Clint Morgan Webbe’s Newest Venture – Killa’ Tacos

Clint Morgain Webbe and his KILLA TACOS will be launching September 24th at the Hereford Underground Revolution Punk Charity Festival for the Big Issue Foundation and Musicians Against Homelessness.

The festival aptly named,  A CRISIS OF CONSCIENCE-40 Years of Punk, will be headlined by TV Smith who launched himself into the music stratosphere as front man for the legendary punk band, The Adverts. This event is taking place at The Booth Hall on East Street in the lovely city of Hereford (HR1 2LW)

Clint Morgan Webbe's Killa Tacos are on the menu at the Firefly
Clint Morgan Webbe’s Killa Tacos are on the menu at the Firefly

How It All Was Born

You could say that the latest trending establishment in the city of Hereford, The Firefly, has been a hit since it opened its doors this year. Its shining success is partly due to serving up some fantastic smokehouse eats brought to you by Mad Snacks Street Food, Clint Morgan Webbe’s successful foodie venture. Nobody can look at that menu without immediately feeling a build up of hunger in their belly. If you haven’t experienced the food then get over there quick like!

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