Rise up Together With The ‘Pungrunk’ Songs of Freeborn Rising…It’s A Mind Revolution

Matt Broom and Thorin make up Freeborn Rising, a band that has practically come crashing into Hereford from everywhere..so they say, and have even landed a gig as promoters for The Underground Revolution helping to put their own personal stamp on the music scene. Although these guys don a “devil-may-care” attitude, their souls run as deep as the tectonic plates. 

Photo and Editing by Michelle Cuadra

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The Rock n Roll Food Review: ‘Mad Snacks Street Food’ Brings Popular Multi-Cultural Dishes To The New Firefly Pub In Hereford

Perk reviews the new Firefly Hereford Mad Snacks menuA Hundred Suns front woman, Claire Perkins, also known for her solo performances as Perk, reviews our latest #Trending Foodie and Craft Beer destination in the city, the Firefly Hereford, brought to us by Matthew Pugh and Ray Velasquez. Matthew established the original Firefly in Worcester and the super chic 5 star rated Hand in Glove Cocktail Bar which are popular landmarks of the thriving Worcester scene.  

They are off to a great start in Hereford by partnering with the Mad Snacks Street Food company which also runs a much anticipated food truck bringing Hereford into the 21st Century and exposing us to Fish Tacos. We are eternally grateful. 

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Perk Opens for Inspiral Carpets Legend Tom Hingley in Wales


Last night, I spent my evening sitting in a hall somewhere in Rhayader, Mid Wales quietly fan-loving  Tom Hingley as he belted out some pretty powerful vocals.  In fact, I think he saved the best of his vocals for his latest solo songs. There were plenty of Inspiral Carpets songs in his performance, we needed our fix, although it was nice to hear that his solo music could stand on its own.  His songs were deep, about reflection as we get older and look back at our accomplishments and failures. Continue reading “Perk Opens for Inspiral Carpets Legend Tom Hingley in Wales”

Underground Revolution Gig Posters Early 2016

Attila the Stockbroker-the underground revolution-hereford uk
Feb 21, 2016 was the launch of the Underground Revolution’s first gig featuring Attila the Stockbroker.  UHmazing


Pablo alto-teddy's leg-a hundred suns-the underground revolution-hereford uk
Our 2nd gig poster designed by pop art enthusiast John Rose in a constructivism style
silverfield-bowels-sad blood-drown- the underground revolution- hereford uk
Gig poster done in the DIY style by Hereford College of the Arts student band Silverfield

Omar Majeed Tells All About The Underground Revolution Gig @ The Booth Hall; Space Cats, Human Pyramids And Sober Moshing For Some.

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Review by Omar Majeed  –  Onlooker at The Underground Revolution, Bohemian Artiste Extraordinaire, Film Maker and Creator of Gravity Zine


Pablo Alto at the Booth Hall in Hereford for The Underground Revolution
Pablo Alto, Photograph taken by Omar Majeed

Hereford City Centric put on quite a night last night by means of their their music promotion entity The Underground Revolution. The Booth Hall is steadily becoming a key venue for seeing live alternative music. There was some concern around rumours that Dave Savager, the drummer from arty Ledbury post-punk/psyche band Pablo Alto was in the grip of a fortnight long fever and wouldn’t be playing, but the three of them took to the stage and performed a set of melodious and atmospheric music led by John Rose’s spacey effects-laden guitar, and supported by Tessa Frith’s reliable bass backing. Continue reading “Omar Majeed Tells All About The Underground Revolution Gig @ The Booth Hall; Space Cats, Human Pyramids And Sober Moshing For Some.”

‘Sounds From The Sofa’ – James Whitehurst & Claire Perkins, Half of local Hereford Garage Rock Band ‘A Hundred Suns’…Mayhem Commence!

A Hundred Suns  will be performing the The Underground Revolution show @ The Booth Hall, 17th of March.  Show begins at 8pm.  £2 entry at the door.  Students with NUS Cards Free Entry

A Hundred Suns, Sounds from the Sofa Hereford
Claire Perkins front woman for A Hundred Suns.

Hereford City Centric and The Booth Hall have come together to create a new series of local Hereford band interviews aptly named ‘Sounds From The Sofa’.  Our “glamorous” set-up involves a comfy sofa sitting on top of the Booth Hall stage (can you feel the musical vibrations?), where our participants park their derriers and answer a series of serious, and not so serious questions about themselves.

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Peace + Rock + Punk + Blues = Greenpeace UK and Hope Not Hate Charity Love-in at The Victory Pub in Hereford

Peace sign guitar by Arlen Graffix

A gig to “Give Peace a chance” at the Victory has a certain irony about it when it has a line up including one Metal, two charged Blues bands and some angry Punks. Let’s face it, who expects to get any peace from such musical intensity.

Sweet Talk

sweet talk
Sweet Talkin’ baby Blues crooners ‘Sweet Talk’

Onwards…..the night started off with Sweet Talk, who make the southern, shuffling blues that was a trademark of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan look very easy. They flew through a set that mixed light with shade, subtlety with machine-gun-palm-muting-speed-freakery, their own youth with a musical maturity that surely should have belonged to headliners The Troy Redfern Band. Sound engineering is easy when a band makes themselves sound this good, so good that I didn’t really know who I should be watching, I’m naturally drawn to the guitar work, but with each musician adding to the collective meant it messed with my brain. No painting by numbers here, just passion for their art.

Sounds like: SRV met Dave Mustaine “down the Crossroads” before passing out in a Texas Flood of their own making.

Terminal Rage

Terminal rage hereford, rich lovell, punk, The Clash Hereford City Centric

As soon as Terminal Rage began their set, they were greeted by a sea of bobbing heads in the crowd. You couldn’t help but appreciate the raw, punk energy that fuelled the atmosphere. The buzz was high, especially as it was new bassist Raph’s first gig….for thirty years! Lead singer/guitarist Rich spits out the lyrics, often directed at those smarmy politician types, whilst thrashing his guitar with genuine, vein popping anger, with self-penned songs like “Casual Racist” and “Guilty” letting you know they are no friends of the current Government.

Terminal Rage’s highlights were definitely a cover of Anti-Nowhere League’s ‘So What?’, which is a personal favourite of mine, as well as a cover of The Old Firm Casuals, ‘A Gang Like Us’. Bob bashes on the drums, and while he may be hiding at the back, he’s certainly not forgotten, as he sang an impressive version of The Clashes, ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’. Over all, it’s always amazing to be at a gig and have the crowd singing (which was more like shouting) along, whilst strangers acknowledge each others appreciation. Some may say that ‘punk is dead’, but Terminal Rage proved that term obsolete demonstrating that it is very much alive, angry and kicking. More gigs please, fellas!

Sounds like: David Cameron got run over by a Sex Pistols truck whilst Hard Skin walked over him wearing their DM’s, then they all went for dinner with Anti Flag, Lagwagon and Propoghandi.


A Hundred Suns


As the seething Punks cleared off-stage, A Hundred Suns strode in to replace them. This band has grown so much over the year, each performance has been a step forward from the previous one. What do I love about them? They look like a band, they fit together, despite being very different stage animals. Claire takes centre stage and oozes excitement – her love of performing shines and fronts up some masterful Metal groovy tunes – it’s like The Almighty bred with Pantera’s hate gene and Sepultura’s ginger dreads with a slice of………well no, actually, they are way too much of their own to give clever comparisons. They groove, undoubtedly: Richard’s guitar kicks out the big, ear-catching riffs and Claire’s vocal style and bounce deliver for me equal amounts of convention and invention. I know, I know…..sounds confusing, but they deliver energy, controlled, beautiful power and I can’t wait to hear their new album they are recording. They belong – big venue, small venue – who cares, they belong!


Troy Redfern

IMG_0762 (2)
Troy Redfern giving us a quality Blues experience.

Quick change of equipment on stage and one of Herefordshire’s “most respected” take up the baton. The Troy Redfern band have been gigging their faces off this year, even managing some dates in dark and spooky Scandinavia. Masses of experience shown in an instant with the sound check – hit a chord, check the mic – “bit more top end please, Rich” bang, job done, ready to go. They play the sort of Blues I love – dirty, edgy, loud and electric, a mix of their own and covers they have made their own. I’ve not seen a bad show from them, each one is full of passion and just as Sweet Talk did, they blend the dark and light of the Blues with aplomb. And just to highlight how much of a Bluesman Troy is, he dragged Sweet Talk’s guitarist up for a jam, trading lead breaks, encouraging each other with nothing more than a nod. All this talent, Hereford should thank its lucky stars.

Sounds like: Jim Morrison bopped in a club with John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, then decided to party back at Cream’s house with Fleetwood Mac

The event was put on by Rich Lovell and John Hales with profits going to Hope Not Hate and Greenpeace.

Music review by Rich Lovell, Terminal Rage Frontman, Music Writer for Hereford City Centric
Terminal Rage music review by Claire Perkins, Frontwoman for A Hundred Suns and Music and Food Writer for Hereford City Centric