Meet The Skinzophrenic Tattoo Artists

Sometimes in life there are people who have to work extra hard to make their dreams happen as is the case with the Skinzophrenic tattoo crew. Peter Masters has created a popular tattoo enterprise that consists of two tattoo entities; one in Iraq and one in Hereford.  What a lot of people don’t know is that he has made it happen by opening his doors and heart to artists who have had many doors slammed in their face, not because of their craft, but because life and society allow many people to sadly fall through the cracks.

The appreciation and respect his tattooists give him is evident when you enter the doors to Skinzophrenic. These guys are always hard at work, and often in a state of full concentration.  They are proud to be a part of Peters team and it shows in their work ethic.

I have often sat alongside the various artists at Skinzophrenic,  watching them create works of art, and respect how focused and busy they are, yet regardless of being busy at work they never fail to make me feel welcome.  Certainly, their clients must receive the same welcome.

I have developed quite a soft spot for them all, but aside from all the mushy stuff, I think an introduction of these Skinzophrenic tattooists is in tall order.  Get to know them a bit, and decide who the guy is for the job…oh and girl, because Peter has a lovely young artist who is 14 years old under the work experience program.  It is just what Peter Masters does, and is all about. Opportunity. I guess you can say he is a natural born mentor.

Vidmantas Skara

Vidmantras Skara-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford-Skara Tattoos
Jonathon Paul Photography

Vid is originally from Lithuania, and has been tattooing professionally for 5 years. His first tattoo was around 15 years ago, and since then has mastered black and grey ink work and is a talented illustrator.  He is one to go to for portraits, detail and shading.  Each time I have popped in Vid has been in the middle of some very intricate pieces worthy of admiration, and not something I would say anyone could do.  He is a talented dude. Vid also has worked in the Skinzophrenic shop in Erbil, Iraq tattooing men and women on the frontline.  Not your average everyday tattoo gig.

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Aaron Phoenix Mark

Aaron Phoenix Mark-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford

Aaron was well known around Hereford as a ‘scratcher’ (well didn’t they all start off that way?) according to Peter, who thought his work was worthy of a spot in his shop giving him a respectable outlet for his craft. There is a lot of competition out there, and it isn’t always easy to get into a tattoo shop. Luckily, Aaron had that door opened for him and is now building up a steady clientèle.  That’s how it works folks.

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Francesco Italiano

Francesco Italiano-Skinzophrenic Tattoos Hereford

Francesco is the latest addition to the Skinzophrenic tattoo team, and the expression “it’s all in the name” goes a long way here.  Francesco is of course Italian, I couldn’t really get to know him because my language skills only go as far as Spanish. I could have tried and annoyed the guy he was putting body armour on, but surely Francesco would not have been happy.  He is a wonderful artist and has recently received praise from his clients.  Reviews are a powerful thing in any industry, and go a long way.  Good job Francesco Italiano!

He also specializes in HD semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing for us ladies who got a bit carried away trying to look like Hollywood startlets who plucked our eyebrows within an inch of their life.

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Zac Morris

Zac Morris-skinzophrenic tattoos hereford

Zac Morris is the youngest kid on the block. He started off as an apprentice and has earned his stars and stripes as an in-house tattooist. He has done guest spots in the Skinzophrenic Shop in Erbil, Iraq, which for such a young lad is an amazing accomplishment. Peter is sending him off to Iraq again at the end of this month. We wish him a safe voyage.

Zac is keen to work on all styles of tattooing, which is a good sign for someone entering the industry, getting too comfortable with one style that early on is quite limiting.  Zac is up for a challenge, but prefers illustration, traditional and new traditional style tattooing.

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Skinzophrenic Tattoos

18 West Street,  Hereford  HR4 0BX

Telephone: 01432 358696

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Photography by Peter Masters and the Tattooists themselves.  

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One Dark and Stormy Sunday, Skinzophrenic Battled the Odds Against Cancer

skinzophrenic, hereford, england
Zac Morris tattooing cancer ribbons for 12 hours in his pants.  What a lad.

One stormy Sunday in Hereford city centre, Skinzophrenic on West Street grabbed the cancer bull by the horns and fought the mighty beast straight on.

Zac Morris, who has trained under the watchful eye of Peter Masters seasoned tattooists, in particular Jon Harper, honoured their close and very young friend Ben Wooles, who recently was diagnosed with cancer, in hopes of raising money for Benny’s Fund, created to raise money for his treatment,  by tattooing the cancer ribbon on the brave souls who dared withstand the site of Zac in his pants…yes I did say pants!  Bless – he is a young fit lad – surely the ladies did not mind.

skinzophrenic, hereford england, bennys fund
Waiting for the Zac while enjoying cakes and refreshments.

skinzophrenic, bennys fund charity event, hereford england, tattoos

Well hope turned to success, as the lines of people gathered into the shop with minds and hearts determined to support this cause for one personal reason or another by donating £20 a head; soon Benny’s Fund saw the numbers rising.  How noble…but also well…hilarious.  Sometimes it is better to laugh in the face of cancer then it is to let it beat you, and that is just what Skinzophrenic did.

But let us not forget, cancer is a very frightening, and very expensive obstacle in  many people’s lives…so let us not stop the donations to Benny’s Fund here.  This young lad is in need of many more donations to reach his goal.  Make a donation to BENNYS FUND HERE

Skinzophrenic Tattoos, 18 West Street,  Hereford  HR4 0BX   TEL  01432 358696




Zac Morris Tattoos in the Fight Against Cancer on February 7th

Skinzophrenic tattoos Hereford Cancer Charity for Benny's Fund

Skinzophrenic tattooist Zac Morris will devote 12 hours on February 7th tattooing Cancer Ribbons…£20 each, to raise funds in support of their friend Ben Wooles, who has been diagnosed with cancer in his early thirties.

You can also donate directly on Benny’s Fund, anything helps

100% of all proceeds will be going directly to Ben, to aid him in paying medical needs and general living costs through this difficult time.

Location: Skinzophrenic Tattoos, 18 West Street, HR4 0BX Hereford

Donation of £20 for Cancer Ribbon Tattoo

Time: 12pm-12am

Tel 01432 358696

Go TO Facebook Event