Hereford Beer House; Home of the True Craft Connoisseur

Hereford Beer House, west street hereford
It’s beautiful!

In a world where advertising at times becomes overwhelming, consumers will often turn to word of mouth suggestions from friends with similar interests, or naturally gravitate in the direction of a business that appeals to them on their foot paths around the city.

This was the case when I discovered the Hereford Beer House. A friend who is always on top of what is happening around the city uploaded a picture on Facebook of an Oregon ale they were enjoying at the Hereford Beer House…the rest is history. I immediately made a beeline for West Street on a quest to find out what it was all about.

I wasn’t disappointed, the Hereford Beer house has an inviting chic exterior, and the interior vibe feels as avante-garde as the owners, Johnny Bright and Amelie Varin. There is a lovely bar and window seating so you can enjoy your craft ale and people watch simultaneously. Towards the back you will find a cooler packed with craft beers and ales – like heaven.

“When the barrel is empty, that particular beer/ale is no longer on offer, and they will bring out a new brewery’s liquid gold to offer the anticipating craft enthusiast.  I really love this concept, it is like a beer festival all year round”

You will find yourself standing their ages, intrigued by the unusual selection of international beers and ales, their beautiful branding and the thought through fusions concocted by these enticing breweries.  A candy shop for adults.

Hereford Beer House, west street hereford
Hereford Beer House, West Street, Hereford

This young couple that consists of Amelie Varin from Marseille, and Johnny Bright from London, love beer so much that their first date found them in the Southampton Arms in Kentish town forming a beer alliance…the rest is history.

The clientele, which consists of an eclectic crowd of craft connoisseurs ranging between the ages of 20-55, find appeal in the unique variety of craft beers and ales this couple expertly and passionately select, also the pretentious-free atmosphere.

Johnny Bright seeking the craft

They happily and expertly guide you through their frequently refreshed selection,  and have done so for many who are too embarrassed to admit, they don’t understand what craft beer means.  These two love to talk beer so you will certainly head home with a selection you cannot wait to crack open, and a bit wiser.

My favourite aspect of how they run their business is the beers on tap.  When the barrel is empty, that particular beer/ale is no longer on offer, and they will bring out a new brewery’s liquid gold to offer the anticipating craft enthusiast.  I really love this concept, it is like a beer festival all year round.

You can drink in or take out (bottles only), and there are a few classic they always have in stock such as Chimay (Belgium), Anchor Steam (Northern California), Tribute (UK) and a few others -meanwhile keeping the rest of the rotation interesting.  They also stock local ciders.

Small independents like these are making Hereford its own destination for outsiders, and making life a little more interesting for locals.  I have said it before, West Street is a great independent hub in the city.

The prices are by no means cheap, but are not by any means astronomical.  The price is standard for imported craft ales, which I actually think are affordable.  Consider what you pay for a cocktail where you never know if you will end up with something watered down and disappointing, therefore regretfully paying out your hard earned pence.

Hereford City Centric is grateful they made the move to Hereford.  Luckily, they have no problem finding patrons who are passionate about their business; the type who just know through a keen sense, that they are there and seek them out.  We certainly give them a thumbs up.

Hereford Beer House, 65 West Street, Hereford HR4 0BX

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Photography by Jonathon Paul of Horizo Images, 


Zac Morris Tattoos in the Fight Against Cancer on February 7th

Skinzophrenic tattoos Hereford Cancer Charity for Benny's Fund

Skinzophrenic tattooist Zac Morris will devote 12 hours on February 7th tattooing Cancer Ribbons…£20 each, to raise funds in support of their friend Ben Wooles, who has been diagnosed with cancer in his early thirties.

You can also donate directly on Benny’s Fund, anything helps

100% of all proceeds will be going directly to Ben, to aid him in paying medical needs and general living costs through this difficult time.

Location: Skinzophrenic Tattoos, 18 West Street, HR4 0BX Hereford

Donation of £20 for Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Time: 12pm-12am

Tel 01432 358696

Go TO Facebook Event


A New Hereford City Centric Series…Skinzophrenic Behind the Scenes

Skinzphrenic The Best Hereford Tattoo ShopLocated in the busy hub that is West Street in Hereford City Centre, the new independent quarter for the consumer with a passion for individuality and Foodie culture, you will find the Skinzophrenic Tattoo Shop established by world-class tattooist and photographer, Peter Masters.

tradtional black work pin up skinzophrenic tattoos
Traditional black work pin up

The second longest running tattoo shop in Hereford, Skinzophrenic has built its impeccable reputation on Peter’s commitment to his craft by producing high quality work in a professional environment.

Hereford City Centric will be following Peter Masters and his team of highly skilled tattooists behind the scenes to educate and inform the community about this unique art form.  After all, you have to wear your tattoos for the rest of your life.  Of course, if you are looking for a cover up Skinzophrenic is the place to go.

Any tattooist who is lucky enough to become a member of Peter’s team may find themselves on a plane to Iraq, where he has a second tattoo shop, and the majority of his clientele are our heroes fighting on the frontline.  What a most honourable position to be in Peter!

Total Tattoo magazine Febraury 2016 Skinzophrenic Iraq shop
Skinzophrenic are featured in the February 2016 edition of Total Tattoo Magazine with a four page spread. Wow!

This of course, has allowed him the opportunity to capture these soldiers in their element with his camera building an amazing portfolio few can parallel.  Add the long line of tattooists he has mentored over 15 years to his CV, and the fact that he is the only studio in the city to be insured and licensed to take on students for work experience in his shop, and you suddenly realize Peter is building a legacy in the city of Hereford.

When you meet him, his energy and charisma instantly draw you in; all part of the Skinzophrenic experience.  The shop branding and interior eminate his passion for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (one of my very faves too).  It has an edgy, cool interior and you can assure that you won’t find a ‘Scratcher’ in the place.  He adheres to strict health codes, and keeps on top of his industry.

Having several tattooists on the floor at all times, who specialize in their own tattoo techniques and use the appropriate tools to ensure authenticity, you can come in and request an appointment and know you will walk out ready to show your work off to the world.

joker tattoo by vid skinzophrenic hereford
The joker’s eyes have such a realistic effect. Tattoo by Vid

There is an endless list of tattoo styles that Skinzophrenic tattoo artists are not afraid to take on such as, neo traditional, trash polka, realism, black and white, portraits, maori, custom and on and on.  If they feel they cannot not take on a commission they will be honest, rather than put you in a position where you are stuck with something you are unhappy with for the rest of your life.  NO egos here.

In this coming series we will get to know the individual artists and their work, take it as a guide for your next tattoo…you will be inspired and an expert by then.

*Also look forward to our series on Blackfriars Tattoo which will be situated at 3 Maylord Orchard in the city centre.  Jon Harper is an exceptional seasoned tattoo artist working for Skinzophrenic, who is now branching off with Peter’s blessing to establish his own unique brand of tattooing and put  his stamp on Hereford’s local tattoo culture.  All very exciting . *

Skinzophrenic Tattoos

18 West Street,  Hereford  HR4 0BX

Telephone: 01432 358696

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