Last Tree Squad 2017 EP Launch at the Booth Hall Filled the House



17 March 2017

Review by Gavin Brown


Heading a lineup of fresh talent of varied musical styles, Last Tree Squad brought the good-time vibes to The Booth Hall for the launch of their new EP. The crowd inside were witness to an almighty example of energetic live performance throughout the night, culminating in an impressive display of musicianship, charisma and moving the crowd from the headliners.


Last Tree Squad 2017, the Booth hall, Hereford
Last Tree Squad


Upon arriving at The Booth, we were treated to the sounds of the Reggae Pie DJs who were reliably dropping dub, reggae and jungle bombs in a fashion that really set the scene for the night ahead with the bass rattling, exactly as it should be.



With the bass still resonating through the walls of The Booth, local MC Coosie from Verbal Highz took to the stage and dropped a concise but effective set of beats, rhymes and life that showed off his lyrical prowess with knowing mentions of everything from Shrek to Madeline McCann and adding effects with a little toy horn, he demonstrated a wry sense of humour throughout the set. Coosie definitely got the live aspect of tonight’s show off to a flying start.


Eske Forte, Last Tree Squad 2017, the Booth hall, Hereford

As the interim dub classics erupted and then subsided, it was time for Esk Forte to take the stage for the next portion of live entertainment. Armed with a guitar, saxophone and a sublime voice, she was reminiscent of Laura Marling in her early days but with a lot more attitude and vigour, and captivated the audience with that spellbinding voice. Alternating between playing the songs with the guitar and the saxophone showed how talented she is and the set was a joy to watch, the only thing wrong with it was that it wasn’t longer.


Rucka Small, Last Tree Squad 2017, the Booth hall, Hereford

Following Esk Forte wasn’t an easy task but Rucka Small proved himself to be more than up to the task with the rappers double-time style of emceeing going down a storm, a style that reminded me of one of this country’s finest rappers, Skinnyman, partly because of the double-time style but also the delivery and lyrical content, which bordered on the humorous at times, especially when he declared he’s got “bite like Tyson” in a hip hop moment straight out of 97 that still sounded fresh!

Rucka Small was joined towards the end by Last Tree Squad man BDS to hype the crowd up a little more, which definitely worked as he rattled off his quick-fire rhymes to serious applause and ended a great set on a high.


Before the night’s headliners took to the stage, the man that is Cut La Vis demonstrated his formidable DJing skills as the bass heavy cuts kept coming in fast and heavy; this proved to be the perfect opening to Last Tree Squad kicking out their jams.


Wasting absolutely no time at all, the six-piece (featuring Esk Forte among their ranks) raised the energy levels even further with an enthusiastic approach to their craft and those energy levels stayed risen for the remainder of the night.

Wasting absolutely no time at all, the six-piece (featuring Esk Forte among their ranks) raised the energy levels even further with an enthusiastic approach to their craft and those energy levels stayed risen for the remainder of the night.

Blasting out memorable tracks from the EP as well as other cuts, Last Tree Squad proved how good a live band they are with every member of the band firing on all cylinders, ably led by BDS whose passion on the mic was suitably impressive and constantly hyped up the crowd.

Last Tree Squad’s BDS 

Between the music, the stage chatter was constant with usual suspects, Theresa Dis-May and Stig Trump (as BDS put it) were ridiculed with the frontman declaring it as being “like Thatcher and Reagan all over again” to mass applause and sending a message of good vibes over war and hate as well as a closing impassioned rant against the manufactured music industry and all the X Factor rubbish.

Last Tree Squad put on a hell of a show, and their sound, one that takes in reggae, dub, hip hop and jungle, delivered with an infectious lust for life that was so enjoyable to listen to and the enthusiasm of the crowd was testament to this.

Seek out the brilliant EP, and seek out Last Tree Squad live as it is an experience not to be missed out on, one that was rapturously received tonight at The Booth accompanied by a strong supporting bill. It is nights like this that are needed to keep live music alive.

Images: Booth Hall Photography, Nick Vidal-Hall

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Get ready for a night with the rockin’ ladies from the Ramonas and support acts The Irascibles who are a 3 piece bluesabilly combo from Cardiff mixing blues, rockabilly and township jive in a tendon-taught post-punk mash-up and Reggae Pie, the well-loved Hereford DJ collective will be spinning calypso, ska, rock steady, dancehall and roots until late to anybody who would move their boots!

The Ramonas Play a Punk Reggae Party in Hereford

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The Ramonas Headline Hereford’s ‘Punky Reggae Party’ On September 9th @ The Booth Hall

Wild hare club hereford presents the Ramonas

The Wild Hare Club and the Underground Revolution Hereford bring you a ‘Punky Reggae Party’taking place at The Booth Hall on 9 September 2016.  Show begins at 20:00.  Pre-order tickets here


Ramonas are a Ramones All Female Tribute Band Playing Hereford

It’s 1976, the Concorde has taken to the skies and the Ramones have released the self-titled ‘Ramones’ LP, produced by Sire Records for a total of $6,700 which was hardly a success on the billboard charts, yet this album donned them the forefathers of the punk sound, and you can assure there is hardly a soul in the western world who hasn’t heard ‘Beat on the Brat’ (possibly because we all have one we fancy giving a beating to).  The awakening of punk was happening both in New York and the UK under much different social circumstances…if you are reading this then I assume you know the story.  I am not sure middle class born Ramones had much to be angry about, but they were fast, loud, catchy, and basically piss takers.

Reggae Pie Hereford spinning roots reggae and dub

40 years later and we are in the midst of celebrating the anniversary of punk without the members of the Ramones, they have sadly all passed away, yet they remain ingrained in our hearts and playlists. This year the Underground Revolution Hereford has taken ’40 Years of Punk’ on board and we mean business.  Punk guided us away from 70’s pretentiousness and into a DIY, just do it your own way and it became a platform in the UK for anarchy.

We are currently living in despairing times at the mercy of filthy, conniving politicians looking out only for themselves, and the working classes are feeling the burden. It couldn’t be a more appropriate time to revive the “DIY Punk Attitude” and the rise of bands using their music as a platform to unite the underdog and gather up the affected PISSED OFF masses.

But it is sad to think that the Ramones aren’t here to witness these celebrations taking place all over the UK and around the world.  Do not despair…enter the Ramonas!  An all female Ramones tribute band…you heard it right people, and fortunately for Hereford, the longest running local promoter The Wild Hare Club and the latest DIY lovin’ promoters on the scene, The Underground Revolution, are paying tribute by bringing you a ‘Punky Reggae Party’ with the Ramonas as the headlining act, alongside supporting acts,  The Irascibles a bluesabilly band from Cardiff and Reggae Pie, who will be spinning calypso, ska, rock steady, dancehall and roots tunes between sets we all love and associate with the Punk era.

The Ramonas are fast and furious brods who inject their own style to the Ramones songs, the boys would have been proud of.  My kinda girls.

This ‘Punky Reggae Party’ will take place at Hereford’s number 1 live music venue, The Booth Hall on September 9th, show begins 20:00.  Tickets are just £10 and available on the Underground Revolution Music Glue ticket website HERE. If you are a die hard Ramones fan (who isn’t??) then we suggest you pick up your tickets sooner rather than later, as we expect tickets to sell out.

Underground Revolution Hereford promoting live metal, punk, post punk, psych, and folk music

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