The Rock n Roll Food Review: ‘Mad Snacks Street Food’ Brings Popular Multi-Cultural Dishes To The New Firefly Pub In Hereford

Perk reviews the new Firefly Hereford Mad Snacks menuA Hundred Suns front woman, Claire Perkins, also known for her solo performances as Perk, reviews our latest #Trending Foodie and Craft Beer destination in the city, the Firefly Hereford, brought to us by Matthew Pugh and Ray Velasquez. Matthew established the original Firefly in Worcester and the super chic 5 star rated Hand in Glove Cocktail Bar which are popular landmarks of the thriving Worcester scene.  

They are off to a great start in Hereford by partnering with the Mad Snacks Street Food company which also runs a much anticipated food truck bringing Hereford into the 21st Century and exposing us to Fish Tacos. We are eternally grateful. 

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Pulling Local Punks Steve Crews and Ben Boughton from The Youth Within Aside and Having a Word at Hereford’s Newest Foodie and Craft Beer Pub The Firefly

Photograph of vocalist/guitarist Ben Boughton’s guitar and trousers @the Booth Hall by Nick Vidal-Hall

This year England is celebrating the origins of punk after 40 years of it still going strong, and this year it is going even stronger, the buzz is in the air and it has almost made punk a bit trendy…but these things happen and the originators of this music culture should be honoured.

They have inspired thousands of bands all over the world to also share their message and add their own influences to punk culture. I am not saying that bands inspired by other bands from the past aren’t creating original music, but their inspiration and influences have to come from somewhere right?

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A Beautiful Union of Light and Art – Gallery @OMP ‘Seeds of Change’ Review

The Old Mayor’s Parlour has recently reopened its 14th century doors with the Gallery@OMP exhibit titled ‘Seeds of Change’ in The Old Mayor’s Parlour. Various artists have come together in personal reflection, creating works inspired by a rapidly changing world, one in which humans and wildlife must co-exist in habitats affected by quickly shifting climates, and the rise of technology affecting industries such as the book industry, that has been markedly affected by the Kindle takeover.

Whether expressed by upcycling old books into beautiful, delicate pieces of art, capturing our diminishing wildlife and plant life in its natural habitat, or reminding us that our local landscapes are in danger of disappearing and documenting them thoughtfully for future generations, the message of this exhibit is provocative.

This exhibit closes April 24th…you have plenty of time for an enlightening appearance


Vanessa Pomeroy-moody seasonal Herefordshire-landscapes-gallery @OMP- Hereford England
Vanessa Pomeroy’s evocative, moody Herefordshire landscapes.

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Gallery@OMP ‘Seeds of Change’ Exhibit; Change Is All Around Us

With a vast community of artists and artisans hidden away in their studios throughout Herefordshire, it is surprising there isn’t an art gallery on every corner, or that these creative contributors are not more celebrated and respected as a unique attraction to the county alongside our historically rich architecture.

Thankfully the Church Street Charitable Trust is narrowing the gap in this situation by re-launching a standalone gallery in The Old Mayor’s ParlourGallery@OMP will have its first exhibit, ‘Seeds of Change’ beginning March 29th and coming to a close on April 24th.

Located in Hereford’s beautiful independent quarter, the Old Mayor’s Parlour is housed in a 14th century building that once came close to demolition, and boasts a 17th century decorative plaster ceiling.  The building is part of the Church Street Charitable Trust’s restoration and regeneration projects; now a space for artists to showcase their works year round.

Art With A Conscience

Six artists will be on display including Rob Parkin, an award-winning painter whose inspiration often comes from remote, vanishing landscapes.  He returns to his early semi-botanical style that includes wildlife and its habitats alongside humans for this exhibit, and will be on the premises doing live works Wednesday to Sunday until the exhibit closes.

He embarks on a 5 year project to capture the countries wild flowers that are becoming extinct due to pressing environmental conflict, and welcomes conversation with art and wildlife lovers alike.

‘Into Shadow’ by Rob Parkin


Hereford Art College graduate,  Nicola Jedrzejczak is also exhibiting, and takes on the ‘seeds of change’ by making Warne’s The Observer’s Book her specialist medium, turning them into intricate, fragile sculptures.  Book and art lovers will find beauty in the upcycled printed pages transformed into works of art – almost a defiance to todays digital world in which books are no longer the main point of reference, reminding us that these books themselves pop out at us with vivid stories, history and a romanticism for the binding and printing techniques of an era gone by, neglected by the Kindle.  These books have a new lease on life, rather than crumbling away and forgotten by time.

Nicola Jedrzejczak  Pampus The Observer’s Book of Grasses, Sedges and Rushes sculpture moving in the breeze (truly lovely!) 

Join Nicola as she shares the story behind each book transformation, and also meet the other exhibiting artists: Tony Hall, Ken Eastman, Vanessa Pomeroy and Emma Cownie in this inspiring exhibition.

The Old Mayor’s Parlour, 23 Church Street, Hereford HR1 2LR

Gallery@OMP Exhibit from March 29-April 24

Opening Hours Monday-Saturday 10:00-17:00  Sunday 11:00-16:00

Gallery @Night Thursday until 20:00