Post Punk Plastic Passion; The John Rose Vinyl Review

This month I decided to review some classic post-punk albums on vinyl from the early to mid 80’s which have had a big influence on me and still listen to now. There are so many classic albums to mention from this era, but here’s a few that stood the test of time and still sound fresh to this day.


Released in the autumn of 1983, this is one of my favourite records of all time and its status as a seminal post punk album has only grown over the years. The album starts with ‘Don’t Fall’ one of the all-time great opening tracks with a powerful, spiraling guitar riff with The Chameleons trademark delay guitar sound and impassioned, angry vocals with some memorable lines “Freak out! Nothing’s familiar and nothing seems to fit the scheme of things, seeing faces where there shouldn’t be faces, no-ones really certain what tomorrow brings, Don’t Fall”.. despite it’s bleak message the track is supremely uplifting and a good taster for the rest of the album. Track 2 ‘Here Today’ is equally great and packed with drama, written about the night John Lennon was murdered.

The insistent bass line of ‘Monkeyland’ is next with it’s slow build up and memorable chorus before ‘Second Skin’ starts up, one of the best Chameleons songs with a stunning otherworldy guitar riff and clever change of tempo halfway through and the repeated line “I realise a miracle is due, I dedicate this melody to you”.  The excellent single single “Up The Down Escalator” follows and side one ends with the haunting ‘Less Than Human’.

Track 2 ‘Here Today’ is equally great and packed with drama, written about the night John Lennon was murdered.

Side Two kicks off with ‘Pleasure And Pain’ with another nagging and catchy guitar riff but the highlight is the wonderful ‘A Person Isn’t Safe Anywhere These Days’ an angry song railing against mindless thuggery and violence with a menacing guitar riff which eventually gives way to a slow, plaintive coda and repeated lyric “How can you laugh this one away”..

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Carnival Records Bowie tribute


Last Saturday 16 January, Carnival Records in Malvern hosted a David Bowie Day in memory of the great man who gave us so much amazing music. An icon who changed the lives of his fans, shaped pop culture and inspired generations of musicians. His memory and songs will live on forever.

Local musicians including Tyler Massey, Jaime Knight and Kevin Jenkins played classic Bowie songs in the courtyard outside the shop and there was a DJ, readings, face painting, a raffle and refreshments. Fun was had by all with the crowd singing along to the hits and an excellent turnout.

There were some fantastic prizes in the Bowie raffle, an Aladdin Sane canvas, Starman original 7” single and a 4 CD box set of Bowie’s Berlin period albums. The raffle raised £400 for MacMillan Cancer support.

In memory of Bowie and friends of Carnival Records taken too soon by cancer. Thanks to Chris and Rachel at Carnival records for a wonderful afternoon and fitting tribute.

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