Born Into Excess: Paul Crow Exhibition @Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford

Skinzophrenic Tattoos on Aubrey Street in the Hereford city centre will be hosting an art exhibition featuring two artists, two worlds and two different art mediums.

The private viewing will take place on March 18th commencing at 8:00 pm and will be open to the public on March 19th from 11 am. 

Paul Crow glady takes on commission requests such at this piece for Peter Masters inspired by the film Deer Hunter
Paul Crow gladly takes on commission requests such at this piece for Peter Masters inspired by the film Deer Hunter

Alongside a provocative collection of photographs on exhibition by Peter Masters will be the art of Paul Crow who will be featuring his Icon collection, Forest paintings and his renowned Poppy paintings which landed him the epithet “The Poppy Man” and a spot on BBC Midlands Today.

When Paul started painting about 12 years ago, he channelled his creativity and began expressing the connection to his military background by virtue of the poppy – a way to express solidarity for his fellow brothers at war who perhaps never made it home. He used a palette knife technique to create his vibrant, stark paintings and soon had a following. Paul felt it was time to back away from being pegged into a box as an artist and to move away from the “Poppy Man” brand which led him to new subjects.

Paul says “I wasn’t necessarily focusing on dead celebrities, it just happened that way. I am currently working on Paul Weller who I am a huge fan of for the exhibition”

After Paul’s career led him to work for the World Cup and then back home again, his mother passed away who too was an artist. Her passing moved Paul deeply and inspired him to do the ‘Forest’ collection in her honour. During this time, Paul made a move towards using painting brushes rather than the palette knife.

As his journey further continued into developing his art, he built a studio in his home where he could experiment with his craft which led to a complete turnaround when he created the ‘Icon’ collection. A year after David Bowie’s passing, Paul Crow’s music hero, he still felt moved which led him to create the powerful Starman painting – the first piece in the ‘Icon’ collection.

One thing led to another, such as commissions from admirers of the Starman and other Icon’s soon followed including Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain and Freddy Mercury. Paul says “I wasn’t necessarily focusing on dead celebrities, it just happened that way. I am currently working on Paul Weller who I am a huge fan of for the exhibition”

The Icon Collection contradicts everything the Born into War collection is shouting at us, yet they will be in the same room as a reminder that we perhaps must look at the choices we heedlessly make in our lives, often unnecessary self-indulgent ones. In Mosul people fight to survive with minimal resources, while in the Western world we succumb to excess and end up hurting or even killing ourselves, often forgetting to appreciate our good fortune.

Amy Winehouse from the Icon Collection paul crow hereford
Amy Winehouse from the Icon Collection

Perhaps, this exhibition will help us to prioritise what is important in day to day life and to cherish our freedom of expression, access to food when we desire, walking down the street without a care in the world and the opportunities our children are given to succeed in life – a life they don’t have to worry about losing before they have grown into adults. In Mosul a fresh meal on the table and a peaceful night’s sleep is worth its weight in gold.

Skinzophrenic Tattoos, 40 Aubrey Street, Hereford HR4 0BU  Telephone 01432 358696  Facebook Page HERE

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Feauture Photo:Starman by Paul Crow


Read about the photography Peter Masters will have on exhibit

Artist Simon Rogers creates David Bowie Tribute

It’s always interesting to catch up with local artist Simon Rogers to see what he is up to in his Bastion Mews studio, which also consists of the walls and businesses around the mews.  Bastion Mews is home to several interesting businesses including, a locals’ favourite – The Shack Revolution, Temple Records and Hereford Cycle Hub.

Simon has begun to leave his mark on this community hub hidden away from the mainstream of Hereford foot traffic.  You will find Simon’s David Bowie tribute behind The Shack Revolution.

Hereford artist Simon Rogers, David Bowie tribute
Simon Rogers spreading ashes around his tribute to recently deceased legend David Bowie.

This piece of street art began as a skull and cross bones, then evolved into a David Bowie tribute after hearing the news of this heroe’s passing, moving Simon so much, he also performed an ash ceremony on the ground around it (view photograph).

Simon is also creator of Temple Records cosmic façade, as seen in this article.  His next project is Temple Records shop sign.  I have had a peak, and am excited to see the finished product.  I won’t spill the beans.

I can’t help but feel that since Hereford Council is choosing to pull out of it’s £130,000 support for The Courtyard, Hereford artists will forever remain obscure.  They should offer its citizens more then just cider farms and cows, industrial estates or a brand new shopping center lacking in any kind of architectural pride (they really need to do something about that…perhaps hire some of our fine artists to do murals)

It is home to many artists, writers, musicians and other creatives who choose to make this beautiful county their home, yet find themselves having to leave for greener pastures where there is an opportunity to create their way into a sustainable salary.

The speed of the Council’s inconsiderate axing and lack of vision is dizzying.  I can’t help but feel that the only way a creative in this county will make a living is by having succeeded elsewhere, only to return when their fortune is made.

The lack of hope for future generations is despairing.  This county is a middle-aged (like myself, yet so unlike myself),  and a cranky, classist senior citizen’s wet dream (yes I actually did just say that).  We can only hope that our local food and entertainment culture continues to be driven by young entrepeneurs who are not afraid to upset the boys at the club.  This is not an ageist point of view, just an honest observation.

chopper with custom box Hereford, England
Chopper with custom boom box arriving on the scene.

Regardless, this will be our first great summer in many years thanks to these business-minded, driven twenty somethings, bringing us a high standard of food, cocktails, and who thankfully are keen to support local musical acts, while allowing their walls to double as art galleries.

HUGE KUDOS to artists like Simon Rogers, who are loud and proud about their craft, and keep this way of life alive.



Carnival Records Bowie tribute


Last Saturday 16 January, Carnival Records in Malvern hosted a David Bowie Day in memory of the great man who gave us so much amazing music. An icon who changed the lives of his fans, shaped pop culture and inspired generations of musicians. His memory and songs will live on forever.

Local musicians including Tyler Massey, Jaime Knight and Kevin Jenkins played classic Bowie songs in the courtyard outside the shop and there was a DJ, readings, face painting, a raffle and refreshments. Fun was had by all with the crowd singing along to the hits and an excellent turnout.

There were some fantastic prizes in the Bowie raffle, an Aladdin Sane canvas, Starman original 7” single and a 4 CD box set of Bowie’s Berlin period albums. The raffle raised £400 for MacMillan Cancer support.

In memory of Bowie and friends of Carnival Records taken too soon by cancer. Thanks to Chris and Rachel at Carnival records for a wonderful afternoon and fitting tribute.

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