Telling It Like It Is – Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse


Olivia Grimes-Potter

Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse was created by accredited Raw Food Chef Olivia Grimes-Potter who acquired her degree in California from the Living Light Culinary Institute of California – the birthplace of gourmet raw vegan cuisine. In no way is a vegan diet a requirement to do this cleanse. It simply is a way to allow your body to easily absorb the concentrated value of the broken down nutrients over a period of three days.

What we don’t realise is that in our stressful and indulgent lifestyles we wreak havoc on our bodies affecting our physical and emotional health. Our blood cells are not properly receiving the required nutrients to keep us focused, our skin healthy and of course, our bodies disease free. Blood cells begin to feed wherever they can and that includes collagen. Yes, terrifying one for us middle-aged folks. Continue reading “Telling It Like It Is – Olivia’s Organic Signature Cleanse”