March 19th Hereford Art & Photography Exhibition: Two Artists, Two Broken Worlds – Living With War & Celebrity Excess

Iraq Front line Photographer Peter Masters & Poppy Man/Celebrity Portrait Artist Paul Crow will be exhibiting to the public in the fantastic new Skinzophrenic Tattoo Studio on Sunday the 19th of March 2017.

The tattoo studio recently relocated to Aubrey Street and took on a grand new image complete with murals on the ceiling that bring the Sistine Chapel to mind. The exhibition will be open to the public from 11am and the artists will be accepting offers and commission requests.

Skinzophrenic Tattoos, 40 Aubrey Street, Hereford, Herefordshire HR4 0BU  

For Inquiries contact 01432 358696

Feature Photo: Left – Peter Masters   Right – Paul Crow 

Peter Master and Paul Crow Art and Photography Exhibition at Skinzophrenic Hereford Sunday March 19th

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‘Creatives in Residence Exhibition’ Gives a Rare Glimpse of Another World

gravity zine Omar Majeed. Film Lorem Ipsum

Review by Omar Majeed  – Multimedia Artist, Film Maker, Art Reviewer for Hereford City Centric and Creator of Gravity Zine

Each year the art college gives up to four artists the opportunity to use the college facilities to develop their art practice and produce work for an exhibition at the end of their tenure. Lucy Baxendale, Andrea Mclean and Katy Alston have clearly been very busy. The exhibition that marks the culmination of all their work was held last Tuesday and there was a lot of outstanding work on show. Each artist displayed a distinctive style and viewpoint but there were recurring themes of exploring a world beyond our own.


Andrea McLean-Creatives in Residence Exhibit-Hereford College of Arts

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A Beautiful Union of Light and Art – Gallery @OMP ‘Seeds of Change’ Review

The Old Mayor’s Parlour has recently reopened its 14th century doors with the Gallery@OMP exhibit titled ‘Seeds of Change’ in The Old Mayor’s Parlour. Various artists have come together in personal reflection, creating works inspired by a rapidly changing world, one in which humans and wildlife must co-exist in habitats affected by quickly shifting climates, and the rise of technology affecting industries such as the book industry, that has been markedly affected by the Kindle takeover.

Whether expressed by upcycling old books into beautiful, delicate pieces of art, capturing our diminishing wildlife and plant life in its natural habitat, or reminding us that our local landscapes are in danger of disappearing and documenting them thoughtfully for future generations, the message of this exhibit is provocative.

This exhibit closes April 24th…you have plenty of time for an enlightening appearance


Vanessa Pomeroy-moody seasonal Herefordshire-landscapes-gallery @OMP- Hereford England
Vanessa Pomeroy’s evocative, moody Herefordshire landscapes.

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#onlyhereforthewine – Simon Rogers Reviews the HCA ‘ Our Own Value Added Range’ Exhibition On Opening Night

Hereford College of Arts, College Road Campus, College Road, Hereford, HR1 1EB            

The exhibition “Our Own Value Range”runs until March 31st
Monday – Thursday 9.30 am – 4.30 pm 

'Handle with Care' by Jake Morton Hereford Art College
‘Handle with Care’ by Jake Morton

Well then, I have just been lucky enough to have been invited to the Our Own Value Range’ exhibition at the Hereford college of Arts, which is, so I am reliably informed, a “Nourishing exhibition of contemporary fine Arts” by the talented and varied students of the foundation and portfolio courses.

It is my humble opinion that you should make the climb up College Hill and go get some culture into your minds and eyeballs.  Now as I said, this is only my opinion, but that’s Art darlings. So just go and see for yourselves and make up your own damn minds! (But wear something nice and make a day of it.)

However, since I was there, I would like to draw your eyes and minds to the work of some
extraordinary folk.

'For a Friend' by Sharon Bradford Hereford College of Arts
‘For a Friend’ by Sharon Bradford


I arrived at the gallery at my favourite time for any event, a tad early (that is about 15 mins before it Is open (finishing touches are being applied and there are no punters to make the place look untidy) to witness such wonders as Omar Majeed having a few trifling technical gremlins with his in-depth installation piece; a few last minute adjustments ensured his presentation of a thought provoking arrangement of seemingly random objects that come together to tell the story of a story.

The exhibition is themed on Values, hence the name, (see what they did there) and each artist has been put through their paces by the tutors, as well as guest speakers, including social anthropologist Audrey Nunn. I was lucky enough to speak with her, including many of the artists and tutors I could collar on their big night, and found all interesting, and rightly so…excited.

Being a bit of a goth, I found myself drawn to Jenny Papworth’s ‘Faustus’ piece, an altar-esque arrangement of beautifully hand lettered bones and skulls. Also tickling my “gothbone” was Frank Hearne’s fearless wander into the monster ridden imagination of a child.

Willow O' Leary outstallation Nurture/Refuge Art College
‘Nurture/Refuge’ an outstallation by Will O’Leary

Jake Morton raised a few eyebrows with his ‘Handle with Care’ porcelain piece, bringing new meaning to “come and look at my etchings”. The sparkly shod, and splendidly hatted Will O’Leary managed to make us feel both welcome, and yet outsiders, with his ‘Nurture/Refuge’ – an outstallation (it’s a word) that is definitely food for thought.

While Mario Candeias‘ piece ‘Corruptiela’, a video and golden sculpture, forces the observer to address the values forced upon them by the media…also it is shiny too, so WIN!

Leading me to the “tent of wonders” (my name for it), a collaboration between Pearl Jackson-Payen and Athene Pringle, an immersive piece well worthy of immersing oneself in, if only for a few moments. Step through the curtain, take a deep breath, and stay awhile, then go find Pearl and Athene and thank them.

Trish Marsh scored extra points by accessorizing with an op art frock that complemented her piece ‘Simply Black and White’, which dominates the space with monochromatic layers of wandering wonder.

Erin Jaques technically excellent sculpture perfectly captures a moment, as well as, fitting neatly into Niel Gaiman’s definition that “Real Art is something you can stun a burglar with”.  Also the artist inspired extreme jacket envy in me as I said nice things (can I have the jacket? ah…well worth a try ). All sartorial issues aside, it is a very clever piece.

Arthur Simpson insisted that I think. Damn you Sir! Excellent work nonetheless. There was Alice Ormerod, who did her own damn thing, (You Rock!) and Jak Dargie, who is a man after my creative heart, varied and thought provoking all.

Well now, there is a thing! Sharon Bradford’s work is, and is titled, ‘For a Friend’, projected on a living shroud, is in her own words,”an alternative death bed scene”. It explores how surrounding situations and values become “nucleated” in the implacable face of terminal illnesses and death itself. A deeply moving, and serenely beautiful piece (also she gets a triple word score for nucleated).


When I first arrived in the quiet/hectic bit, I was drawn to two artists work. One of which was highly praised by Audrey Nunn. Unaware the artist herself was 3 feet away at the time, we were treated to Sally MacLachan beaming expansively as her work was referred to as not only Audrey’s favourite, but also as “Cohesive”, which it is, along with Eleanor Carty’s work, subtly exploring individuality with a delicate breath-moved laser cut wonder. If I had to pick a favourite it would be this.

Later, in conversation with Miss Carty and friends, I was informed that “everyone calls her ‘Minnow’….like the fish”.  “Is there any other kind of minnow ?” I enquired.

“Theres a kind of Daffodill”

Me “……”

You learn something new everyday or at least you should, so go and visit the exhibit, or we will send the boys round and teach you the hard way.

Thanks to all who were involved with the exhibition and courses for a swathe of fine Arts. I look forward to further forays into Hereford College of Wizardry and Magic.

Simon Rogers, art director hereford city centric

Review by Simon Rogers, Art Director @ Hereford City Centric and Multi-Media Artist