair of True Viski Seneca Faceted Crystal Whisky Tumblers £31.50. Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street Hereford. This is high-style.


Esquire 'Drink Like A Man' is the ultimate cocktail guide with over 125 cocktail ideas

Esquire ‘Drink Like A Man’ is the ultimate cocktail guide with over 125 cocktail ideas spanning 83 years. Most certainly what Don Draper may have in his glass at the end of a long day. Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in Hereford. £14.99


Kikkerland Tall Bartending glasses. Printer + Tailor Hereford

I have to admit these are one of my favourite items on the list. These bartender glasses come with cocktail recipe measures on them…simply the perfect idea when hosting a house party with your mates. It is like you are a pro already. Kikkerland Bartending Glass, Set of 4 Tall £22.00 Set of 4 short glasses £17.50. Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in Hereford.


Pen & Paper Loyalists



52 Lists of Happiness Moorea Seal at Printer + Tailor Hereford

2017 won’t let you down if you maintain ’52 Lists of Happiness’ by Moorea Seal £11.99. This beautiful journal is full of illustrations, beautiful images, and even velvet ribbon. Beautiful to hold and it encourages readers to reflect, acknowledge, and invest in themselves, and ultimately transform their lives by figuring out exactly what makes them happy. This could be the best gift you could give anyone this Christmas.


Perpetual Disappointments Diary Printer + Tailor Hereford

I let out a rather loud laugh when I picked up this diary, and as everyone stared to my dismay, I dug my head in deeper discovering templates for apologies and passive aggressive notes. This is a diary for the brutally honest, the cynics and the downtrodden. Available at Printer + Tailor on Widemarsh Street in Hereford £9.99.


That is the end of the list, so tick off those last few people or start your Christmas shopping immediately. I also did find shopping earlier in the day more manageable than the evening. Just prepare yourself for Christmas mania. Have a couple jolly mulled ciders to relax you and to feel festive. Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping!

What’s In The Window? Camperdown Lane on St Owen Street, Hereford

Hereford boasts a plethora of unique independent businesses spread around the city. In the river quarter, which consists of Bridge Street and King Street, there are some wonderful restaurants, pubs and coffee houses. You can have a stroll around East Street, West Street, Church Street or Widemarsh Street, and there too discover some very special little gems. On my weekly rounds around the city, I came across this beautiful little window display…granted it was taken a couple months ago (it was in the archives waiting for its special moment). It’s creative, quirky and certainly captivated my attention with the watering can display.

Camperdown Lane specialises in interior accessories, homewares and gifts.  Have a look at their Facebook page and give them a like and your support.

Camperdown Lane, 18 St. Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PL

Hooty Roots Our Very Own Quirky Queen of Vintage Hosts Fashion & Frolics II

Hooty Roots Vintage & Cafe hosts Fashion & Frolics II   Location: Cookies Cafe, 6-8 Bewell Square 12pm-5pm  3 September, 2016  



If you walk past a little shop down Eign Gate in High Town Hereford with a bright orange hand drawn sign with blue lettering, you have arrived at your destination. The sign, with it’s D.I.Y , laissez-faire approach gives you insight into how much of an individual Hooty aka Harriet is. A girl with a heart of gold and a bit of a Pippi Longstocking, a fun and fancy free, whimsical character. We cannot help but love the girl and her funky frolics selling at student friendly prices.

Hooty Roots Vintage & Cafe is small, and seriously crammed with a treasure trove of wonders. Seriously though, what is vintage and charity shopping without a challenge? Nothing is more exciting than searching through piles of dusty, and at times bizarre pieces of clothing that make you giggle and wonder whose Nan sewed such a treacherous and dodgy dress. Then suddenly something very special will captivate you to the point you find yourself walking down the street with a beaming smile and a purchase that makes you feel like a style champ of the unconventional.


In my case, it was a beautiful carved white wooden floor lamp with a red tassel trim lamp shade. It loves me and I love it, or perhaps I was bewitched but nonetheless it is sitting in my front my room and illuminating my life with its red dreamy glow every evening. Thank you Hooty!

Hooty also happens to have a massive charitable heart and a love for culture. She has hosted little open mic gatherings in her small shop that feel as if you were in her bedroom having a jam…she is just cool like that. She often exhibits work from local artists and you often wonder what she is going to do next. What a gal.

September 2 Hooty will be hosting her second Fashion & Frolics event in Bewell Square raising money for The Fowler Foundations for Children. There will be games and a stall where you can put on fancy dress and have a photograph taken for a small donation. Of course, being Hereford, a town full of wonderful musicians, their will be buskers raising funds for this fine charitable cause. Mark the date Herefordians!

Fashion and Frolics hosted by Hooty Roots Vintage, Hereford
From Left Clockwise: The Hooty Roots Team Ryan, Hooty, Niobe, Joella.

Hooty Roots Vintage & Cafe, 50  Eign Gate, High Town Hereford HR4 OAB


A Cleaning Tip For The Converse Tribe

I think we all have a few pairs of Converse that have been put in a dark corner of the shoe rack covered in dirt and muck. I personally wear my down to disgraceful conditions. The truth is, there was a time when I would purchase brand new converse and try to make them look a bit worn in before taking them out onto the LA streets.

It was the mentality of not letting people know you just picked up a pair. The thing is, I really did have them for years, approximately ten years a pair. Remember Kurt Cobain’s famous worn in converse? That’s what I am talking about people.

There was always a point when converse maintenance was essential, a time when even I couldn’t even look at them anymore, so into the washing machine they would go.  I wish I had known this tip before I shoved mine in the wash only to pull them out with a new milestone mark: several new tears along with the sole coming unglued and a horrible headache from the pounding sounds of them hitting the sides of the washing machine with each spin. Adding towels in stops the noise, but also prevents damaging them.

Also,  just try soaking them in a bucket of soapy water and scrubbing them with a toothbrush. The goal is not to soak them too long because the glue will dissolve. In fact, this may be more successful than the washing machine, although I understand the least labour intensive method of throwing them in the washing machine is the most appealing.

TIP: Simply place your converse in a pillow case and tie before putting in the wash! To avoid the dreaded banging sounds in the washing machine spin cycle, include several rags and old towels to soften the blows.  

Now take your cool self and your freshly washed Converse out on the town! Your welcome.

converse cleaning tips chuck taylor

….and for goodness sake avoid those puddles

What’s in the Window? Vintage Couture on Church Street

Vintage Couture specialises in pre-loved designer luxury brands, antiques and special curiosities. You can pick up a pair of Stella Mc Cartney Heels, a Chanel  cocktail dress or a Tory Burch hand bag not available anywhere else locally and at half the original price.  It is a most alluring situation for lovers of all things beautiful. Do bear in mind, there is usually only one of each item, which means if you love it, take it home!

Vintage Couture is located in Hereford’s beautiful Independent Quarter which has the most stunning view of the Hereford Cathedral

Vintage Couture

14 Church Street, Hereford, Herefordshire  HR1 2LR


Second Hand black and white chanel dress vintage couture, herefordChanel Oxford shoes second hand vintage couture, Hereford

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Hereford Antiques Centre & Lizzie May Vintage. Not on the High Street, Thank God For That!

“Instantly I was drawn in by an old porcelain doll tucked away in a glass cabinet, then a beautiful rocking horse; the treasures began to unfold”

Herefeord Antique Centre, Vintage Porcelain Baby doll and collectable coins

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La Belle Époque Beauty & Fashion Guide for the Modern Day Femme Fatale

“Many of these women were impeccable and liaised with the greatest couturiers of the time, often dressed in exquisite frocks and setting trends in make up and hair”

It is often difficult to visualise women from the late 1800’s up until the First World War obtaining a presence of rebellious beauty. History books painted them into mainstream portraits of submissive and fragile creatures positioned alongside powerful male imagery, and if they were to rebel they would end up in the line of fire like Netherlands born Mata Harithe famous courtesan spy.


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A Mum’s Mother’s Day Gift Wish List + Poem

Above: Ladybird books have been a part of many a childhood.  ‘The Mum’ is a parody on motherhood that still embraces the nostalgic artwork Ladybird books are well loved for.  For about £10 you can buy your mum one of these humorous little books and a lovely little spring-inspired floral display to put on her reading table or kitchen window.  Printer + Tailor’s beautiful, quirky gift shop on Widemarsh Street covers all budgets.  As a mum, I happen to know we are always looking after your finances, although we secretly love it if you splurge a little xxxx Continue reading “A Mum’s Mother’s Day Gift Wish List + Poem”