TV Smith Headlines Hereford’s First Punk Festival ‘A Crisis of Conscience’ Sept 24th To Raise Funds for Homeless Charities


Musicians Against Homelessness gigs will take place nationally over a three-week period between the 18th of September and the 9th of October.


Alan McGee Founder of Musicians Against Homelessness
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OASIS guru Alan McGee is teaming up with Hereford’s popular Post-Punk band the Linerunners and local music promoters’ The Underground Revolution to bring you a memorable all day Punk Festival. The music mogul started Musicians Against Homelessness earlier this year to raise funds for the homeless charity Crisis.

Musicians Against Homelessness is supported by Happy Mondays legend Shaun Ryder, Irvine Walsh, Cast, the Buzzcocks, Black Grape, The Jesus & Mary Chain and hundreds more bands.

Hereford Music Promoters  The Underground Revolution devote their time to supporting bands and charities with a focus on social awareness, as well as local bands who otherwise would not have an outlet for their music.

They could not turn down the opportunity that was given to them by local band the Linerunners who were looking for a venue to stage this festival. The UR were already doing the festival to raise money for the Big Issue Foundation and felt that both charities would sit side by side beautifully, so they jumped on the idea.



What is ‘A Crisis of Conscience 40 Years of Punk Festival’?

‘A Crisis of Conscience’ is celebrating 40 years of punk attitude, music and most importantly the charitable spirit that is part of the punk ethos. It will also be raising funds to help support one of the nation’s biggest homeless charities, The Big Issue Foundation. It is an honour to work with both charities to bring forth awareness around an epidemic that can affect anyone at anytime.

The festival will include Musicians, Poets, Dj’s, Artists & Street Food, and will be split into a day and evening line-up. Tickets for the evening show are available on the door. Festival goers will be asked to give a donation of their choice during the day, to ensure the event is open and accessible to all.

The day line up is made up of 4 acts, 4 poets, Live art for Silent Auction, Fire Eaters and Killa Tacos will be on the premises selling their delicious brand of fresh and authentic tacos. Because nothing is nicer than tacos and beer!

Then in the evening their will be 5 bands for £5. All profits will be split equally and given to the charities’.



On Trial UK
On Trial UK Photographed by Gerald Underwood
TV Smith
TV Smith will be Headlining A Crisis of Conscience

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‘Masters’ of Creative Tattoo Spaces-Skinzophrenic relocates to Aubrey Street with a most GRAND Opening

Peter Masters, the master behind Skinzophrenic
Peter Masters, the master behind Skinzophrenic

The Skinzophrenic Black Tie Grand Opening is taking place on Saturday, September 10th at the new studio located at 40 Aubrey Street, Hereford HR4 0BU.

Doors open at 7pm with invitation only which you can pick up at 18 West Street. Entertainment includes live music, ink models and fire eaters. We recommend ringing beforehand to see if tickets are still available 01432 358696

skinzophrenic tattoos & piercing Aubrey street Hereford england Photography Ashley Webb

Since opening Skinzophrenic Peter Masters has paved the way for various artists who have come and gone, opened their own shops and some who still remain. That is how the tattoo industry works, and Peter feels great pride in the opportunities he has created. He opened Skinzophrenic three years ago and it quickly built a buzz that surpassed his expectations. Although, we all know Peter is an ambitious character and fearless at working towards his goals, there are times when things may not go as planned. Luckily this has not been the case for Peter. Continue reading “‘Masters’ of Creative Tattoo Spaces-Skinzophrenic relocates to Aubrey Street with a most GRAND Opening”