James Hickman & Dan Cassidy Played American Blues, Country & Bluegrass to The Wild Hare Set at the Serene ‘De Koffie Pot’ in Hereford

Sunday 21st May 2017

On a beautiful and sunny May evening, the setting of the beer garden outside the Left Bank is definitely the place to be with its scenic views and serene atmosphere, and that, coupled with a nice cold pint in hand, was the setting in which to enjoy the pre-summer good weather and calm vibes before this evening’s entertainment.

The music on offer tonight matched those calm and chilled out vibes, as this was the bluegrass, folk, country and beyond stylings of guitarist and vocalist James Hickman and fiddle player Dan Cassidy who wowed the audience at this gig put on by the good people of the Wild Hare Club.

James Hickman and Dan Cassidy by the Wild Hare Club at De Koffie Pot Hereford

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I was fortunate enough to interview Doghouse and receive a stream of thoughts and information that has brought to life an even more fascinating character. Let’s just say I have unearthed some of the mystery that makes him a special part of the festival and live music circuit.

The former front man of Punk Rave band Sicknote, Doghouse will be gracing us the 24th of February at The Booth Hall in Hereford with support from Hardcore Traveller Punk band Reality Attack and local Noise Rock band Wolfcryer. Expect the building to shake with the latter two. Hey why not? You want a good party we will give it to you.

“I would say that my lyrics are a call for action, a condemnation of the status quo. I like to use humour, to elevate the role of the fool and re-affirm his unique position, as someone who can scathingly criticise the powers that be. The only man who can tell the king the truth and get away with it”

Then prepare yourself to be put into the DOGHOUSE where you find your toes and minds tapping. I mean really…our minds will do little cartwheels. In between acts you will get a chance to get your dance on while DJ BDS Last Tree Squad fills the sound waves with some pretty bomb reggae, hip-hop and bass tunes. Will you ever be the same again after this night? We hope not.

We have also been fortunate enough to team up with the ‘No Herefordshire Cull’ Benefit gig on the following Saturday night (February 25th) headlined by Citizen Fish and two other great support acts –Reverend Schneider and The Band of Angels and Owain Price. We are offering a Weekender Special price of £11 for two nights of great live music with a purpose.

The Underground Revolution Hereford Presents Doghouse


HEREFORD CITY CENTRIC: So tell me a bit about what the name Doghouse represents?


What’s In The Window? Camperdown Lane on St Owen Street, Hereford

Hereford boasts a plethora of unique independent businesses spread around the city. In the river quarter, which consists of Bridge Street and King Street, there are some wonderful restaurants, pubs and coffee houses. You can have a stroll around East Street, West Street, Church Street or Widemarsh Street, and there too discover some very special little gems. On my weekly rounds around the city, I came across this beautiful little window display…granted it was taken a couple months ago (it was in the archives waiting for its special moment). It’s creative, quirky and certainly captivated my attention with the watering can display.

Camperdown Lane specialises in interior accessories, homewares and gifts.  Have a look at their Facebook page and give them a like and your support.

Camperdown Lane, 18 St. Owen Street, Hereford HR1 2PL

Busking Roots

Whether on Church Street, in front of Marks & Spencer or at De Koffie Pot ‘Buskers Bandstand’, you will find a busker in Hereford City Centre most days of the week. It has become a popular destination for buskers, both local and from other counties.

Two acts you will find around the city are Toby Parker (Parker & The Suitcase)  and Freeborn Rising.  Toby Parker is known for his Bob Dillon covers and his original one man band sound, as well as having a smile on his face rain or shine.

Freeborn Rising’s folk punk tunes tell tales of the times and are akin to The Levellers. What they both have in common is that they take busking seriously and are loyal to their busking roots. Stay Real! Support your local buskers, they add a vibrance to our stroll around the city centre.

Cover photo: Matt Broom, Photography by Nickie Bates

buskers, hereford freeborn rising, folk punk
Freeborn Rising busking on Widemarsh Street, Hereford




Toby Parker and The Sui
Toby Parker and that one man band of his in High Town after a hard day of busking.

Traditional Nautical Tattoos by Blackfriars Tattoo…Batten Down the Hatches you Landlubbers!!

Blackfriars Tattoo, 5 Maylord Street, Hereford  HR1 2DS

Artwork by Jon Tagart Harper of Blackfriars Tattoo on Maylord Street in the Hereford city centre, killing it with this nautical theme artwork. Get your shaky sea legs in there me hearties!!!! He is a busy Tattoo Pirate so make sure you email him to make an appointment blackfriarstattoo@gmail.com


Traditional Lighthouse Tattoo by Blackfriars Tattoo Hereford-Jon Tagart Harper


Traditional Pirate Ship Tattoo by Blackfriars Tattoo Hereford-Jon Tagart Harper

Tom McNair brings his Blues and Jazz style to the Hereford Streets.

Tom McNair Hereford City Centre

On this most beautiful, sunny morning in Hereford city centre, Tom McNair took passers by on a journey into the music he plays from the heart,  like a rip tide that pulls you in.  Luckily, he was discovered by Porkbelly Promotions who were cruising by and on the ball.  Good call guys.

Get a taster of his smokey, husky vocals reminiscent of Eric Clapton in video below.  Uplifting!

Watch video Here



Vapeology; A long term smokers journey into Vaping.

quit smoking with vaping herefordWe all have New Year Resolutions that mean something BIG in the greater scope of our lives.  In fact, there are probably several that make the list year after year, only to become obsolete three weeks in. Certainly that must be the average New Year resolution attention span.

I recollect the time I aspired to become a yoga teacher, although ‘Finger to Toe’ pose remains a pipe dream to this day, also the numerous times I promised myself to quit smoking, a bad habit I have mastered over 20 years.

I have never been a ‘pack a day’ kind of girl, but the habit had its place in my day to day routine.  Mastered to the point of artistry; a cigarette with a cup of coffee, a cigarette with a cocktail…you get the picture.  It was all too pleasant, so much so, quitting became a burden.  I often called it ‘the art of living’.  Excuses Excuses.

Several trips to the NHS, packs of Nicorette chewing gum, patches and inhalators later, I would once again find myself in the shop cue buying that dreaded ‘Just one pack’, which would lead me astray yet again.

As with many things in life, all good things must come to an end, or in this case, the self-destructive behaviour needed to come to an end. This year feels different, the time feels right, my brain can take the toxic overload no more.  I am ready to quit smoking by channelling my inner willpower and of course receive guidance by the vaping Gurus at CCR Vape Bar on West Street in the Hereford city centre.

On my journey to successfully quit smoking, I encountered the vape movement.  Yes movement, by a group of determined quitters who despite all efforts, find inhaling that cloud of smoke much to enjoyable to depart with.  This is where I conclude that most smokers fail to quit. Alongside, the physical addiction, the psychological addiction takes a powerful hold and the concept of quitting becomes a burden, dramatically altering cherished daily routines.

In essence, it isn’t worth the inconvenience or the anxiety.  Doctors often will tell patients to carry on smoking if they feel it will affect their progress in mental health treatment due to the extreme anxiety afflicted upon them. Not out of malpractice, but out of a genuine understanding of the duress caused by giving this incredibly addictive habit up.

My vaping curiosity peaked recently after noticing various friends had successfully given up smoking via the vape method.  While some continue to vape, others are completely nicotine free thanks to the seamless transition they experienced with vaping.

They also sported some very funky vapes that were beyond my common knowledge.  I started my research and found an entire new culture offering endless options to ensure giving up the poison.

So Hereford City Centric begins the New Year following my journey with CCR Vape Bar in an attempt to be in touch with a healthier me. Vaping technology has been grossly misrepresented by the media and legislators. The average vaper is an ex smoker and is rarely picked up by non smokers, especially younger non smokers.  I will share my starter kit, vape technology, ingredients and news from our local vape shop that will hopefully encourage many others to join me in the opportunity to free oneself forever.

Article by Michelle Cuadra





King of Pies

Voted Hereford’s KIng of Pies a couple years back, Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, truly lives up to their name.  I highly recommend the Steak Pie which is made from Free Range traceable beef.

hereford butchers, bewell street hereford, giant sausage rolls, free range meets, hereford beef
Heavenly sausage rolls, steak pies and Cornish pasties made by Hereford Butchers on Bewell Street, Hereford.

They should also be known as the Pork Roll Kings.  There is always a cue of wide-eyed locals at lunch time waiting for their giant pork roll to be constructed.  You can almost hear the hunger pangs in my stomach when I walk past the shop.

Hereford Pork Rolls, giant pork rolls, hereford butchers, hereford city centre
The Hereford Butchers sandwich shop serving up Hereford’s finest pork rolls.

The price is right for the quality and quantity they serve up to their customers.  Hereford Butchers have two shops next to each other on Bewell Street. The butcher shop and the sandwich shop.  Recommended as brilliant, comforting winter food on the go, not that I didn’t have a fair few in the summertime.

One Fine Bratwurst in the City

If you can find him around the city on a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday you are in luck.  He certainly serves a fine Bratwurst.  Nothing says German Christmas market all year around like Hereford City’s local Bratwurst guy. Thanks for that.

Bratwurst in Hereford City Centre
Our local smiling Bratwurst guy
Bratwurst Hereford City Centre Street food stalls
Be warned prices do go up a bit on Saturday’s

Lover in a Bottle

Dahlia Divin Givenchy Hereford Chave and Jackson Pharmacy
Dahlia Divin Eau De Toilette, a woody floral with staying power.

NotesJasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and Mirabelle plum

I wandered into Chave & Jackson on Broad Street in the Hereford City Centre in search of a new ‘signature scent’. This genuinely can take a while, simply due to the fact that my fragrance palette never cooperates with my budget or moods. DAHLIA Divin by Givenchy has been on my mind since last year and since it isn’t available at Boots in Hereford, I wandered into our local independent chemists and beauty retailer hoping it would be in stock; they did not disappoint.

I discovered that the Perfume and Eau De Toilette vary greatly.  I haven’t come across such a contradiction among perfumes until now.  The reason I am even mentioning this scent is because the EDT (eau de toilette) is BEAUTIFUL! Warm and Spicy, rather sensual and reminiscent of a holiday in Brazil or Morocco with the hottest, tannest lover you have ever had. Get my point?  It also had staying power comparable to a perfume.

Basically, I am sold.  The Perfume, as opposed to the EDT, is a very personal choice so personally I do not recommend it as a gift.  One must spritz it on first and give it time to react with our chemistry.  It could work or fail.  On the other hand,the EDT is a marvellous Christmas Gift and at £53 for 50 ml, a standard price for scents these days.