Punk Allegiance at the Legion

pabloThere is the expression ‘of a sound mind’, which was a relevant theme when you entered the bottom floor of the The Royal British Legion in Ledbury last Saturday, where a local punk gig in aid of the charity Mind was being held.

The brainchild of local photographer and music producer Edoardo Mustafic aka Ed Headphones, a well loved eccentric around town, the gig featured 3 local punk bands (The Youth Within, Billy Whizz, Pablo Alto) that would end up shaking the walls of The Royal British Legion for a night few locals will forget, complementing his motto for the night ‘You’d be mad not to come’. Quite!

There were technical issues during the Billy Whizz performance, (down to dodgy lighting apparently), but soon in true Herefordshire style, onlookers jumped into lend a helping hand, and all was shortly sorted commencing the night’s shenanigans. Revellers were drawn to the sounds through the cobbled streets, as it was such a success that they had to turn punters away! All in a night’s gig. Continue reading “Punk Allegiance at the Legion”

The Mystery Behind the Can

It was cold, well no, freezing and all I could think of was walking home in a complete state of tunnel vision, when I came across some pretty cool street art in the least likely of locations…Hereford. Graffiti is no stranger to England with its own renowned satirical graffiti artist born out of the Bristol underground scene…Bansky. Except here, in cattle and cider country, there is little of such a thing.

one eyed gangsta, hereford street art, england street art
One Eyed Gangsta visits Hereford, England

Taking in these guerilla-warfare style works of art, I noticed the surrounding surface was covered in the usual half-arsed tags that usually resemble each other in some way or another, and don’t really add any character to the city. I recognized the “One-Eyed Gangsta” and the Breaking Bad “Heisenberg” and now am a bit obsessed with devoting an entire category to Hereford Street Art on this blog, hoping that someday Hereford Council will commission a bit of street art around the city to spread a positive message about our youth, culture and community.

Hereford is currently only known for its cattle, produce, ale, cider and the Mappa Mundi, which isn’t a bad thing, but the younger generation feels neglected.  They all move away in search of bigger dreams and inspiration or are stuck at home behind a smartphone or Fallout 4 until the circulation is cut off from their legs.

Breaking Bad, Hereford England, Heisenberg, street art
Breaking Bad Heisenberg. Who Dunnit?

Perhaps we should work a little harder to engage them and allow them some creative scope and importance around the city. They create the trends and the followers come later. It is how it works, we have all been there. After all, we have the notable Hereford College of Arts full of budding artists who often go unappreciated.  In the meantime, the mystery remains behind the can.

Hay Winter Festival 2015 27-29 November

hay festival winter weekend, Herefordshire, food festival, vintage festival, music, books
Snow is always a possibility. Bundle up.

One of England’s best kept secrets is located on the Welsh Borders of Powys, Wales and only a quick drive from Hereford is Hay-on-Wye, HOme of the World Famous Hay Book Festival.  The diamond of a town is considered part of Herefordshire, who is also and most definitely, one of England’s very best kept secrets.


Families, dogs and single adults alike will find this a very entertaining affair that marks the beginning of Advent.  Of course the books shops are open year around for the lovers of literature.

Hay Christmas Lights – 7pm on Friday, 27 November
Father Christmas – Richard Booth’s Bookshop 12-3pm, Saturday, 28 November
Hay Food Festival – Market Square 10am-4pm Saturday, November 28
Hay Does Vintage – Market Square, Butter market and Cheese Market  10:30am-4pm, Sunday 29 November            

King of Pies

Voted Hereford’s KIng of Pies a couple years back, Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, truly lives up to their name.  I highly recommend the Steak Pie which is made from Free Range traceable beef.

hereford butchers, bewell street hereford, giant sausage rolls, free range meets, hereford beef
Heavenly sausage rolls, steak pies and Cornish pasties made by Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, Hereford.

They should also be known as the Pork Roll Kings.  There is always a cue of wide-eyed locals at lunch time waiting for their giant pork roll to be constructed.  You can almost hear the hunger pangs in my stomach when I walk past the shop.

Hereford Pork Rolls, giant pork rolls, hereford butchers, hereford city centre
The Hereford Butchers sandwich shop serving up Hereford’s finest pork rolls.

The price is right for the quality and quantity they serve up to their customers.  Hereford Butchers have two shops next to each other on Bewell Street. The butcher shop and the sandwich shop.  Recommended as brilliant, comforting winter food on the go, not that I didn’t have a fair few in the summertime.

One Fine Bratwurst in the City

If you can find him around the city on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday you are in luck.  He certainly serves a fine Bratwurst.  Nothing says German Christmas market all year around like Hereford City’s local Bratwurst guy. Thanks for that.

Bratwurst in Hereford City Centre
Our local smiling Bratwurst guy
Bratwurst Hereford City Centre Street food stalls
Be warned prices do go up a bit on Saturday’s

Lover in a Bottle

Dahlia Divin Givenchy Hereford Chave and Jackson Pharmacy
Dahlia Divin Eau De Toilette, a woody floral with staying power.

NotesJasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and Mirabelle plum

I wandered into Chave & Jackson on Broad Street in the Hereford City Centre in search of a new ‘signature scent’. This genuinely can take a while, simply due to the fact that my fragrance palette never cooperates with my budget or moods. DAHLIA Divin by Givenchy has been on my mind since last year and since it isn’t available at Boots in Hereford, I wandered into our local independent chemists and beauty retailer hoping it would be in stock; they did not disappoint.

I discovered that the Perfume and Eau De Toilette vary greatly.  I haven’t come across such a contradiction among perfumes until now.  The reason I am even mentioning this scent is because the EDT (eau de toilette) is BEAUTIFUL! Warm and Spicy, rather sensual and reminiscent of a holiday in Brazil or Morocco with the hottest, tannest lover you have ever had. Get my point?  It also had staying power comparable to a perfume.

Basically, I am sold.  The Perfume, as opposed to the EDT, is a very personal choice so personally I do not recommend it as a gift.  One must spritz it on first and give it time to react with our chemistry.  It could work or fail.  On the other hand,the EDT is a marvellous Christmas Gift and at £53 for 50 ml, a standard price for scents these days.

The City of Hereford’s latest Riverfront Attraction

A favorite location where local Herefordians love to relax and socialize with the beautiful River Wye as the backdrop.

De Koffie Pot Coffee Shop River Wye Hereford
Quality and warm service at De Koffie Pot on the River Wye.

There seems to be a renaissance happening in the river quarter located in Hereford’s city centre, which I recently discovered one very chilled and somber morning wandering the streets of Hereford with a mind full of thoughts. Walking along Bridge Street, I paused at the Wye Bridge to greedily soak in the River Wye’s commanding presence in my usual manner. This year’s mild autumn had spoiled me rendering my body sensitive to the cooler weather, so upon noticing from the corner of my eye, the converted coach house now known as De Koffe Pot alongside the magnificent Left Bank Event and Wedding Venue, I instantly was drawn in that direction hoping for the comfort of a hot cup of coffee in a beautiful setting.

Pop Up food bar Hereford
Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen Pop Up Curry Bar At The Left Bank

The City of Hereford’s prime piece of waterfront real estate consists of the newly revived Left Bank, which is also home to the Charles Bar a rooftop level cocktail and wine bar with sweeping views of the river, a vast outdoor seating area hosting a variety of Pop-up eateries, which includes the World Famous Beefy Boys, live music and, of course, a Dutch-inspired coffee house previously mentioned and set inside a charming converted coach house with an interior that has Herefordshire old world appeal stamped all over it fused with a minimalist vintage touch.

This business venture offers plenty of outdoor and indoor seating, including hay bales, a heated marquis seating area and fire pits ensuring their customers won’t freeze their little toes off; it also boasts a proximity to the River Wye available to few businesses in the City of Hereford.

De Koffie Pot Left Bank Hereford River Wye
Old World Vintage Character

As little as 2 years ago, the Left Bank Village stood empty, looming over the River Wye, a haunting reminder that there are many failed ventures and successes in Hereford’s fragile economy. The brainchild of an ambitious Dutch inventor and entrepreneur, Dr.Albert Heijn – the Left Bank was born.  Fortunately, a new set of owners are pumping a new lease of life into the area and creating the regeneration of what Hereford City Centric has adapted into its vocabulary as the River quarter.

The Left Bank Fire Pit outdoor seating Hereford
Enjoy the firepit while laughing and drinking with friends.

The friendly barista in the De Koffie Pot was enthusiastic and passionate about her place of employment, a theme you will often notice Hereford City Centric give high marks for. I was graciously given a tour of the first level which is currently under refurbishment.  They are converting this level into meeting rooms that will feature many inspiring pursuits to look out for such as yoga. No space will be wasted in this unique business venture that Herefordians are keen to enjoy.  We appreciate their effort and hard work to make a once forgotten landmark into something great again.

Outdoor seating river wye coffee shop
Enjoy a cup of tea and some delicious cake after a long day of shopping.

This Not-So-Shabby Shack Smells Of A Pizza Revolution

Nestled in the Bastion Mews alongside Temple Records, Hereford Cycle Hub and Hereford Drift Trikes, is the home of The Shack Revolution.  A new member of Hereford’s rapidly expanding foodie culture, something we have been waiting a long time for.

Hereford Pizza and Craft beers
The Shack Revolution indoor seating radiates a welcoming glow.

We love the upcycled aesthetic and the wonderful selection of fresh juices, cocktails, craft beers, and local Hereford ciders. There is also a straight-to-the-point menu offering a selection of seasonal artisan pizzas Hereford locals are raving about. The coffee is celestial and perhaps spiked with a secret ingredient that makes it addictive, I have not stopped talking about it to my fellow coffee connoisseurs since.

The Shack Revolution Food Menu

The Shack Revolution Drinks Menu

Upon entering The Shack Revolution you are greeted by friendly staff who seem to really enjoy their job.  Always a bonus, a positive attitude is contagious!  The service, beverages and locally sourced food receive a 5 star rating from Hereford City Centric.

great customer service hereford
Always friendly

They also host a local Hereford acoustic open mic night on Sundays for the musically inclined, and customers are welcome to have a tinker on the charming house piano, a tradition once popular in local pubs adding to the laid back appeal that is a stamp of the local Hereford lifestyle.

The Shack Revolution

Bastion Mews

Hr1 2BT

01432 509464

Wed-Saturday 12-11pm   Sunday 12-9p

Article by Michelle Cuadra for Hereford City Centric Retail and Culture Community