The Rock n Roll Food Review: ‘Mad Snacks Street Food’ Brings Popular Multi-Cultural Dishes To The New Firefly Pub In Hereford

Perk reviews the new Firefly Hereford Mad Snacks menuA Hundred Suns front woman, Claire Perkins, also known for her solo performances as Perk, reviews our latest #Trending Foodie and Craft Beer destination in the city, the Firefly Hereford, brought to us by Matthew Pugh and Ray Velasquez. Matthew established the original Firefly in Worcester and the super chic 5 star rated Hand in Glove Cocktail Bar which are popular landmarks of the thriving Worcester scene.  

They are off to a great start in Hereford by partnering with the Mad Snacks Street Food company which also runs a much anticipated food truck bringing Hereford into the 21st Century and exposing us to Fish Tacos. We are eternally grateful. 

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Perk Opens for Inspiral Carpets Legend Tom Hingley in Wales


Last night, I spent my evening sitting in a hall somewhere in Rhayader, Mid Wales quietly fan-loving  Tom Hingley as he belted out some pretty powerful vocals.  In fact, I think he saved the best of his vocals for his latest solo songs. There were plenty of Inspiral Carpets songs in his performance, we needed our fix, although it was nice to hear that his solo music could stand on its own.  His songs were deep, about reflection as we get older and look back at our accomplishments and failures. Continue reading “Perk Opens for Inspiral Carpets Legend Tom Hingley in Wales”

‘Sounds From The Sofa’ – James Whitehurst & Claire Perkins, Half of local Hereford Garage Rock Band ‘A Hundred Suns’…Mayhem Commence!

A Hundred Suns  will be performing the The Underground Revolution show @ The Booth Hall, 17th of March.  Show begins at 8pm.  £2 entry at the door.  Students with NUS Cards Free Entry

A Hundred Suns, Sounds from the Sofa Hereford
Claire Perkins front woman for A Hundred Suns.

Hereford City Centric and The Booth Hall have come together to create a new series of local Hereford band interviews aptly named ‘Sounds From The Sofa’.  Our “glamorous” set-up involves a comfy sofa sitting on top of the Booth Hall stage (can you feel the musical vibrations?), where our participants park their derriers and answer a series of serious, and not so serious questions about themselves.

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The Booth Hall’s ‘Club Dead’ Launch Night; The Anti-Club Bringing Hereford’s Alterntives Out of Hiding…Finally

claire perkins, a hundreds suns, perk

Review by Claire Perkins, Front Woman for a A Hundred Suns, Solo Artist Perk and Music, Travel, Food Reviewer/Blogger – Hereford City Centric, Cyberperkblog

On a dismal Saturday night, I hauled my behind to The Booth to check out a new club night, Club Dead. It’s aim is to play sludgy, grinding music, that you’d probably never hear in any club ever, which defies the typical music scene instantly.

It’s the brain child of the lovely Joolz Muckhart-Lilley, who’s got so bored of the lack of Hereford club scene, (with hiding alternatives everywhere afraid to crack open their shells), that he thought he’d conjure up a wee bit of noise himself.  As a frequenter of Leeds industrial scene, he needed something more, which the like minded, shell crackers are so relieved to hear.

I was lucky enough to interview him, as I leaped on him as he ventured outside for a cigarette, poor fellow. But I was greeted with a humble, grateful soul, and it goes a little something like this:

What inspired the night, ‘Club Dead’?

What me and my mates like doing is lying around listening to really far out music, and we often get the problem of unsympathetic neighbours, as we like to do it loud!  I remember when you used to be able to go to clubs, and really transgressive music was playing, like you wouldn’t bat an eyelid hearing bands such as Godflesh or Swans in a club, and I realised I hadn’t been to anything like this in years. Music had a peak in the 80’s of being completely savage, whereas you go to metal nights these days and they’re less grindy. I like the perversity of making this anti-club where people aren’t expected to dance. I’m after chilling and listening.

Is this going to be a regular night? And if so, what will change?

It’ll change as we’ll have live specimens. We’re going to have some live bands that will integrate with the whole thing. We’re going to set up the stage downstairs so that you can watch from above and throw veg and underwear if the need takes.

Who is this DJ Dead and where does he hail from?

The truth about DJ Dead, is that he allows any of my little bunch. We all come out of the Hereford Hardcore scene, so Fetus Christ and Maniac SS, and I was in one band ‘Sun’ who were briefly very loud a few years ago.

So, the point of DJ Dead, is there’s practically nothing for you to do when you’re playing 15 minute long songs. I mean, what are you going to do, just stand there? All DJ’s do is play records, and anything that isn’t sophisticated dance music, DJ’s just play in order.

You dont need to pay a guy to do that! There’s nothing for a human to do up there, so we had this idea of getting a Skelington to do it instead, which means that anybody can be DJ dead. (Ladies and Gents, I’ve been lucky enough to meet the anatomical hunk that is DJ Dead, and regardless of the one eyeball, he is HOT! And I asked if I could borrow his hoody but there was no response). 

So what’s the oldest record you’re playing and the newest tonight?

The newest would be what we opened with, which was ‘New Dark Ages’ by Godflesh that was released in 2015. The oldest would be from the 70’s – it was Bauhaus. We did ‘Stigma Matyr’ which was very late 70’s, or perhaps peaking into the 80’s. We were going to go back a bit further with Hawkwind (Please do next time – they kick ass!) as they’d have a great place in Club Dead. But we’re going in at the deep end with the heavy records as a challenge and to see how it goes. We can go cosmic later.

I tried to fit in with the whole Club Dead thing by having boots with feathers on – is there anything else that you’ve seen tonight that fits in with the dead right now?

*Laughs* Not really. But I’m one of these people that still looks like an industrial person from 1991 with big boots and a leather jacket. I’ve always been into Death culture – I loved horror films as a child and found out about metal a few years later. Like there was an actual music that correlated with death!  I’ve also written a thesis about death. I’ve always had morbid streak.

The Booth was built at the end of the 14th Century and is pretty old. Do you think that there was an actual Club Dead at the end of this period and someone actually died? And how do you think they died?

There was a myth knocking about that it was used as a courthouse at first and a coaching house. Apparently there were a few hangings here – probably for sheep stealing and the like, similar to The Skirrid Inn on the Abergavenny road.


I came to a club here once in 1988! It’s great though as Willow and Arran (the owners) are trying to re-frame what this place is. They should make up a ghost story to go with it – it’d be totally believable! *Conversation leads to the ominous looking shed next to The Booth. Joolz reckons there’d be meat hooks hanging from the ceiling to carve into the flesh of innocents, whereas I imagine if you slept in there and get stirred by a freaky noise, you’d soon realise you’d been awoken to a hungry donkey roar. Interview ends with our donkey impressions*.

I spend the rest of the evening taking in the tunes upstairs, with the red lights decorating the dark room and watching black and white films on the big screen, I realise there’s something old worldly about this. As I fiddle with candle wax, guess wrong tunes and drink far too many Westons, I realise there’s something comfortable here. Even if bands play at these events, I hope the chill factor continues afterwards. This is escapism at it’s best.

The Booth Hall, 3 East Street, Hereford HR1 2LW   Facebook / Twitter

Evening of Poetry & Music United Hereford and Ledbury Musicians in aid of mind charity

pOxymorn, Mark Stevenson, Claire Perkins
The Royal British Legion, Ledbury 8pm Saturday 23rd January 2016

I had a choice of gigs tonight, either a trip to Ledbury into the unknown or a trip to the Boars Head in Kidderminster, a great Punk venue to see Vomit and Rotunda, – “the known” (to me anyway).

“The whole set was like being in a Frank Zappa inspired, 50’s New Orleans Speakeasy joint on the set of an old French Arthouse film, with a bit of Crass mixed in for good measure. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.” -Rich Lovell

I took the leap into the unknown…Ledbury because, well why not really. As I walked in just 10 minutes after the start time, I was greeted by the sight of Jim Dening reciting some focused, but angry poetry – whilst pOxymoron played – a bit jazz, a bit 50s US rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack. So the headliners are on first? Well, yes, and last.

Just from the back end of the piece I arrived to, David Cameron doesn’t have a fan in Jim Dening – it was some rant. I found my seat just as they finished their first set and settled down to my drink as Claire Perkins tuned up.


Musician Perk, Hereford

I have to admit – I have seen Claire play a few times now, but I still can’t say I am overly familiar with her material, mainly because she writes so much, that it’s not often you hear the same song more than twice. Sure there were a few sound problems, but Claire just shrugged and got on with it, playing through ‘Carrion Crow’, ‘Lean into It and Shut Up’ and ‘Avenue’Her style is to strum her acoustic guitar while she expresses her thoughts, her voice is a bit Alanis Morisette in places but very natural. Knowing what an energetic, enthusiastic character Claire is, it’s great to watch her control and channel her energy through her material – contrast it to her manic performances as singer for Metal groovers A Hundred Suns. Nice one Claire.


Mark Stevenson, british legion ledbury, mind charity gig

A quick turn around and Mark Stevenson took his place at the mic.  Traditional folk doesn’t really do much for me, I like lyrics that are relevant to me today, whereas most trad folk is based around life from a few centuries ago. That said, however, this genre always attracts talented musicians, and Mark is very talented. Going through a set of his poetry, own compositions and some old faor like ‘Copper Kettle’ playing with what we decided looked like a Bodrum, a flute and variations of other woodwind instruments, I was drawn in and accepted that maybe, just maybe, traditional folk is as much about the music and musicianship than the meaning of the lyrics. I’ll certainly not shy away from seeing Mark Stevenson perform again – was that me admitting I can be wrong? Blimey…..


pOxymoron play British Legion Charity Gig in Ledbury

The night was finished off with another set from pOxymoron. A fascinating band, they play along to spoken poetry, political & social comment, and as I said earlier, the jazzy, rock n roll  very bare sound just added to the experience. No drums, just two guitarists (Nick Alexander and Mike Ruddick), a bassist and a keyboard/ accordion player. Jim Denny and Nick Alexander took turns as the frontman with their commentary. All this whilst images, photos, were projected on the wall next to the stage area adding some interpretation (and to a bear of little brain like me) and sometimes not, well not that I could work out anyway.

The whole set was like being in a Frank Zappa inspired, 50’s New Orleans Speakeasy joint on the set of an old French Arthouse film, with a bit of Crass mixed in for good measure. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

So the “Unknown” of Ledbury was the right choice in the end, although I did sneak a bit of Angelic Upstarts on the player on the drive back to Hereford – old Punks eh?
ARTICLE WRITTEN BY RICH LOVELL, Music Director/Reviewer – Hereford City Centric & The Underground Revolution, Frontman – Punk Band Terminal Rage