The Courtyard presents French Film Festival UK; Vie Sauvage

courtyard centre for the arts hereford

For the next couple days Hereford’s premier Centre for the Arts, The Courtyard is partaking in the nationwide French Film Festival UK event, bringing us rare films from across the Channel in true Art House style.  The French Film Festival UK is in its 23rd year proving that French Cinema has a dedicated audience in the UK. I certainly noticed this last night at The Courtyard.

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Willow Vondaful Visits The Artistree Exhibit

Exhibiting artists from the Ledbury Artistree group

Brian Richardson  Jan Thompson  Alice Shield  Paul Jillard  Bill Denny   Toni Muckle   Valerie Jillard   Rachel Padley   Caroline Green   Philip Weaver   Paddy Hannigan   Ed Mustafic   Nicola Jedrzejczak   Alan Richardson

artistree herefordshire uk, art exhibition ledbury, sculptor, driftwood, barbie
Left – Alan Richardson, “La Passionata”, Driftwood/Fused Glass Right – Alan Richardson, “Troubled and I Don’t Know Why”, Driftwood

It was a warm, welcoming affair last Wednesday at the Artistree exhibit in Ledbury’s Weaver Gallery, which ran from November 23-29, and so it should be.  Art collectors from afar came to view artists’ exhibiting works in search of that emotional connection for a work of art.

Various artists engaged with Willow and took her through the stories behind their exhibition pieces.  She was very keen and enjoyed the popularity.

Ed Mustafic Photography, ledbury artistree, the psychedelic condition, herefordshire uk , hereford city centric
Edoardo Mustafic, “The Psychedelic Condition”, Photography

Beautiful Pagan inspired ceramics and  sculptures made from raw or recycled materials brightened the room and pulled you into their earthy appeal.  The mix was very eclectic featuring photography by Edoardo Mustafic whose profits from sales would go to Herefordshire Mind and many different gifted painters, authors, textile and book artists from around Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire.  Ledbury’s Artistree group has a popular following due to being based in one of Herefordshire’s cultural meccas that is the home of the Ledbury Poetry Festival.  

ed mustafic photography, caroline green, artistree herefordshire uk, hereford city centric
Caroline H. Green, Name Unknown



ed mustafic photography, ed mustafic, ledbury artistree, herfordshire uk, hereford city centric
Edoardo Mustafic, “Tourism”, Photography
alan richardson, ledbury artistree, driftwood sculpture, herefordshire uk, hereford city centric
Alan Richardson, Name Unknown, Driftwood
rachel pudley, green man, ledbury artistree, herefordshire uk, ed mustafic photography, hereford city centric
Rachel Pudley, “Green Man Wall Pocket”, Stoneware, Frost Proof

Article by Michelle Cuadra

The Sounds of Today’s Crowd…Your Favorite Hippy Uncle and Kurt Cobain would be pleased

The Wytches / Traams, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Last night we drove up to Cardiff to see two great live bands play at Clwb Ifor Bach, a great, little music venue in the centre of Cardiff.

First up were Traams, a 3 piece band who play an addictive mix of UK post-punk and US noise rock. Opener ‘Costner’ set the tone for their awesome set with swirling distorted guitar squalls and a hammering rhythm section and singer Stuart Hopkins barking out the lyrics with the song ending in controlled feedback.

The guitar, bass and drums intertwine powerfully with lots of heavy riffing and kraut rock influences with choppy, repetitive guitar, melodic bass runs and forceful, propulsive drumming. This is very evident on ‘Flowers’ another crowd-pleasing tune from their excellent debut LP ‘Grin’.

This band is totally recommended, if you haven’t heard them yet, check out their new LP ‘Modern Dancing’ and go catch them live.

For fans of : Sonic Youth, Wire, Gang Of Four, Joy Division…


Headliners The Wytches are a 3 piece Garage Psych / Doom Surf band from Brighton.

This band have a unique sound pitched somewhere between Nirvana grunge and garagey surf rock with explosive energy and loud doom rock freak-outs.

The band played songs from their debut LP ‘Annabel Dream Reader’ and new material. Songs like ‘Beehive Queen’, ‘Digsaw’ and the brilliant ‘Robe For Juda’ soon had the crowd going wild in the moshpit down the front as The Wytches cast their spell over an enthusiastic audience building to a crescendo at the end with reverb-drenched guitar and clattering drums.

We could really do with a venue like this in Hereford or Worcester and attract these kinds of bands as it took an hour and a half each way to travel which was the only downside to a great night of music…

For fans of : Nirvana, The Birthday Party..

Article by John Rose, Music Photographer, Artist and Frontman to Pablo Alto

Punk Allegiance at the Legion

pabloThere is the expression ‘of a sound mind’, which was a relevant theme when you entered the bottom floor of the The Royal British Legion in Ledbury last Saturday, where a local punk gig in aid of the charity Mind was being held.

The brainchild of local photographer and music producer Edoardo Mustafic aka Ed Headphones, a well loved eccentric around town, the gig featured 3 local punk bands (The Youth Within, Billy Whizz, Pablo Alto) that would end up shaking the walls of The Royal British Legion for a night few locals will forget, complementing his motto for the night ‘You’d be mad not to come’. Quite!

There were technical issues during the Billy Whizz performance, (down to dodgy lighting apparently), but soon in true Herefordshire style, onlookers jumped into lend a helping hand, and all was shortly sorted commencing the night’s shenanigans. Revellers were drawn to the sounds through the cobbled streets, as it was such a success that they had to turn punters away! All in a night’s gig. Continue reading “Punk Allegiance at the Legion”

The Mystery Behind the Can

It was cold, well no, freezing and all I could think of was walking home in a complete state of tunnel vision, when I came across some pretty cool street art in the least likely of locations…Hereford. Graffiti is no stranger to England with its own renowned satirical graffiti artist born out of the Bristol underground scene…Bansky. Except here, in cattle and cider country, there is little of such a thing.

one eyed gangsta, hereford street art, england street art
One Eyed Gangsta visits Hereford, England

Taking in these guerilla-warfare style works of art, I noticed the surrounding surface was covered in the usual half-arsed tags that usually resemble each other in some way or another, and don’t really add any character to the city. I recognized the “One-Eyed Gangsta” and the Breaking Bad “Heisenberg” and now am a bit obsessed with devoting an entire category to Hereford Street Art on this blog, hoping that someday Hereford Council will commission a bit of street art around the city to spread a positive message about our youth, culture and community.

Hereford is currently only known for its cattle, produce, ale, cider and the Mappa Mundi, which isn’t a bad thing, but the younger generation feels neglected.  They all move away in search of bigger dreams and inspiration or are stuck at home behind a smartphone or Fallout 4 until the circulation is cut off from their legs.

Breaking Bad, Hereford England, Heisenberg, street art
Breaking Bad Heisenberg. Who Dunnit?

Perhaps we should work a little harder to engage them and allow them some creative scope and importance around the city. They create the trends and the followers come later. It is how it works, we have all been there. After all, we have the notable Hereford College of Arts full of budding artists who often go unappreciated.  In the meantime, the mystery remains behind the can.