Meet The Skinzophrenic Tattoo Artists

Sometimes in life there are people who have to work extra hard to make their dreams happen as is the case with the Skinzophrenic tattoo crew. Peter Masters has created a popular tattoo enterprise that consists of two tattoo entities; one in Iraq and one in Hereford.  What a lot of people don’t know is that he has made it happen by opening his doors and heart to artists who have had many doors slammed in their face, not because of their craft, but because life and society allow many people to sadly fall through the cracks.

The appreciation and respect his tattooists give him is evident when you enter the doors to Skinzophrenic. These guys are always hard at work, and often in a state of full concentration.  They are proud to be a part of Peters team and it shows in their work ethic.

I have often sat alongside the various artists at Skinzophrenic,  watching them create works of art, and respect how focused and busy they are, yet regardless of being busy at work they never fail to make me feel welcome.  Certainly, their clients must receive the same welcome.

I have developed quite a soft spot for them all, but aside from all the mushy stuff, I think an introduction of these Skinzophrenic tattooists is in tall order.  Get to know them a bit, and decide who the guy is for the job…oh and girl, because Peter has a lovely young artist who is 14 years old under the work experience program.  It is just what Peter Masters does, and is all about. Opportunity. I guess you can say he is a natural born mentor.

Vidmantas Skara

Vidmantras Skara-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford-Skara Tattoos
Jonathon Paul Photography

Vid is originally from Lithuania, and has been tattooing professionally for 5 years. His first tattoo was around 15 years ago, and since then has mastered black and grey ink work and is a talented illustrator.  He is one to go to for portraits, detail and shading.  Each time I have popped in Vid has been in the middle of some very intricate pieces worthy of admiration, and not something I would say anyone could do.  He is a talented dude. Vid also has worked in the Skinzophrenic shop in Erbil, Iraq tattooing men and women on the frontline.  Not your average everyday tattoo gig.

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Aaron Phoenix Mark

Aaron Phoenix Mark-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford

Aaron was well known around Hereford as a ‘scratcher’ (well didn’t they all start off that way?) according to Peter, who thought his work was worthy of a spot in his shop giving him a respectable outlet for his craft. There is a lot of competition out there, and it isn’t always easy to get into a tattoo shop. Luckily, Aaron had that door opened for him and is now building up a steady clientèle.  That’s how it works folks.

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Francesco Italiano

Francesco Italiano-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford

Francesco is the latest addition to the Skinzophrenic tattoo team, and the expression “it’s all in the name” goes a long way here.  Francesco is of course Italian, I couldn’t really get to know him because my language skills only go as far as Spanish. I could have tried and annoyed the guy he was putting body armour on, but surely Francesco would not have been happy.  He is a wonderful artist and has recently received praise from his clients.  Reviews are a powerful thing in any industry, and go a long way.  Good job Francesco Italiano!

He also specializes in HD semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing for us ladies who got a bit carried away trying to look like Hollywood startlets who plucked our eyebrows within an inch of their life.

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Zac Morris

Zac Morris-skinzophrenic tattoos hereford

Zac Morris is the youngest kid on the block. He started off as an apprentice and has earned his stars and stripes as an in-house tattooist. He has done guest spots in the Skinzophrenic Shop in Erbil, Iraq, which for such a young lad is an amazing accomplishment. Peter is sending him off to Iraq again at the end of this month. We wish him a safe voyage.

Zac is keen to work on all styles of tattooing, which is a good sign for someone entering the industry, getting too comfortable with one style that early on is quite limiting.  Zac is up for a challenge, but prefers illustration, traditional and new traditional style tattooing.

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Skinzophrenic Tattoos

18 West Street,  Hereford  HR4 0BX

Telephone: 01432 358696

Skinzophrenic Tattoos/FB

Photography by Peter Masters and the Tattooists themselves.  

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The Most Romantic…Very Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift List for Procrastinators

In a series of pre-Valentine’s Day conversations with some male friends of mine, that came up on a whim, I came to the realization that I urgently had to put this article together due to the fact that a large percentage of these gents had no clue it was Valentine’s Day weekend!   Talk about being clueless.  Well it happens, what can I say?  I am here to save their relationship!

Valentine’s Eve Blues

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, the quiet day in the city, some of you lovebirds will be honouring your love on a night out on the city this Saturday night.  If this is your approach, then The Booth Hall’s launch of the Hereford Blue’s Club should be right up your street.  We must not forget the UN-Valentiner’s who want to carry on happily without sparing a thought for the day that belongs to lovers.

hereford blues club


The Ancient Tradition of Love and Seduction

Papaya, Hereford Bath Bombs
Available at Papaya

Fill the Bath with fizzy bath bombs from Papaya, create ambiance by lighting candles and putting on some Duke Ellington or Billy Holiday, bring a bottle of wine and let the romance bubble over.

Then when you are nicely relaxed and squeaky clean, head for the bedroom where you have your Valentine Day gifts waiting for you.

The Kamasutra is not only a guide to sex positions, its main purpose is to dive deeper into the meaning of how one interprets and feels love in their day to day lives, with the sexual positions partnering alongside ones emotion to create a heightened experience.  It’s tasteful and profound.

You should be able to locate this book or other books on the subject in local book shops around the city.

Poetry and Love Letters

love letters,

PJ Harvey reminds us in her song The Letter, how much the simple act of putting a pen to paper and expressing your affections for someone can induce euphoric, sensual feelings that express unceasing loyalty for the one you love.

Visit local antique shops such as the

Make the experience even more memorable by writing a beautiful letter or poem and putting it into an antique box, where the apple of your eye can keep these letters tucked away for a lifetime, only to return to the collection (hopefully) over the years.  Magical.

Valentine’s Day Dining…Viva La Romance

Giblies bar and bistro, hereford, england

For those of you who do wish to hit the city on Sunday for a token outing, I recommend Gilbie’s Bar and Bistro on St. Peters Street off of Commercial Road.  A longstanding bistro loved by many over the years, this place oozes romantic ambiance with its candle lit tables.  There is a bit of mystery to the place as well, it is off the beaten track but still in the city centre.  One must search for the little walk way that to leads to this little destination hidden by walls that open up to outdoor seating, and a cozy little nook that specializes in tapas, old world wines and premium cocktails.


Gilbie’s will be serving their usual Sunday Roast but also have a Valentine’s Day Special that consists of 3 tapas and a bottle of quality Prosecco for £20.  Deal!  They are open from 11-5 tomorrow.  Consider making a reservation so the lady/male you are courting isn’t disappointed.

Romantic Proposals

Perhaps you have decided at the last minute you want to propose to your partner, and nerves have kept you from getting it together, so of course, I am here to help.

Maybe you would like to ask the girl/guy you have been dating for a long term relationship.  Take them for a romantic walk along one of Hereford’s beautiful bridges, the most perfect places to be in Hereford.  Cozy up, look into their eyes and say your piece.

Memorable Gifts

Let your partner know you have been listening to their rants about their personal interests by buying them something related, even better, perhaps a vintage golf club for the golf lover.  Or buy her a beautiful vintage piece that can become a family heirloom, or a classic pearl necklace a la Audrey Hepburn.  If you give yourself enough time, run to the Hereford Antique Centre or Lizzie May Vintage on Widemarsh Street.


Matching Tattoos

Pop into Blackfriars Tattoo or Skinzophrenic if you are so close you think you can happily manage matching tattoos as a token of your love.  Sweet.

eternal love tattoos (43)


Your Own Compilation of Love Songs

This is my personal favourite.  Nothing says devotion more to me then having someone put together a play list of songs saying they care, and think of me romantically when they hear those songs…sigh…so romantic.